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  1. We made things like this back when was called, but I don't remember the lengths that we went through as it didn't last very long. The idea was to have a server with mods that would attract random players to the website. Didn't work out. We definitely knew about CSS / Joiner Friendly stuff back then, and what was/wasn't allowed. Which is why I'm a little curious though how you did this, since you can't have swapped a vehicle's model. I've noticed in a few spots you mention the word server and suggest not to download the map, would I be able to host this on a private game with my own PC or does it need to be uploaded to a dedicated server in order to function? I know that the PC version doesn't do a checksum verification, and that the checksum can now be spoofed for Custom Edition. I'm guessing that this is a server-only map that has modifications done to the log scenery's ID values to make it act as a vehicle, thus passing it to the clients connecting? If not, I'd really love to know how this works. I seem to remember things like this being possible "back in the days", and for some reason I'm remembering people using weapon tags, but it's probably a false memory.
  2. "According to the California Labor Code, California is an [email protected] employment state. Under the at-will presumption, a California employer, absent an agreement or statutory or public policy exception to the contrary, may terminate an employee for any reason at any time." New York is the same. Both the Employee and Employer can terminate their employment without notice. I can walk out on the job, they can fire me.
  3. Tucker? Never heard of him.
  4. This is me when I pickup this halo project halfway through and try to help complete it, only to find that I can't open the scenario, so many of the tags are missing references or reference outdated content and the scripts are also either outdated or written for content that doesn't exist in the scenario tag. Fuck it. Starting from scratch. We're doing it live.
  5. Seven's Travels. Damn.
  6. That is actually what a good number of programs did, so you are actually using map magic. The only difference is you don't call it map magic I prefered to calculate it by going to index offset, read the....well I know it as map magic. I read the map magic from there, subtract 40 for the header and the indexoffset; br.position=16 dim indexoffset as int32 indexoffset=br.readint32 br.position=indexoffset Dim MapMagic As Int32 = br.ReadInt32 - 40 - IndexOffset But many programs and sources I've read had a variable called map magic that they "hardcoded" to 0x40440000, just as you would. Dim MapMagic as Int32=0x40440000 I always felt, at the time, that was an improper shortcut that could lead to problems. But, as you point out, if somebody were to play with that value it'd throw off any software that calculates it like I do above, hence "protecting" the mapfile. Everything old is new again, as they say.
  7. Oh it was absurd, absolutely. But it was wonderful all the same. Learning Map Magic from Modzy and Alt is one of my fondest memories.
  8. That's a strong article thats not drenched in partisan bias. I wish American reporting was as high a quality. Everything we read in the U.S. we have to double check the source to take appropriately.
  10. Its the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. Tucker I know youre first game was some need for speed junk on a PS2; this is a game called Ocarina of Time. This is what we refer to as "The greatest game ever". You should go get an emulator and try it out . <333 All jokes and teasing aside, this is a more or less one man project that you should be supporting. But not too loudly, lets hope this guy can get a shitton accomplished before Nintendo notices and gets nervous that their fans make better games than they do.
  11. When you cant be right just act superior AKA liberal arguments
  12.!newsmax/article/727875 You know that single lady with six kids from six fathers? Thats why. 103 billion dollars. On average $1000 more than legitimate citizens, per month. Thats the price of making children born here citizens. If youre parents are not citizens, you shouldnt be either. Birthright should only apply when the parents are here legally.
  13. BTW I still love all you guys. Disagreements on politics have nothing to do with how I feel about you guys personally just wanted to clarify