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  1. Thanks again. This is the project I got into a few months ago when MCC got official Custom Edition mod support. And as it happens they released the editing kit for it a week ago too, just when I was doing my final tests for this one. I'll have to look into how that works too now I guess.
  2. Super Campaign is a comprehensive gameplay mod for the Halo 1 campaign that stays true to the Classic graphics. Every encounter in the game has been overhauled and completely new encounters have been added. The sandbox has been expanded further by multiple new weapons and enemy types, while default weapons remain familiar. Here's a short summary of Super Campaign v2. Full and complete details are further down below: Every campaign level and every encounter within has been carefully overhauled and expanded for a complete experience. Completely new encounters have been added across the missions. Multiple bugfixes and quality of life changes. All vanilla weapons work just as you expect them to, save for a few minor tweaks. 9 new weapons have been added, for both you and for the AI to use. Grunts, Jackals, Elites and Hunters all have more ranks. Skirmishers have been added to the game. Flood has upgraded variants, as well as 2 new forms. You have 2 additional ally types: the ODST and the mod's namesake, the Super Spartans. Download and Installation: Simply put the files into your Custom Edtion maps folder. The mod does not require OpenSauce or any other programs. I recommend using a UI mod that has Campaign enabled to launch the maps with the campaign interface. And if you'd prefer to play this mod with MCC, there it another download link a bit further down below. Download Whole Campaign for Custom Edition History of the Mod: Working with Custom Edition, I released the campaign overhaul mod 'Super Campaign Refined' just over 8 years ago. While this version hasn't been 8 years in the making, my tagset has evolved over the years and getting inspired by Master Chief Collection getting official support for maps made with Custom Edition, I've been going over everything in my mod to bring it to a completely new level over the past few months. All weapons, enemy types, scripts, campaign encounters and scenarios have received rebalances, bug fixes and improvements. And to not get mixed up with the fine folks behind the 'Halo CE Refined' project, this new version of my mod is simply called 'Super Campaign v2'. Lore: With Covenant having the upper hand in the war, humanity's Super Spartan project was designed to beat them in the battlefield through attrition. Mass producing Mjolnir armors was enabled after cutting the cost by removing all life-support and related functions from the design to just create empty armored shells for housing simple combat-oriented "dumb" AIs. Invasion of Reach was the real crash course for the project and it saw great success, with Covenant eventually losing almost every ground engagement they didn't evade. Their air-and-space superiority also took a hit with spaceships being invaded by using Mass Drivers to send in boarding parties of Super Spartans. Reach was protected, but as the Pillar of Autumn was leaving to explore the coordinates discovered by Halsey's research, the remaining Covenant fleet made the decision to retreat and pursue the leaving vessel instead of losing everything on Reach. Which brings us to the start of the campaign. But unlike vanilla Halo, now the Pillar of Autumn has several hundred Super Spartans aboard in addition to it's normal crew. Optional Files: If you'd prefer to play this mod on Master Chief Collection instead of Halo Custom Edition, I've included the files for that too. Download MCC version For installation, go to your 'Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps' folder. (Full default path is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps') Make backups of the vanilla campaign maps: a10, a30, a50, b30, b40, c10, c20, c40, d20 and d40. Now that they are backed up, replace those maps in 'Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo1\maps' with the ones you downloaded. Make sure you launch the game with anti-cheat disabled and then just play the Halo 1 campaign. Detailed Gameplay Changes: You: You are no longer instantly killed by enemy headshots. Shield recharge has been improved to make battles more dynamic with less waiting: Delay before shields start to recharge improved from 6sec to 4.5sec. Shield full recharge time improved from 8sec to 4sec on Easy, 4sec to 3.2sec on Normal and 2.66sec to 2sec on Heroic. Legendary remains at 2sec. You now slowly regenerate health while at full shield and no overshields. This lessens the reliance on health packs without making them completely obsolete. On Easy and Normal it takes 2min 30sec to regen from 1 health back to full. On Heroic 3min and on Legendary 3min 30sec. Allies: Left to Right: Crewmen are usually too brave for their own good, but with no protective armor they fall just as quick as they do on vanilla. Marines have been made a bit tankier, and less prone to getting stunlocked by enemies. Marines take less damage from grenades. ODST do everything Marines do, just better. They're tougher and smarter and might not just get outright slaughtered by Covenant even on Legendary. Super Spartans are the silver bullet against Covenant in this mod's lore. They're empty armors each piloted by an onboard Artificial Intelligence. With the most fragile element (the human) removed, they're designed to win battles by outlasting the opponent. While not completely invincible, it would take an unrealistic amount of punishment to bring one down. Enemies: Changes to all AI: The number of enemies spawned at once is more even across difficulties (Same on Legendary, more on lower difficulties). Enemies user overcharge a bit more often on low difficulties and a bit less often on high difficulties. Enemies throw grenades a bit more often on low difficulties and a bit less often on high difficulties. Enemies on Legendary have a bit longer melee delay. Enemies on Easy do less damage. Fixed enemies on Easy being more accurate than on Normal. Easy now spawns as many major variants as Normal does. High rank enemies drop a bit more ammunition. All Flood drop a bit more ammunition. New Weapons: Changes to Vanilla Weapons: All weapons with magazines get two extra magazines worth of max reserve ammo capacity. All weapons with batteries drain a bit slower. Energy Sword no longer instantly kills from full shields+health on any difficulty. (Legendary leaves you on 1 hp) Fuel Rod Gun weapon expire explosion is less violent. (Less damage, force and radius) Fuel Rod Gun does a bit less damage against vehicles and the player. Needler melee damage increased against flood. Needler supercombine explosion no longer sets off grenades on the floor. Plasma Grenade damage reduced a bit against the player. Shotgun damage reduced a bit against the player. Changes to Vehicles: Covenant Gun Turret AI fires from a bit farther away. Scorpion Cannon self-damage and friendly fire damage reduced. Scorpion Cannon is more accurate but has less aim assist. Scorpion Secondary Gun is more accurate but has less aim assist. Warthog gunner AI buffed. Wraith mortar explosion no longer sets off grenades on the floor. Wraith has a bit less rate of fire, mortar projectile speed, explosion radius and damage to humans and players. Level Specific Changes: All encounters reworked and polished. Added many new encounters. All cutscenes should be lore-friendly. There are more ammo and weapons to be found on the ground, mostly with environmental storytelling tied to it. The Pillar of Autumn: I assume anyone downloading this mod has played Halo before, so the initial tutorial is skipped on every difficulty now. Grenades are now enabled from the start even on Easy and Normal. Truth and Reconciliation: Captain Keyes has much more health for the escort section Assault on the Control Room: Allies take longer to exit vehicles after you do. (Better grace period for opening doors etc) The Library: Now has some flood-spore fog across the level. You'll have two Super Spartan allies follow you across the level. Don't worry about having to leave them behind at any point, they'll always catch back up to you. Keyes: At the beginning of the level, if you don't jump down into the coolant no matter how much Cortana pleads you to, you can fight against an escalating and endless gauntlet of Flood. Screenshots taken in the MCC version: Imgur album Credits for tags I didn't make: DMT - original Jackal sniper tags that were transformed into Skirmisher by me doompig444 - Assault SMG model and animations Koo and Lone Warrior - Armored Flood model Spartan-094 - ODST model TM Mapping Team - ODST drop pod Altheros - Reach Grunt model port used for Ultra and Commander Advancebo - Silenced SMG model
  3. Super Campaign Refined (SCR) is my one man project to improve and refine gameplay elements in Halo 1 campaign. It looks like Halo, feels like Halo, but the gameplay has new exciting stuff with the old familiar stuff. I actually try to make this mod original and well balanced within the new sandbox I have created. Borrowed tags are minimal. So the mod itself is based on alternative storyline where humans figured out a way to cheaply mass-product MJOLNIR armors and then added soldier AI into each one of them. The result: army of tough robot warriors to actually fair well against The Covenant on ground battles. They were named Super Spartans (SS). Spartans because of the same armor and Super because they can take loads of damage before perishing. A lot of Super Spartans were aboard Pillar of Autumn when it fled Reach. So your allies in addition to marines and crewmen are Super Spartans and also ODSTs. Like mentioned above, SS can actually take damage and survive in battle unlike normal fodder marines who get annihilated on Legendary. They also have custom combat dialog made by using voice synthesizer, a fitting voice for a robot. The Covenant now has additional ranks besides the normal minor-major system. There is those introduced in later Halo games like Elite Ultra, Grunt Ultra and Grunt Heavy. There is also completely new ranks like Jackal Ultra, Jackal SpecOps, Grunt Commander and new Hunter variants. Also, I think I am the first one to make use of Skirmishers in a mod, first in Lacadaemon and now improved versions here. The Flood was quite boring in Halo 1, only infection, carrier and two types of combat form. With my mod I add Flood Champions, mutated combat forms whose skin get covered in blue substance, Flood Transports, mutated carrier forms that might have something else than infection forms inside, Shielded Elite Combat Forms and Flood Protoforms. Protoforms are made out of pure flood biomass like Pure Forms, but they are still incomplete and need an exoskeleton, like the armor of dead hunter or super spartan... But of course all default AI is still in the mod, some with slight graphical changes though. Jackal Majors now have red shields to help distinguish them from Minors. Sentinel Majors are colored gold and their beams blue/white. Stealth Flood have parts of Stealth Elite armor still on. Here is some pictures of new AI: And the new Protoform bitmaps in comparison to uninfected variants: Maps pretty much look the same as normal, they are not reskinned. This mod is supposed to look like original Halo 1. Some ambient changes are there like HEV pods and most notably the atmosphere of Library being infested with flood spores. Next is the weapons. All default weapons are persent and unchanged. However, new weapons are also in. Assault SMG is tactical, silenced automatic weapon with a scope. Killer is high-power pistol. White Death is alternative sniper rifle. Mini-MAC is small portable MAC with huge recoil. Beam Pistol is sniper-ish Covenant handgun. Plasma SMG (name probably changes) is yellow plasma rifle that obliterates shields but does poor against armor. Antimatter Gun (AM-gun for short) utilizes the same homing needles as needler, but they contain small amounts of antimatter to cause devastating damage. Silenced SMG, the ODST favorite, is also included. Here is videos of all the custom weapons: (is nerfed after video was made: less dmg and 50% clip size) Borrowed tags are: Jackal sniper model that was reskinned and -shadered for my Skirmisher biped by DMT. Assault SMG model, animations and bitmaps by doompig444. Elite Expert model by sphinxbio. Armored Elite model by Koo and Lone Warrior ODST biped by Spartan-094 So, any opinions or questions? I am also taking name suggestions for the Plasma SMG.
  4. Hi! I'm porottaja! You might remember me from such forums as modhalo. I (still) enjoy modding Halo Custom and I also enjoy playing Halo on Xbox 360. Other games I enjoy are: Crysis series StarCraft 2 Team Fortress 2 You can call me poro.