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  1. I like the thread title myself. Anyway I spent my friday night writing a paper for Latin American Civ because my asshole prof thought it would be a good idea to have it due on a saturday night. Still writting it now, almost done. Waking up at 930 on a saturday also fucking blows. Post what shitty things are going on in your life I guess.
  2. No, just software that flies on aircraft, hbu.
  3. Notepad, as in Microsoft Notepad? Like the worst text editor known to man? God help your poor, misguided soul. Also god help your poor fucking eyes, black text on a white background is the worst. If you looked at the GitHub link at all, you would have noticed that it is just a set of color themes for VS, not actual code completion/correction. Also, great job finding issues in a tiny code snippet that was obviously written to show off the theme. Anyone who writes code professionally uses an IDE, or at the very least a proper text editor with a color theme. Just cause a language is simple doesn't mean you can't benefit from using the proper tool for the job. Everyone has their own work flow and working environment setup differently, if you are smart you choose a method that makes your life easier. Yes, because reading a wall of text all colored the same makes most people's eyes start bleeding. More importantly, having function calls, variables, etc all light up different colors makes any size file easier to read. No need to go find the declaration to figure out what something is, you just know based on how it is lit up. People don't rely on it, they use it to their advantage to make their life easier. If you are truly an "expert" at something, you don't do it the hard way. Its like you're trying to cut a tree down with a pen knife and at the same time telling off the guy with the chainsaw. By the way, before you say "oh I don't need context clues, I wrote it so I know everything", good luck reading that mess of a script months from now. For the same reason, put some damn comments in, you animal. You have a knack for being a dick head, don't you.
  4. Been trying for a few days to teach myself how to weld sheet metal and fuck me it's hard. Super good at making swiss cheese though.
  5. At some point I'm going to pick one up for the same reason. I can throw an engine together like its nothing at this point but I fucking dread having to do ball joints/bushings. As for lighting, I went with two of these guys: https://m.lowes.com/pd/Lithonia-Lighting-1233-Linear-Shop-Light-Common-4-ft-Actual-5-5-in-x-48-in/1000410165 i just got them in the mail though and havent had a chance to try them out, I'll throw up a before and after if I remember. I rent a "bay" in a barn so the lighting is absolutely terrible so anything is an improvement. Plus it is hard to beat for 50$ in all.
  6. Disiac, I am jelly. And I have been nuts with the credit card recently. Bought side skirts for the Impreza, garage lights, and about 250$ in Harbor Freight to buy a bunch of bodywork tools/supplies.
  7. Picked up a 99 Impreza L bumper and a lip for it for 80$. Have a lead on a set of side skirts so hopefully I'll be picking those up too.
  8. Got the engine into the subie last week with the help of my brother. Ran great, no valve tick or knocking, then noticed that it was pissing oil from the back of the engine and burning up on the exhaust. So this weekend I will be pulling the motor again by myself to reseal the god damn oil separator plate (or the rear main seal).
  9. A perfect 70f
  10. Finished assembling the WRX block today, should be in the car and running sometime Thursday. Also figured out how wonderful a nice tap can be.
  11. 100$ Engine Hoist 534$ for a bunch of subie parts
  12. Picked up a 2 ton engine hoist for 100$ on craigslist. Tonight or tomorrow I am going to buy everything required to put the WRX block into the subie. Update: Just dropped $534.11 on car parts, woot.
  13. Software Engineer. I currently write software for flight displays and for other boxes that interface with them, mostly using C and Vxworks.
  14. Picking up a set of MB Weapon wheels (17x7) for the subie tomorrow, 170$ for a set of 4. Random pic of them on a car that is not mine.
  15. Buying my own shit and having a place to put it. Which is why I have engine parts all over my apartment.
  16. Was interested in how much progress you guys had made so I took a quick look at your repo. Its quite empty, is that it so far or have you guys just not committed anything?
  17. Except R32s are awesome looking. I totally agree though, there is absolutely no reason to drop 20k+ for a car that old.
  18. Wrote a program for work that automates setting boot parameters for our embedded target via serial cause fuck hyperterm/putty and spending the 30 seconds to do it manually.
  19. Finally dropped off the WRX block at the machine shop along with the heads and it isn't going to cost me a fortune to get everything done. Plus I shouldn't need new pistons, so that is also a good sign.
  20. I still see tread on the rear tires so that is a good sign.
  21. Be careful, you might have to owe your friend a few sets of tires.
  22. In the process of refinancing a bunch of student loans and decreasing my monthly payment by ~$400. God I can't wait to have fuck around money.
  23. Hell, I would have just rewired it without the switch, kudos for actually doing it right.
  24. My brother and I have beaten Halo 1-3 via XBL with absolutely no issues. I think we only got dropped once out of the 30 or so hours that we were playing, I guess we just got super lucky since it looks like most people have issues with this.