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  1. Software Engineer. I currently write software for flight displays and for other boxes that interface with them, mostly using C and Vxworks.
  2. Picking up a set of MB Weapon wheels (17x7) for the subie tomorrow, 170$ for a set of 4. Random pic of them on a car that is not mine.
  3. Buying my own shit and having a place to put it. Which is why I have engine parts all over my apartment.
  4. Was interested in how much progress you guys had made so I took a quick look at your repo. Its quite empty, is that it so far or have you guys just not committed anything?
  5. Except R32s are awesome looking. I totally agree though, there is absolutely no reason to drop 20k+ for a car that old.
  6. Wrote a program for work that automates setting boot parameters for our embedded target via serial cause fuck hyperterm/putty and spending the 30 seconds to do it manually.
  7. Finally dropped off the WRX block at the machine shop along with the heads and it isn't going to cost me a fortune to get everything done. Plus I shouldn't need new pistons, so that is also a good sign.
  8. I still see tread on the rear tires so that is a good sign.
  9. Be careful, you might have to owe your friend a few sets of tires.
  10. In the process of refinancing a bunch of student loans and decreasing my monthly payment by ~$400. God I can't wait to have fuck around money.
  11. Hell, I would have just rewired it without the switch, kudos for actually doing it right.
  12. My brother and I have beaten Halo 1-3 via XBL with absolutely no issues. I think we only got dropped once out of the 30 or so hours that we were playing, I guess we just got super lucky since it looks like most people have issues with this.
  13. cost per hour * estimated number of hours to complete = price Anything way below that then walk away imo.
  14. Will be going to Texas next week for work.