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  1. cost per hour * estimated number of hours to complete = price Anything way below that then walk away imo.
  2. Will be going to Texas next week for work.
  3. I'll be honest, I actually use MS paint at work every now and then. I also have gimp but in most cases that is way overkill for what I am trying to achieve. It will be a sad day.
  4. As far as I know, no. From what the guy says it has low compression but it sounds like he wasn't the one that did the test since he couldn't tell me what the numbers were. Hopefully the previous owner was stupid and did the test wrong or had bad heads/timing rather than bad rings. Either way, for 300$ I get a turbo block, rods/pistons, and a crank that isn't totally fucked. I was planning on rebuilding the NA block before I realized how bad it was, I don't have a problem with rebuilding this one. Although I'll probably throw it in the car first and test the compression myself before pulling it apart and spending more money. If anyone else has any interest in cars I would say that is a good idea lol.
  5. Going to be picking up an EJ255 (2006-2014 WRX motor) for 300$ 4 hours away in NJ tomorrow.
  6. Pulled apart the engine and I spun two rod bearings. Those two rods are completely fucked and the crank is probably not salvageable either. So either I am buying a crank and two NA rods OR a crank and 4 STI rods/pistons.
  7. Yup, put about 50-100 miles on it.
  8. This isn't a great week for cars, my subie's motor just started knocking super bad and has no oil pressure. RIP EJ25.
  9. The most expensive 15$ seal ever.
  10. Was really interested in reverse engineering the Virgin Pulse Max pedometer that I got from work so I decompiled the android app that interfaces with the device and started digging around to see if I can figure out a little more about it. Its a cool little thing, uses bluetooth to upload steps to my phone and transfer firmware updates and setting changes to the device. End goal is to be able to write my own firmware over bluetooth although I highly doubt that I will get there. For those that care (aka nobody)
  11. An IS300 for a wagon? Hell yeah, you made the right decision. Man, you have a pretty good looking fleet going on, I wish I had the dough to match it Also the subie will be done at some point, I swear... Speaking of which, I bought a new tie rod end for it. Now I just need a turbo and some STI rods/pistons.
  12. To be honest, I thought Atari went bankrupt years ago. What the fuck have they been up to..
  13. No, like a metallic grinding/clanking sound from the rear brakes. It sounds like its coming from inside the rear rotors where the parking brake is. It sounds like on heavy turns there is something inside the rotor scraping or something(its not the heat shield, I made sure to bend that away). It should be obvious once I pull it apart, I just don't want to start working on it until I can start dailying the subie.
  14. The BMW has a lovely grinding noise when turning and the parking brakes sound like shit so sounds like I'm going to be doing brakes at some point.
  15. My brother visited this weekend and we got the subie back together and running. Still struggling with the O2 sensor and speed sensor wiring though.