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  1. Me when I accidentally stepped on my cat
  2. Hey! Nice to have ya here.
  3. Anyone wanna play this weekend?
  4. Sorry, I forgot a few. I finished Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I also tried Deus Ex but I guess it's super laggy for computer? I dunno, if anyone can help me fix that, it'd be great. Also, I played a few of the Fables, I can't really remember. I attempted them in hopes of breaking my WoW addiction. lol There might be a few more i'm forgetting, but I can't remember. Appreciate the suggestions
  5. I need some recommendations for single player games! Preferably rpg. Here's a list of things I have already beaten/are working on: Bioshock series Deadspace series Dishonored Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Vampire Masquerade: Bloodline STALKER series Bastion Evoland Half-life series I think that about sums it up. Gimme all ya got!
  6. don't lie to me
  7. Add me! I've been playing a crap ton, if anyone wants to join me and my friends. tag: SergeantJelly
  8. No probs dude Thanks anyway!
  9. I'm not entirely sure how to set up a server on Gmod, I think you have to buy one, so we'll just have to occupy an empty one.
  10. I've been playing a bit of this lately, would be nice to get a little group playing. Let me know if you're interested. You need Garry's Mod and Counter Strike: Source.
  11. It was fun, but TUCKER forgot to set up a server. If anyone can do it, would be greatly appreciated.
  12. LOL Just be on the OC ts at 9pm WESTERN, I'm hosting a raid at like 8 so I might be 30 minutes late. Does anyone have amazing hosting skills? I have a decent ISP, but if a guardian angel with google fiber wants to bless this fiber, I will gladly step down.
  13. No probs dude, 9:30 then?
  14. If you have either me or tucker on steam, we can pick a time. Right now I'm thinking Friday at like 8pm western time would be best for everyone. I dunno how many peeps are on east coast or aussie time.
  15. Dude, do it! It's so fun, I'd love to have someone to play with