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  1. I thought so...I was looking at GFX cards to finally upgrade off of the integrated, but about the only thing in my price range is a 1050. I was expecting to be able to get a 1060 at least.
  2. I used to get my burgers well-done, without question! And then I was at a party and the burgers were so tasty, and I looked and it was cooked about medium. Now, I'm of the camp that any time you grind beef, you should cook it thoroughly as whatever bacteria that WAS on the outer part of the meat is now mixed in with the whole thing...but that doesn't stop me from getting my burgers medium because they're just so much better! Steak I like medium as well...nothing too bloody, but still juicy inside.
  3. You bought an AT&T plan?! Congrats!
  4. I used to take lessons, but then stumbled upon the bass and that fit my style. A part of me still wants to be in the spotlight, but for now I'll just take that patch of unlit stage behind the drummer.
  5. My hobby lately is trying to find hobbies...
  6. Finally finding some free time to relax and tinker around on the computer again!
  7. Passed out candy to the little kiddies....and also people a few years younger than me....
  8. After 25 you can rent luxury autos...guess from there you just have freedom from all age-restrictions.
  9. I'd argue that there is a difference between a customer and a client. Clients to me are people who continuously use the service of someone, whereas a customer is someone who conducted a transaction. A masseuse has clients. Walmart has customers.
  10. More rain...Time for comfort food for dinner!
  11. Ain't no time for the toobz!! I'm building my mega lodge!
  12. OMG GAIS LYKE POST FOR MY MEMORY KNOWS ITS GOOD THX! Good times on that MC server. I miss Tucker*Mart.
  13. We threw out a few names, maybe 7-10 before thinking of OC!
  14. Seems like yesterday we came up with the name on the old MC server... Either Tucker or someone else thought of it....