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  1. More rain...Time for comfort food for dinner!
  2. Probably not worth the effort or the cost. They know they'll be found out, so might as well make parting with your catapult easy.
  3. Ain't no time for the toobz!! I'm building my mega lodge!
  4. OMG GAIS LYKE POST FOR MY MEMORY KNOWS ITS GOOD THX! Good times on that MC server. I miss Tucker*Mart.
  5. We threw out a few names, maybe 7-10 before thinking of OC!
  6. Seems like yesterday we came up with the name on the old MC server... Either Tucker or someone else thought of it....
  7. Tweaking Deltas

  8. Condolences Hamp. Beautifully written. More than meets the eye regarding life.
  9. No Horror stories from Amazon, but I've had horror stories and NEWEGG always came through. Can't teach an old dog new tricks I suppose.
  10. I use exclusively NEWEGG for hardware...They are more expensive than Amazon usually, but I know with NEWEGG that I'll be able to return just about anything. For peripherals, I use Amazon. #PrimeLyfe
  11. That's actually a feature. It's a reminder that you need to upgrade your phone now.
  12. Sounds like a busy day!
  13. Getting closer to being over my sickness.