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  1. If anyone's wondering, I was trying to find the branch that disallowed sv_name, sv_password and the like from working on non-dedis, and ended up either nopping a couple of jumps, or altered a boolean or two. Had also gained access to commands like medusa, but had no idea about scripts \=.
  2. Close. this.birdType refers to the birdType member of the object; it's called an instance variable; a member part of the object. All the methods in your class have "this" implicitly passed in as the first parameter. If you do obj.setBirdType("falcon"), obj is what would get passed as "this". It's not technically global because "this" is implicitly being passed into the function. Java just has a shorthand in some scenarios which doesn't make you have to type this in cases like "this.birdType" or "this.getNumber()", which can get kind of confusing.
  3. To give some clarification and hopefully not confuse: What really happens behind the scenes, public void setBirdType(String birdType) { ... } turns into something like.. public void BirdSighting_setBirdType(BirdSighting this, String birdType) { ... } and BirdSighting birdSighting = new BirdSighting(); birdSighting.setBirdType("falcon"); turns into something like... BirdSighting birdSighting = new BirdSighting(); BirdSighting_setBirdType(birdSighting, "falcon"); Remember, you can create multiple BirdSighting's. Hopefully this helps.. [edit] And what may be puzzling you more perhaps, is that in get* methods, you leave out 'this'. But you are allowed to do public int getDay() { return this.day; }. If you just type "day", Java will automatically turn that into "this.day". You shouldn't omit "this." in your set* methods though, because the parameters to the function passed in have the same name -- and it's a little confusing to tell a local variable and instance variable apart without specifying 'this'.
  4. I've programmed two finished video games, around 8 or so incomplete/prototyped games that have some fun value, and 3 or so failed attempts that have no play value. I've utilized OpenGL, Panda3D, Unity, some TI calculator API. Suck at art. Like modding, but probably to a greater extent, it widens your view on game design, and teaches the difficulty of actually getting something done. Not really interested in writing 'em anymore.
  5. No, because I want a new computer anyway. I don't buy a computer just so that I can later upgrade parts of it. Not to mention it being an ideal time to sell the old computer, and warranty running out..
  6. I learned this the hard way a long time ago, though it was interesting how long I could re-use a failing HD =) [i did it twice!] I do a few things now that I didn't used to before: 1) Not leaving my computer 24/7 running for server/internet connected related tasks.. 2) Buying a new computer around 3-4 year mark for obtaining a fresh new HD. 3) Using an automated backup to drive solution (time machine in my case)
  7. Yes, of course. Knowing how to read assembly, even if you don't ever write it, at the least is valuable; especially if you work with C or C++ where one layer of abstraction below is asm. You can see how your compiler generates code and reading it is a must for heavily optimizing code. On interop, I agree with Waev that it can be hairy and it all depends..
  8. The more common example is giraffe. I actually had no idea Giles was pronounced with a soft g, although it makes sense since Guiles isn't.
  9. Sounds like so much terrible overkill. Maybe an added scripted command on the server would be a better approach. You could find a keyboard macro program that would simulate keystrokes, but again, this is not desirable.
  10. It's better to say what you actually want to do since what you want to do could be possible even if an AHK alternative does not exist.
  11. Indeed 002, this GUI looks better than my old program . Just make sure you really understand what license and variant you use.
  12. Make sure you're using html5, not Flash for YouTube videos. Used to use camino at one point insanely long time ago.
  13. I don't think "full stack developers" really exist... The tools used to develop for the web are truly awful, but still very useful. At least that is how I look at it.
  14. Not reassuring, and according to Trillian's blog it's broken in windows 8 already and they're likely going to remove it any moment from now.
  15. This is very weak. Skype kit could break at any moment for whatever reason in the future and MS/Skype devs would unlikely care. Not that I'm saying your problems you listed don't exist on other clients as well.