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  1. Request: Ability to set controller sensitivity higher than 10
  2. Yeah, it's incredibly hard to find a single server with good settings, unfortunately. If you're into Rust sniping with way too many players, you're in luck, though; they've got servers constantly packed in every region.
  3. Been following this one for a while and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it. I've been playing IW4x quite a bit, too.
  4. Manjaro laptop used as a third screen Was a terrible Windows 10 notebook when my wife got it that wasn't even useful for word editing. I installed Manjaro to it and it's a nice functional web surfing, Discord chatting, terminal using machine! Update, I have procured my original laptop back from my wife and am now running Arch
  5. and, of course, the album I've been listening to on repeat since it came out now
  6. Halo CE is a free standalone for Halo PC, released in 2004, which was created for the creation/play of custom multiplayer/singleplayer maps. Installation will require a key for the full version of Halo PC. Halo Custom Edition 1.0 Client Patch 1.10 - Dedi Server 1.10 Chimera is also available for download, which overhauls the game's features.
  7. So desperate to play something engaging after Halo Infinite disappointed me that I turned to the distant past. Even learned how to bunny hop finally
  8. We've got a better situation now. To break it down, Sawnose was the only contact at Bungie, he left Bungie, tried to reach out to figure out who we needed to contact, no response. Eventually got a response from Sawnose, directed back to some people at Bungie, now there's contact again. Server was upgraded and communication restored.
  9. Just in case someone runs into this post looking for an answer on how to get it working and the link provided isn't available anymore, we actually have it hosted here, too 1.0.10 Patch for Halo: Combat Evolved PC
  10. In that case
  11. I would say it’s definitely possible but the problem is finding the part for sale at this point. I tried to do a quick search for the parts list which lead to RadioShack’s website which returned a 404 because RIP. Could open it up and look for a part number on the panel.
  12. Our fearless leader was born this day and it's a glorious day. Overshadowed by the love that his pathetic human underlings celebrate. *Spits on the ground* Pathetic. You measly parasites have the privilege to kiss feet today. You should be BEGGING to do so. The heavens look down upon you in shame and you will feel the fire rise to purify your pathetic husk you call a body. Happy B-Day, Tucker!!!
  13. Among Us sucks if you play public lobbies. Got to get a group going to make it work. It’s based off a timeless game that has potential for loads of fun with the right people. I’ve been playing Splatoon 2 (I know, late to the party) and it’s way better than I was expecting. Took some time to get used to it but once you get used to it, it’s damn good. Also got my back broke in this match. (Explanation for the scores: you get 1000 points for being in the winning team so subtract 1000 from the scores of everyone on that team to get the real scores)
  14. I did use Synergy but now I just use it separately out of laziness. Might go back to using something if it's better than Synergy.
  15. My second display failed recently and I haven't gotten around to getting a second monitor. I've just been using my laptop as my secondary screen.
  16. Forerunner styled maps have always been the best looking maps in CE and the reworked art style with it is tasteful. The outside areas are also super impressive.
  17. Damn, that map looks nice. Going to give this a shot once I get off work!
  18. Hello there ladies and gentlemen. I'm As7raios. I've been with Halo since it's release, but have never really been involved with the community until around 2 years ago. I mainly come from where I'm known as "Dr Syx".
  19. Does anyone happen to have a really old screenshot of the server browser that shows the population, by chance? Something from around the 2003 - 2006 era? Anything even just a little after that? I used to have loads of screenshots from around that time but I've since lost mine and I'd like to see the population numbers the game had around those times.
  20. Welcome!