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  1. SICK REFERENCE Clearly seeing that upset me greatly. Papyrus? You noob. Wtf. There's only one logical font to use for this
  2. If HAC2 gets destroyed by Chimera being a better value add then it’s saving Halo CE; not destroying it. As Kava put it in the OP, the auto updater causing the game to crash on boot if the servers are down legitimately destroys HCE’s population already. Mind you, this is coming from someone who labeled themselves “Lead Cheerleader” for HAC2 back when it was in development. Side note: If sal hadn’t taken an open source project that he didn’t even create and make it closed source, someone else could’ve fixed it for him by now.
  3. Heard that game got better over time. I’m sure it still doesn’t live up to half of what that guy promises lol
  4. Like I said, whole TENS of people might get confused!!!
  5. Heaven forbid someone use your tags, claim them as their own, and now tens of people will praise them instead of you!!!
  6. Modders using protection to make sure other modders don’t use the tags they made by modding someone else’s tags in a game that was designed by someone else. Brilliant!
  7. The warthog clip made it onto SingleHaloClips with some jokes added by SillyGoose
  8. Finally went ahead and installed The Outer Worlds to see what it's like. It's pretty good so far but I've heard it ends abruptly.
  9. Would have been hard in their case because only one wheel touched the ground for less than a second.
  10. Halo 3 Warthog experience in a nutshell
  11. Yes, the usual recommendation would be to use Imgur. Here's a video of how to properly embed images from Imgur for reference once you've uploaded the image there. I'll use a picture of my dog as an example: https://i.imgur.com/1AY7pEz.mp4 Just upload, right click the image, copy image link, and past the link. It'll automatically embed the image. Unfortunately, right now, there's no support for GIFs and MP4s anymore unless it's from YouTube or else I'd embed that, too.
  12. Just imagine if it wasn't, though. Make it so you switch between them to avoid the cooldown, swinging from enemy to enemy.... Beautiful. Also, got this from a game we were playing last night. Shows how important it is to start a game of Rat's Nest quickly lol.
  13. If only... If only (Hidden because it's not my screenshot)
  14. It's so satisfying getting multiple kills with the splaser. Oops, I forgot to post my stuff over here as well. I guess I'll be dumping more stuff here:
  15. Was going to wait but I can’t. I need to change submission. Halo 3 is too rich of a screenshot treasure trove to not use it instead
  16. Tucker has retired because post count maxes out at 9,999. We've placed you in charge now. What is your first order of business?
  17. I take full responsibility for this issue. Please send your complaints to me.
  18. Does anyone happen to have a really old screenshot of the server browser that shows the population, by chance? Something from around the 2003 - 2006 era? Anything even just a little after that? I used to have loads of screenshots from around that time but I've since lost mine and I'd like to see the population numbers the game had around those times.
  19. I remember it being higher than it apparently was. I know I’ve seen it at 6,000+ at one point but maybe I’m mistaken.
  20. Taking all the spawn points on Boarding Action to the top of the ship and having a bunch of banshees there was the best joiner friendly mod ever. Space battles ftw
  21. I’m wondering which version of the game that’s looking at because I know population numbers were higher than that. It’s interesting to see the flux in users because around 2011, there were normally around a thousand people playing at any given time.
  22. I was going to grab a screenshot from theater in Halo 3 PC but the insider build is gone and all my saved films are gone. RIP. Guess I'll have to wait for the full release and try to get something there.
  23. I know @aLTis ported maps into VRChat which uses Unity