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  1. If we could get a map pack with the refined assets and this, that would be great.
  2. Welcome, you!
  3. I'm starting to come back from a long hiatus to the community so I have a lot of catching up to do.
  4. Thanks, @MrChromed! I'll replace the link in the OP!
  5. Well, that seems like a much better explanation as to why it's broken. In that case, if someone could convert the maps using that method instead, we could host those instead.
  6. Yeeeees, this is one of my favorite maps. This aesthetic has always looked the best in the original blam engine.
  7. As Tucker put it, the intent was to just make it so that you can play the default PC version of the campaign on CE. I personally use the refined version but it's useful to have these default converted maps around.
  8. Broken in what way? I'm just wanting to upload the absolute default (as default as you can get) version of the campaign.
  9. This is the complete default singleplayer campaign converted for Halo Custom Edition. This was originally converted and uploaded by "Renamon." https://opencarnage.net/misc/CE_SP-Maps.7z
  10. I work as a team lead type role in a server team. Building/maintaining Windows based servers, VM and physical. Used to work with enterprise storage so I put on that hat whenever it's needed as well.
  11. 10/10 #FeatureNotABug
  12. I'd love to but I'm an old man that goes to bed way too early now. I'll have to catch you some other time.
  13. Yeah, I noticed that! I played around a while back with making a better instagib experience with Halo and the first thing I did was increase player speed plus increasing friction. I definitely like the idea of sneaking some UT into the palette of more players. It's unfortunate that there's not much of a UT community out there at all anymore. I really miss playing it.
  14. UT2k4 competes in my heart as my favorite FPS with Halo CE so it's interesting to see this. I played around in it for a while and at face value, it seems like all the weapons act exactly as they're intended. My question really is, why do this? It's really neat but UT2k4 is built on a much better engine. You also can't really replicate the dodging mechanics which is a core part of the gameplay so you can't exactly recreate a large part of what makes up the game's identity. Do you plan on replacing it with another movement mechanic?