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  1. You can still vote on this as long as you were introduced to the series with the first one on Xbox. All that I'm wanting to gauge is how people were introduced to the franchise at the very beginning.
  2. RIP. Like I said, I wasn't planning on getting an XBox either because it was clear how much better game selection was for the PS2. It's a miracle Halo turned out as good as it did for the XBox's sake.
  3. Well, yeah, definitely. Co-Op was awesome and campaign was a a large part of why I bought the game. When I went over to that friend's house in 2001, I stayed the night to play more. Once everyone fell asleep in the middle of playing the game, I switched over to campaign and got all the way to Two Betrayals before morning came and everyone else woke up. The main point I'm trying to make here is that saying 90% of people didn't even touch the multiplayer is ridiculous.
  4. Didn't they eventually get some sort of no lead working or was it the extension RealWorldCE uses?
  5. This all started from someone saying that they thought 90% of people who bought H:CE on Xbox never touched the mutliplayer. I was taken aback on the comment. Talked to others and Tucker even thought that statement was probably true. I was introduced to it by a friend on Christmas 2001 begging me to come over to his house to play with him, his brother, and their friend. I was familiar with PC shooters (namely Quake) and also console shooters (GoldenEye/Perfect Dark). I assumed it would be clunky just like the rest of the FPS games on console were at the time. We started off with Rockets on Wizard, moved over to driving vehicles around Blood Gulch, and playing doubles on Battle Creek. My mind was absolutely blown away. Came home begging for my parents to take back the PS2 they had gotten me for an XBox saying that I'd rather have Halo even if it meant I could never have a single other game again. My parents doubted that statement but here I am lol. After that, I was invited and attended countless system link parties with people and the lunch room at school was filled with talks about Halo (mostly about multiplayer but a good bit about campaign, too). It's odd to me because, when talking to people that think not many played the multiplayer, it's down to it not having online capabilities. It's like people have forgotten how important and popular split screen multiplayer was to kids and how we used to play games. I can't even count all the games that I used to spend hours on with friends playing split screen.
  6. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN POLL IF YOU WERE INTRODUCED TO HALO AFTER THE RELEASE OF HALO 2 OR THROUGH THE PC PORT I've been having a debate of sorts with another Halo player on the subject of if campaign or multiplayer was the biggest driving factor on sales for the original Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved. I'm interested to see, out of the people who were introduced to the Halo franchise through Combat Evolved on the Xbox, if it was campaign or multiplayer that first introduced you to the game. Also, this is not a debate on if campaign or multiplayer is better. This is simply a poll to see how you were introduced to the game. That is it. If you were introduced to it through someone showing you the campaign, vote campaign. If you were introduced by marketing and bought it for the campaign, vote campaign. If you were introduced to it through local splitscreen or system link, vote multiplayer. If you were introduced to it through RvB, while this might be a stretch, that would still count as multiplayer. Feel free to share your experience on what first introduced you to Halo. Love hearing the stories.
  7. Installed Manjaro on the wife's laptop she didn't want anymore. Has enough power to browse the web, do light image editing, and stream Steam games when I'm out in the living room. Only has a measly 30GB drive but that's plenty for most Linux installs.
  8. I feel like there must be a way to convert from Trial to MD so does anyone know a way to convert from MD to CE? I know it's a stretch and I haven't heard of a tool but that may be a way forward for this.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that a while back. It angers me a bit because they claimed they weren't going to fix any of the glitches that were present in the previous games because they wanted to preserve the games as they were but just make them more comfortable to play. It really only seems like they did it with Halo: Combat Evolved as well.
  10. So. Much. Dialogue. I really thought they'd just trim the fat but nope.
  11. Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm mainly talking about default game modes still being played, though. It makes sense for bunny hop and surfing to still exist but the fact that de is still being played is pretty puzzling. This is definitely true. Each game has people who were brought onto the series with them that are absolutely dedicated to that specific release. Due to the nature of the games, players find themselves replaying the game over and over again. I've recently been playing completely vanilla Skyrim constantly. Still waiting for Skywind to release. 1942 is still being played!?!? I need to check that out!
  12. My point is that arguing about either being objectively better than the other is absolutely pointless. There's no reason for both not to exist. If people in the community start arguing over which is better, the conversation starts becoming "Which should they choose to implement into the game?" In the end, developers will always choose matchmaking over a browser because it gives them more control. If the conversation is steered towards "Hey, both of these can and should live in harmony", it helps everyone. I've noticed that gaming communities always want to argue which method is better than the other to death when, in reality, we rarely ever actually have to decide. Why not both? Nope. Always has to be one way or the highway.
  13. I'll be honest man, matchmaking is welcome in my opinion. While Halo PC is alive and well, it's incredibly hard to find a consistent experience where the settings are solid and a match feels like an actual match. Experience in server browser: Look for server with community you like, play whatever playlist they have set up, hang out in a casual join/leave lobby, leave at any point without feeling guilt. Experience in matchmaking: Search for the game settings you agree with most, join a lobby, match should start/end with same group, once match is over you restart. The first one lends itself really well to casual play and, in an organized community, can be VERY useful to real competitive matches. The second one is great for a consistent experience where you experience complete matches in a sterilized environment. Both can work very well together but in the current year, you shouldn't release a PC game without one of them. Acting like we have to choose between the two is idiotic.
  14. Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source. Despite pretty much the entire community agreeing that CS:GO is clearly better in every way, both those games still keep going. I'm not surprised by 1.6 but Source is hella surprising.