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  1. @Enclusion At the time of this post, here's what the stats on Steam look like: Current 8,176 Peak 9,213 They are adding in crossplay soon which should boost the numbers quite a bit. I've only really been looking for H3 recently and it's incredibly easy to find a match in that. Although, honestly, I've always been able to find matches easily in all the games while others have reported difficulties.
  2. Still not an AMAZING ping time but I finally got the right download/upload speeds
  3. When none of your gaming hardware has been available to you so you have to resort to something you would otherwise never touch to get your FPS fix I’m living the nightmare
  4. I would have participated in spooky screenshots if I had my desktop or any consoles available right now. If we move in to our new house in time, I’ll get one.
  5. I hate all of you.
  6. Sceny seriously been waiting 5 years for someone to hit him up. Patience has been rewarded.
  7. What exactly do you want to play?
  8. That's not a can-do spirit, sport.
  9. But but... that IS my concern
  10. OC’s Minecraft server was how I originally got to know the community. Glad to see someone hosting one again. I might swing by at some point.
  11. I can’t imagine running anything with less than 8GB in today’s environment unless it was running Linux. Windows + Chrome would eat 4gb instantly let alone 1gb.