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  1. So, I attempted to play this and you're just spawned into an empty room with no way out. I'm fairly certain this isn't what you intended. Edit: Oh, just realized you said it was an empty map at the moment. I'd suggest putting the spawn somewhere that's not in a closed space, though.
  2. RIP blue orb.
  3. Area 53 RPG 7 That one Teletubbies map
  4. YAY! Glad to see you finally posted an updated version.
  5. @PerfectDark Now that you've gotten to 3 and above, do yourself a favor and switch to bumper jumper.
  6. No one cares after a certain age. You're just going downhill at this point. Best not to mention it because, at this point, you should be drowning in tears at the thought of it.
  7. Professional streamer*
  8. Currently on my last week as a Storage Administrator and moving to a position as a Windows Systems Administrator.
  9. In retrospect, I don't think the ending was all that bad... In fact, it's quite badass. I just don't think people were used to getting cliffhangers in video games.
  10. Happy birthday!
  11. I thought for a second you were penalizing people for shooting at the same enemies as their teammates. That would ruin Halo.
  12. Bulletproof survivor Mario?
  13. Thank you
  14. I prefer the look of it... No idea why but hey, I shouldn't have to justify it.