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  1. In retrospect, I don't think the ending was all that bad... In fact, it's quite badass. I just don't think people were used to getting cliffhangers in video games.
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. I thought for a second you were penalizing people for shooting at the same enemies as their teammates. That would ruin Halo.
  4. Bulletproof survivor Mario?
  5. With HAC2 not working for the past couple days, I decided to see what Halo PC was like to play in a vanilla state because I haven't seen it that way in... well, over a decade. I decided to remove Chimera and play on a fairly vanilla server without the no lead SAPP script. It's hard to believe that any of us ever loved this game the way it was out of the box. The Halo PC experience that exists now relies on the efforts that the community has made to make this game playable and I think this serves as a reminder to be thankful to all the people who helped shape the game as it is today. So, a big thank you to @Btcc22, @002, and @sehe. Here's a video of myself playing vanilla Halo PC:
  6. I prefer the look of it... No idea why but hey, I shouldn't have to justify it.
  7. Cheap pizza is always best refrigerated then reheated in the microwave... dipped in ranch...
  8. I took lessons a while back but decided it was too expensive. YouTube is my go to now because there are LOADS of good advice out there. Mainly play classic rock/metal. Don't currently have pictures of my own guitars because I recently formatted my phone but here's what they look like: LTD EC-1000 Deluxe: Dean Vendetta 2.0:
  9. Just because I'd expect a newcomer to go to brands that they know from general pop culture or the ones that a random friend would suggest like Fender or Taylor. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Martin; in fact, I love Martin guitars. However, the 12 string thing is quite odd. I don't know if I would have personally suggested that being your first guitar but I love them. I've wanted one for a long time myself.
  10. Odd to see a first timer gravitate to Martin, definitely. Then again, the first guitar I ever learned to play on was a Martin that was my grandfather's.
  11. @Skeezix the Cat Having a 12 string as your first guitar is an interesting choice. Do you have any prior experience with playing guitar?
  12. Myers-Briggs has absolutely no psychological relevance. It's only slightly more accurate than something like astrology. Look up the history behind it and you'll see how bad it is.
  13. I'd imagine that they'd keep it in orbit. Would be idiotic to take it down to be showcased in a museum. It would be a part of history that would continue to do what it did to make history for a verrrrrrry long time.
  14. A Jewish person naming himself Pope. I like it!
  15. I love this community. I feel the spirit.
  16. This got out of hand waaay too fast. At first we're all on here having a good ol' time with Christmas spirit and suddenly we're threatening bans... Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas?
  17. At first, when looking at the carabineers, I thought "Wow, that's expensive..." Then I realized they better be expensive. They better be made of the strongest material they can find for me to trust them.
  18. My wife put a tall glass of Smirnoff upright on a conveyor belt once and I had to set it down flat. She gave me an angry look like I insulted her. I've decided next time I'm just going to watch the world burn.
  19. Rude, much. This enough for you!?!?
  20. Been using it out of curiosity and it seems nice. The more I use it, the more I feel like there's no real benefit to it or Chrome. That's a better position than Firefox was in before, though.
  21. For most cases, I ignore it; however, I have on call through work so I have to take that. If I do take that, I drop everything I'm doing and leave.
  22. I mean, it's my dream car. I've always wanted. When I can afford it, it'll be worth the price. Getting back on topic, this is a good video showing off the acceleration. Skip ahead to 4:00 to see the launch.