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  1. What do you mean by Infinity maps? Like the map? Marathon Infinity? Maps that go on forever?
  2. Weather update: It's cooled down now and the floor is NOT lava.
  4. I've never had to use a phone case. All of my phones have been in pristine condition when they were retired; that is until I said that to someone after they told me I was an idiot for not buying a phone case. I have a Google Pixel now and, for whatever reason, it has been dropped several times. No major damage anywhere except for the bezel. A friend gave me his old case for his Pixel but it looks like it belongs to a 13 year old so I don't use it.
  5. I haven't received a beta key. I'm not too broken up over it, though. Remove classes and I'll be interested.
  6. That sounds interesting. Sorry for reminding you as you type! xD 13 years ago and it's only ever gotten worse. I learned to work around it and it's not a problem for the most part.
  7. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what he said, but I gave him the gist of it. He was very surprised!
  8. Get some self control, Tucker. You'll go blind from all that 'exploding' you're doing.
  9. Nice! Did you lose any motion with it? One of the minor things that happened with the dog bite was one of his teeth impaled my right thumb right at the joint. I didn't even notice it until I was in the hospital bed. To this day, I can't move it anywhere near as well as I can the left thumb. Really sucks because that makes it difficult to aim with a controller in First-Person Shooters.
  10. I was hoping you were going to say something like that. Did you have it reattached or are you still missing your index? I'm lucky I came out fairly unscathed from childhood. The worst thing that ever happened to me was a pretty nasty dog bite that had my elbow exposed. I was pretty reckless as a kid always racing people on bikes, going off jumps, etc. Don't know what happened to my daredevil attitude; I'm just glad I ditched it before I got myself hurt.
  11. I remember having my dad explain to me why we were moving when I was like... 1 1/2 years old? What's strange is that I remember understanding him completely yet my dad maintains I wasn't able to speak yet.
  12. Ah, I was hoping for a method that other people could follow suit with. I knew it wasn't a simple flick of the switch fix. Either way, it's still awesome and I can't wait to see what you have in store with your project!
  13. Very nice! Now, let's convert everything over to this. Pretty sure I'll hate playing anything without this if I get used to it.
  14. Sounds like a motherboard issue. I agree with what Tucker said. If that doesn't work, then fuck it, CMOS batteries are cheap so you might as well try replacing it to appease the guy at the shop. If none of that works, I'd think about replacing the motherboard.
  15. Full disclosure: I received $50m for my shares in OpenCarnage from the NSA for their part of the purchase. They bought the rights to the online user tracking that Tucker uses to stalk everyone here.
  16. I should be able to join in. No promises as of yet, though.
  17. I was trying to do something special for your birthday and I couldn't get it done in time because my life is a hectic mess. :'(
  18. That's the thing... It can be more easily compared to the Halo games than it can Doom or, the spiritual successor to Doom, Quake. If it was its own game separate from Doom, I'd say good on them but because it has that name, I can't support it. Same way I can't support 343 most of the decisions they made when developing Halo 5.
  19. Then just make a new game instead of using Quake's name!!! Getting real tired of all these series turning into what they're not simply because someone wanted to make a new game while using the name of the old series. You're hurting the old series by changing it into something, at its core, that it's not while hurting your new game by not letting it have its own identity. I understand why they do it from a marketing standpoint but you're never going to be able to have continued success with shit like that. You're not going to be the next Halo, the next Call of Duty, etc by wearing the skin of another series that, at one point, had a mass following. People are going to smell the rotting corpse and the people who liked the series originally (myself included) are going to be quite pissed that you dug our beloved franchise up. The new Doom had an AMAZING campaign. It felt incredibly true to the original and I feel like it has a good chance at a revival. Again, it's never going to be a giant success of a series like it originally was but it was amazing. However, the MULTIPLAYER, while it was fantastic, was exactly what I fear will happen to Quake. it felt more like a Halo game than anything else. I'm not too surprised seeing as how Certain Affinity developed it. Would have been amazing as a standalone IP but I hate how much it borrowed from Halo.
  20. That's how I felt about my Nexus 6. Looking back now, I kind of feel like I made a mistake going away from it. Really, what's the point in upgrading? It used to be that advances were being made so rapidly with cellphones that there were clear differences between a phone that came out a year ago. It really doesn't feel that way anymore.
  21. I have a Pixel and I have only one complaint about it; the vibrate isn't strong enough. I have missed so many calls but I will NOT turn the volume on. I am far too socially awkward for that. Overall though, I love it.
  22. You're looking forward to a Quake game? Also, I'm looking at a similar situation to Halo post Reach with this title. Extremely skeptical.
  23. Just uploaded a ton of clips to my YouTube from my Xbox.
  24. Recently ordered some Soylent. I've been interested in it for a while but I felt like I needed to let some other brave souls try it out before I did. Anyone here try it yet?