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  1. I should be able to join in. No promises as of yet, though.
  2. I was trying to do something special for your birthday and I couldn't get it done in time because my life is a hectic mess. :'(
  3. That's the thing... It can be more easily compared to the Halo games than it can Doom or, the spiritual successor to Doom, Quake. If it was its own game separate from Doom, I'd say good on them but because it has that name, I can't support it. Same way I can't support 343 most of the decisions they made when developing Halo 5.
  4. Then just make a new game instead of using Quake's name!!! Getting real tired of all these series turning into what they're not simply because someone wanted to make a new game while using the name of the old series. You're hurting the old series by changing it into something, at its core, that it's not while hurting your new game by not letting it have its own identity. I understand why they do it from a marketing standpoint but you're never going to be able to have continued success with shit like that. You're not going to be the next Halo, the next Call of Duty, etc by wearing the skin of another series that, at one point, had a mass following. People are going to smell the rotting corpse and the people who liked the series originally (myself included) are going to be quite pissed that you dug our beloved franchise up. The new Doom had an AMAZING campaign. It felt incredibly true to the original and I feel like it has a good chance at a revival. Again, it's never going to be a giant success of a series like it originally was but it was amazing. However, the MULTIPLAYER, while it was fantastic, was exactly what I fear will happen to Quake. it felt more like a Halo game than anything else. I'm not too surprised seeing as how Certain Affinity developed it. Would have been amazing as a standalone IP but I hate how much it borrowed from Halo.
  5. That's how I felt about my Nexus 6. Looking back now, I kind of feel like I made a mistake going away from it. Really, what's the point in upgrading? It used to be that advances were being made so rapidly with cellphones that there were clear differences between a phone that came out a year ago. It really doesn't feel that way anymore.
  6. I have a Pixel and I have only one complaint about it; the vibrate isn't strong enough. I have missed so many calls but I will NOT turn the volume on. I am far too socially awkward for that. Overall though, I love it.
  7. You're looking forward to a Quake game? Also, I'm looking at a similar situation to Halo post Reach with this title. Extremely skeptical.
  8. Just uploaded a ton of clips to my YouTube from my Xbox.
  9. Recently ordered some Soylent. I've been interested in it for a while but I felt like I needed to let some other brave souls try it out before I did. Anyone here try it yet?
  10. Just created a club on Xbox Live for OpenCarnage. Give me your gamertags if you want to be invited.

    1. Sceny


      What is a club?

    2. tarikja


      Who is Just?

  11. Oh trust me, I plan on it! Only issue is that saving up in my current situation is pretty much impossible. Until I get a new job with higher pay, it's a dream. What sucks about that is, while I'm trying to get a higher paying job, the price for one just keeps going up. For an R32 GT-R, it's getting damn close to $40k. When I was first looking, they were right under $20k. I decided to wait because I was saving up for a house. I feel like I made a mistake. :/
  12. 2016 Mustang v6. Couldn't go with the GT due to price but the performance really doesn't disappoint. Besides, I got it to be a fun daily driver while I save up for an R32 Skyline.
  13. Pineapple, sardines, tuna, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, and ketchup.
  14. I've been playing this off and on. I'm impressed by Halo 5's forge mode and customization opens! Like anyone could have predicted, the controls are lacking. Even with everything set to raw input, it all just feels... laggy which is a really bad thing with how fast paced the game is.
  15. Thank you
  16. Halo CE is a free standalone for Halo PC, released in 2004, which was created for the creation/play of custom multiplayer/single player maps. Installation will require a key for the full version of Halo PC. Halo Custom Edition 1.0 - 1.10 patch For Custom Edition's editing kit, please refer to the Halo Editing Kit topic in the Modding Tools section. For HAC2 (which supports both Halo PC and Custom Edition), please refer to the HAC2 topic in the Asset Releases section.
  17. I like picking others' noses. Picking your own nose is disgusting.
  18. I wish I could test it out for you but I no longer have a Windows 7 PC. I'm assuming it should still work.
  19. I thought the Nismo that was considered the king of derp was the Nissan Juke.P.S. Awesome name.
  20. None in Tennessee!?!?!? Finally, something close to good news coming from my home state!!!!
  21. Sounds like your car's support for it is just shit. The fact that you find using CDs says a lot more about how bad the support for it on your car is rather than the general convenience of using Bluetooth instead. I'd suggest getting something custom instead for it.
  22. Why do you have to do that with Bluetooth? In my case, my phone never comes out of my pocket. The only step I have to do is hit "Media" once, and I'm already set. The only time it's not that easy is if I've closed the app on my phone since I was last in the car, which I rarely do. Also, to anyone that's using CDs in their car still, you're going to tell me the only steps you REALLY go through are just turning on the car and have it play? Unless you've got a mix CD for every single mood you're in, you're not going to get much variety on your drive. Besides, flipping through a giant CD book in your car to find whatever you want to listen to rather than just plugging it up, hitting play, then just skipping until you hit the kind of song you want to listen to while you're driving (skip on the steering wheel) seems like much more of a pain to me.
  23. I have Bluetooth in my car so literally all I normally do is 1. Start car Everything is automatic.
  24. TL;DR: Halo 5 PC will be even more cut and butchered than H2V. It's free though so there's no real room to complain.