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  1. If you take a look at the specs, you'd have to be incredibly biased to be disappointed with this. 1.9s 0-60, 250+MPH, 500 mile range... I'm willing to bet this thing will even handle better than the Model S. With the performance this thing will have, it could be completely justified being in the $800k - $1m range let alone $250k... Only downside is that I'm not a fan of the steering wheel. Please have an option for a normal steering wheel.
  2. Got married Sept. 30th
  3. The rocket spawns were right. With the amount of vehicles, it makes sense to have that amount and they were in the right spot. I can't seem to remember if there was something in the middle of the bridge. If not, you ought to put something there to add some more risk/reward to the center of the map. If there weren't already multiple rocket launcher and overshields, I would suggest either of those. Then again, I might just be forgetting because I didn't spend much time on the bridge.
  4. It was a close tie between most of them but I'm going to have to go with Hemoasis. My only problem with this map are the amount of snipers. I'd remove the snipers from the bases and might consider increasing the spawn time for the snipers. It didn't seem as bad once we had a full server but up until that point, there was way too much sniping. This is coming from the person that was abusing that the entire time, too. With the top down shooter map (GTA_beta3), it was amazing. One major problem was the fact that the vertical aiming needs to be disabled. Apparently it was meant to be but it wasn't for most people. It was a lot of fun, and original, but it needs more work. I feel like using keys to control aim would benefit this greatly. Ice Floe would have been better if the choke points of death wouldn't have been a factor. If Tucker can find a way to get people to stick with the bottom of the map most of the time, it would have played much better. I'm worried that there's no way Tucker can pull that off as most people are used to play Ice Fields where it never makes sense to stick down at the bottom of the map. The weapons sandbox was originally built for a much more open map and it shows as well.
  5. After giving it some thought, I surprisingly put Halo 3 for all of them. They really perfected the art style in those games.
  6. Definitely deserve it, 002. I've thought this would be the right move for a while now. Wish I could have found more time for this community over the past two years but as life moves on for me, the less time I have. I loved my time being an Administrator for this forum and being partners with Tucker. All things come to an end and I'm looking forward to seeing 002 in this role. Thank you all for the years of love and fun.
  7. Here's a preview of the new dynamic fire in action
  8. You should give the multiplayer a shot. I still hate the supers but it's fun otherwise.
  9. Playing the Destiny 2 beta on PC now and it's so much better. The performance is amazing, too.
  10. That's what I was going to do but I figured why the hell not. It's been really interesting so far. The gameplay really is vastly different than D1. It feels much more... slow paced and strategic. I find myself using more of my CS style of strategy than Halo but it doesn't feel too much like that. It feels different than anything else I've played yet familiar. I'm starting to like it the more I play. Edit: I don't want to make it sound like this is a lot like CS because it's not. It's just that it brings out the same defensive/methodical mindset that I have while playing that game.
  11. Anyone else here playing the beta? I've been playing it for the past two days and I haven't really made my mind on it. I'm primarily focused on how the multiplayer plays and it certainly plays differently than how the first Destiny played. Longer time between supers is definitely a welcomed change but I'm not sure about the cool down length on the grenades. Also, the map that they're using for control feels like crap to me. I like the fact that it seems they're focusing more on competitive arena style map design but this is a poor example of that.
  12. That always happens with me. It doesn't matter what game it is; definitely Halo. Best example was Halo 4. First thing I did in the multiplayer was getting an overkill/exterm. VERY first thing. Never got one after that.