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  1. Had the best authentic Southern dinner ever; fried chicken; fried catfish; fried okra; BBQ baked beans and collard greens. tbh kinda hungry again just talking about it :/
  2. I've been a consistent Netflix customer for almost nine years now; first starting with the DVD subscription plan and then later ditching it for streaming only plan when I realized that I was keeping a DVD for a month at a time and not actually watching it :/ Now we have just Netflix streaming for our three devices (including two PC's and a ROKU). Everyone is happy with the Netflix movie/show selection. The only real complaint I have is the massive volume of episodes per show. ikr? Most people would say that's a good thing. And, really it's no big deal for me as an adult as i know how to set limits on my free time for TV watching. But my daughter is over whelmed by the huge catalog of episodes for kids shows. And, it's really difficult to put limits on her when she finds a show she likes as she wants to finish them all. Not a big deal if the show was only two episodes long. But most are well over 40 episodes spanning multiple seasons. You see where I'm going. :/ So anyway, that's more of an internal family issue than Netflix problem. There are no timers that limit how long Netflix can be run. Not that Netflix would limit users. But I want that option. Is it possible? I don't know. I just know it would be useful. I have tried setting parental controls on Netflix so she won't be able to access certain shows (such as above PG) but then it takes about a day to reset so the adults can watch Netflix. I want the option to switch users on my ROKU. That's possible on the PC so why not ROKU? Tiny issues, for the most part Netflix is a very good thing. Lots of educational shows to choose from. Not to mention how Netflix has brought me closer to good friends c: Over all, extremely happy with Netflix. Very high quality video. Love the way you can skip from the end of one episode directly to the start of the next (that picture in picture). Very convenient. So much I love about this service. The best $8.00 I spend every month.
  3. it really does. ;/
  4. Rained from 7 pm last night till 3pm this afternoon. Nice now, kinda chilly. :/
  5. you made my day, buddy C:
  6. Yeah she's a tease. Which is dumb. If you don't plan to do something, don't say you will. They steal the account and bot it out for rs gold. So yeah it's huge. Or, steal the gold and sell it that's another thing. And, yeah it's a game but real world hours go into leveling the account if you do it legit (and i did). And, also membership money. Two years worth now on that one account. So if it suddenly gets hacked and i can't get back, it's lost money. The gold i can replace, the account, i cannot. :/ It's possible and I was thinking same thing. I need to update those today. These guys are really good at what they do; hacking; phishing. I'm constantly scanning my computer now. I have no idea. But jagex guardian is going to help a lot. It's ok, i'll think it for you c: I wasn't there, but still i'm sorry :/
  7. Those columns are gorgeous. c: A big wow moment seeing that.
  8. This past month, i was in a mild depression. And, it was really rough going through. For me, the worst part was the feeling of isolation; being alone. I woke up crying most days; same thoughts going in circle in my head. So much time to think and that just made it worse. The only thing that made it bearable was having someone to talk to on occasion. It got my mind off things. Text a friend; call someone just to talk about anything. Go see friends. Sometimes, just hearing someone's voice or hanging out with friends is enough to ease suffering. Worked for me. Hope things get better for you soon.
  9. woot! got hacked again. third time this month. logged into rs and couldn't get past lobby. got onto my main and hey guess what? My noob account was online and whoever was on it had the nerve to ask me who i was talking to them. ;/ This guy (whoever he was) says, i'm your ex, thanks for the money :/ Good fight bank - 94 mil but whatever it's a game. I don't remember having an RS bf or ex but play along; figuring it's probably someone i know anyway. Kept him talking for about three minutes, while i changed the password and enabled jagex guardian (which means my rs account can only be loaded from my computer, haha! try it again loser). The second he logged, i got on and didn't log off for twelve hours, even after i went to sleep. Coulda been a keylogger? I worried his comment about 'money' referred to my irl bank account not just rs gp. So I've scanned my computer four times; updated anti-virus; firewall and checked Paypal/bank to make sure real moneys not missing. Not sure; so made sure the scans came back clean first before I logged into any place. Feeling a little less paranoid and under siege now after sleeping all day. The money is play, at least I got my account back, that's all i care about. jeez! who knew it was so hard to get laid ;/ i'm just guessing she was never planning to anyway. :/
  10. Nine years old c: She's very computer literate; been on her own computer since her third birthday. A really smart kid. Does her own gaming videos. And, better at Minecraft than most adults i know. =P
  11. baby girl's computer broked. now she's on mine all the time :/
  12. Almost bought an original Xbox last night for $24 off Ebay last night. Stopped short when they said shipping was $17. It came with a good deal of games. I just don't know if my kid will like original Xbox that much. And, in a few months, lots of people will be dumping Xbox 360's on the market with loads of games attached for around that anyway as they upgrade to 720. Probably will pick up a used 360 then.
  13. Goonies? :/
  14. uggh!... ikr? Professional writer, blogger, SEO. c:
  15. Finished a huge 24 blog writing project; got all the posts/backlinking done finally. Now to get paid for the other half of the job. Went up 10 levels dungeoneering last night/this morning. Also just learned, don't eat TV dinner mashed taters; they're fully of salt. And, in addition to tasting disgusting; they're unhealthy. Made me feel sleepy. Got dizzy, almost passed out, standing up. :/