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  1. Thank god they increased the height limit by that much, I've already made huge plans on my next big build. In a related note, I will be taking large orders of wood/logs as soon as the server comes back up, will be paying respectively per stack. In the topic of the economy mod, I believe that for a small server like this, something like a market(as in a central place with an unlimited amount of supplies like in huge servers) wouldn't work so well. I do believe, however, that player run shops would be a good addition to the server. It makes trading so much easier, especially when people go offline.
  2. Awesome, thanks.
  3. I hope it's not too late, but Sypher really wanted his house backed up, and I remembered that he doesn't have a warp set up to his house. Would it still be possible to get his house? His coords are 811,67,3619 on the seed. Just use tppos (assuming the command set is the same as essentials) with those coords and it should take you right into his house so you won't have to try and find it on the map.