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  1. none of it is even taken as an insult nor should anything be taken too seriously.. especially me. guess youd have to know me to understand that im rarley serious.. in no way im i trying to sound like a whiney brat.. just trying to make someone laugh. not.funny. thanks for the love, boys..
  2. Hopefully there's one guy out there who actually knows what a lesbian is and clicked..no you cant watch and no this doesn't contain porn so if that's what you wanted go somewhere else... THAT ASIDE boys and my lovely ladies (of course) I am in fact Naomi. *Wow, the lesbian has a name.* Highly doubt anyone but Tucker will be reading this, but just in case anyone else does, i apologize in advance if i offend anyone. Actually I don't really give a shit but my lawyer makes me say STOOPID things sometimes... Here goes: I'm extremely new here.. been looking around and YOU ARE ALL SOME KICK ASS KIDS. Hopefully, Ill do my best to fit in just right.. if not, Ill leave, kicking AND screaming, like I do every conversation. If you read my "how did you get here" that i posted earlier, it gives you a little insight of how I got here, why the "lesbian jokes" and that's about it... I was born out a pussy just like you were. THE END. haHaHA. NO, that would be EVIL of me to end on such a note. So, Ill carry on like you give a rats ass... I've been looking for a place to basically say things I wanna say and do *kinda* the things I wanna do without offending Grandma. (I only remove clothes when extremely invoxicated- typical) And, yes, that's spelled wrong, who said i was highly intelligent?? So who is this alcoholic fuckin weirdo (the two of ya'll reading this are wondering) "Naomi" character? DUN DUN DUN (new scenery and a different wardrobe) Im just some chick who met an awesome dudette *tucker* and HEY BOYS, hes actually MY GIRLFRIEND!!! Hopefully, you aren't all brain dead from all your gaming and can actually still READ and have checked out the reason for me saying that. If you don't know, I don't think you really belong.. sorry. At least that's what the StRaIgHt people have been sayin to me for years. Confused again. Oh well, there is self healing in alcohol. Im not really getting anywhere with about me.. am I? If you really wanna know, I do have a facebook- again, SO fuckin sorry. I hate it and that will be another rant later if I'm not in fact, kicked off for this one. YOU WERE WARNED. Basically to keep up with my family and friends.. have some stupid, not really funny shit, kinda like this *sigh*. I cant be myself there cause my whole family is Morman and I'm already on their shit list for the lesbian thing. BUT I HATE facebook. Ok Naomi, you already said later, so move the fuck on. Yes, I just spoke to my self VIA this topic'I never said I was sane either. Broadbent is my last name, and please.. Im a fucking dyke so if you are looking for hotness WOW, have I just WASTED YOUR TIME. I really could go into detail about who I am and what I'm trying to get at but I think I have already established that you don't really care.. Given that, NONE of this post is fake, its the real me how I like to act.. sometimes. OHHHKAY,*fuck*A LOT. I have the capability to speak the lies, be nice, play along but that shit is sooo fucking borrrring the hell out of me. I would like to be less of the me I am forced to live with because of my surroundings and actually make a difference on this planet I am forced to live on. So I think I should shut up. You can go now.
  3. I believe that you call him "tucker"... Im trying to figure out who the HELL he is! I was walking with my lesbian lover in the park and some dude ran up to me and gave me instructions to come here. So Confused.