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  1. What I meant was real bipeds, not player spawns as bipeds.
  2. Could you add bipeds to this? I'm trying to make my reference map an actually playable map.
  3. It began as a demo for universal binary, but evolved from that. If you have the full maps you can just put them in the maps folder. It adds mod downloading and some other cool features.
  4. That's really up to nil. He said something about not wanting the PC version released, but you can always direct connect. The IP for the CH server is
  5. Thanks! I remember seeing your name around somewhere. I don't remember why... Same to you sir! Haha you should get halo MD. There are almost always players.
  6. Haha thanks! Extravagant 0_o. Hi! I'll be sure to stay away from you, then . Thanks! Hello!
  7. That it was!
  8. Tucker told me to come check you out, so that I am!