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  1. It's nice and cool and rainy here in AR. -w-
  2. I'd submit these to the SotM if cutscenes were allowed, but oh well.
  3. So Blade Runner wasn't lying after all. I hope they make a comeback.
  4. Damn, Tucker has a large package... ... Pause
  5. Nope. I feel like the world is a shitty place right now, and though it has the potential of getting better, I honestly wouldn't want to raise children given the direction that modern culture is going, along with the costs of living. But if I ever accidentally made a babby, I'd certainly man up and be the daddy.
  6. Or is the camera just really low?
  7. thx everyone
  8. I'm changing my submission. Could the mythical REX man be an urban legend... or a deadly reality?
  10. George Lucas, because god knows Disney is gonna keep making Star Wars movies in 1000 years.
  11. Representing my fucked up corporate dystopia of a state! Wooooooooooooooo~
  12. I'd love to go out and take a picture for a contest. Of course, it'd be on my phone as well, but phone cameras are pretty decent these days.
  13. I forgot to post the green thing I was wearing.
  14. The person flying that drone got the US military to blow 3 million dollhairs. Where were they flying it, over Area 51?
  15. Thanks for this Tucker, I got bored of F4 because of the limited mod selection within the in-game browser, but this should help quite nicely.
  16. I'd be rather fascinated by this actually, I want to get into painting miniatures as a hobby. Do you use airbrushes or conventional methods, what kind of paint do you use, blah blah blah, I've got a ton of questions but I'm eager to see how they turn out. Personally, even though I know little to nothing about 40k, I'd love to see the Tau, they have the coolest designs, and seem like the equivalent of dark elves in the 40k universe. They even have the same logo as the Marathon logo, which is amazing.
  17. happy FOCKING birthday to you my man