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  1. I'd love to go out and take a picture for a contest. Of course, it'd be on my phone as well, but phone cameras are pretty decent these days.
  2. I forgot to post the green thing I was wearing.
  3. The person flying that drone got the US military to blow 3 million dollhairs. Where were they flying it, over Area 51?
  4. Thanks for this Tucker, I got bored of F4 because of the limited mod selection within the in-game browser, but this should help quite nicely.
  5. I'd be rather fascinated by this actually, I want to get into painting miniatures as a hobby. Do you use airbrushes or conventional methods, what kind of paint do you use, blah blah blah, I've got a ton of questions but I'm eager to see how they turn out. Personally, even though I know little to nothing about 40k, I'd love to see the Tau, they have the coolest designs, and seem like the equivalent of dark elves in the 40k universe. They even have the same logo as the Marathon logo, which is amazing.
  6. happy FOCKING birthday to you my man
  7. So crazy to see this kind of technology making a comeback due to aesthetics.
  8. ^^ That is super cool but also very terrifying at the same time. Imagine if all of those things were armed and screaming around you.
  9. OH SHIT I'M F E E L I N IT Also DRL333 you have patrician taste
  10. This remake looks dope as fuck, and it's looking on point with the original game. I never got to beat the original; I got stuck in the Water Temple of course. I have the newer remake for the 3DS, but if this one is released without Nintendo being shits, I want to experience it like this. I think this guy released too much of his work on YouTube. He's probably on Nintendo's radar now. He should have stealthily released the gameplay under different, anonymous YT channels, then when it's completed, throw it on some torrent website. In this day and age of cease and desisted fan games, like an almost 16 year old Pokemon ROM hack, or a 26 year old remake of a gameboy Metroid game that barely anyone has played in the first place. I have my doubts that Nintendo will let this Ocarina remake be made so easily, but I have high hopes this guy finishes it soon and gets it out to the public, both for people who love this game, and those that missed out on it.
  11. This has been happening to me a lot lately too, dunno if its due to poor diet and inactivity, or the possibility that there might be black mold underneath my house. Fortunately I'm alright now, but I have been getting a lot of colds lately.