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  1. happy FOCKING birthday to you my man
  2. So crazy to see this kind of technology making a comeback due to aesthetics.
  3. ^^ That is super cool but also very terrifying at the same time. Imagine if all of those things were armed and screaming around you.
  4. OH SHIT I'M F E E L I N IT Also DRL333 you have patrician taste
  5. This remake looks dope as fuck, and it's looking on point with the original game. I never got to beat the original; I got stuck in the Water Temple of course. I have the newer remake for the 3DS, but if this one is released without Nintendo being shits, I want to experience it like this. I think this guy released too much of his work on YouTube. He's probably on Nintendo's radar now. He should have stealthily released the gameplay under different, anonymous YT channels, then when it's completed, throw it on some torrent website. In this day and age of cease and desisted fan games, like an almost 16 year old Pokemon ROM hack, or a 26 year old remake of a gameboy Metroid game that barely anyone has played in the first place. I have my doubts that Nintendo will let this Ocarina remake be made so easily, but I have high hopes this guy finishes it soon and gets it out to the public, both for people who love this game, and those that missed out on it.
  6. This has been happening to me a lot lately too, dunno if its due to poor diet and inactivity, or the possibility that there might be black mold underneath my house. Fortunately I'm alright now, but I have been getting a lot of colds lately.
  7. My dude... Your broke ass ain't running shit other than that mouth! Then again neither am I, my point being that all this radical legislation and isolationism won't change the fact that global corporate entities are still going to fuck us all in the ass.
  8. I'm locking myself in the anti-political vault, covering my ears and screaming "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEEEEEEEEAR YOU" for the next 10 years if possible. I'm incapable of caring for any sort of politics as it's all gone into the shitter due to humanity's stupidity and abundance. Here's probably the most unpopular opinion of the thread, I hope humanity goes extinct. In fact, I may devote my life to bringing about the extinction. Time to work on those retroviruses and super bacteria I've been designing.
  9. What if I wanted to buy a company? I'm pretty sure my pockets would explode and flood whatever space I'm standing in with a lot of cash.
  10. Netflix is for scrubs, however they do have a good selection of Star Trek shows. If I need some comfiness in my life I'll go for Star Trek. I feel bad because I plowed all the way through Deep Space 9 and I can't go back and watch it for the first time again. I'm all the way caught up on Star Wars Rebels, gonna try to catch all of the episodes of the Clone Wars that I missed out on, and I usually try to catch The Walking Dead whenever it's on. I'm very picky about TV shows these days, they don't make them like they used to.
  11. Nah, that's Satan making good on the deal you made with him when you were very drunk, for abundant wealth. However, he'll only give you a little bit at a time, while he takes a little bit of your soul at a time.
  12. This could be the ultimate crossover of comfortable living and uncomfortable living.
  13. Happy birthday! Also, what a crazy coincidence that your 777th post is in your birthday topic. Lucky.