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  1. I'd be interested in knowing if there would be a way to configure certain bipeds such as Elites or Marines to already be holding weapons without creating a new model. I ask because I'm not sure if I could just throw biped tags in the scenario of a UI map and still have it work. Once I know what I'm doing more I'd like to see if posing certain character models is possible without having to know how to do mesh edits since modeling was never ever my forte.
  2. It's been a while, so hey to whoever's still around I've been thinking about creating a UI.map for a mod I've been working on during the little spare time that I have. I was planning on doing a sort of battle-themed diorama scene which the camera rotates around, kind of like the Halo 3 commercials from way back when. Scenery shouldn't be a problem but the real question would be this: is it possible to have certain effects and decals present as scenery objects? For example, things like Sentinel contrails or gun bursts would be frozen in a single frame. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I don't know if anyone still follows CMT anymore but this just came out last week. Has anyone played this yet? I beat it once and it was pretty good. Not as much filler as the older CMT V2 maps.
  4. Just out of curiosity were there more maps near completion or was it just kind of dead by that point? I remember trying to tweak the maps that were never overhauled to match the FTW2 tagset all that time ago but I never really got anywhere close. Even more impossible now that majority of my knowledge in the Halo modding field kind of left me.
  5. Ah. And yes I remember that was quite some time ago, hard to think it's been four years since that project. Geez I've been in the PC modding community for quite a while it seems. Trying to get some things together to get back into modding to the side. Hopefully looking at FTW2 will give me some ideas although scenery and particle effects are probably my biggest weak spot.
  6. Awesome, but didn't they release Wizard near the end? This still helps me out though so thanks a lot.
  7. Gotcha. Thanks, I used to have them all until modhalo went south and idk what exactly happened to Pepsi / Nessa but they kind of dropped off the face of the earth; think it was due to general lack of interest IIRC. Either way the links I found on that site all linked to the PepNess website.
  8. Hey all, I know I kind of pop on and then leave for months, but I'm still alive if anyone cares; just into many different things that don't involve modding Halo. Namely that thing called college and those other things known as real life and Skyrim After a hard drive crash I'm setting my PC up to start doing some casual mods, and I was wondering if there was any place that still had the original FTW2 maps. I know that Tucker uploaded the UI and Bloodgulch recently, but what about the rest of the maps like Chill Out, Timberland, etc? If they're off limits or just gone for good that's fine, but I was wondering if there was still a way to get hold of them since modhalo died and pepness isn't a thing anymore. Thanks in advance
  9. Um the hud was in the right place but the gun didn't seem to actually overheat or something like that. I'll work on it again when I have enough time and patience to figure it out (very heavy work weeks ftw). I was either messing up on or missing something most likely. Also I can't seem to grasp particle effects. I've read Tucker's tutorial but it still seems a tad foreign to me and the only thing i really accomplished was giving the Plasma Grenade a tail and I've done dynamic liquid/blood ages ago. Idk it seems that over time certain things have just become totally lost to me
  10. If I have the time I would consider that, although I'm not really sure what I'd contribute at this point in time lol. I'm trying to re-learn the HPC tools (I'm decent with HEK) since the last time I really got into hardcore modding was like... 2010, back when PepNess' projects were the big topic. I'm sure at least Sceny remembers my last attempt at a big project. Double-posting like a rebellious one but I think that if I have the time I might try to revive the one project that I announced and left for dead. Installation 4 might be a thing if I can find enough motivation and ideas. Might try to refresh my memory by looking at my past projects like Fire Team Charlie. Worst-case scenario the project might die again but I at least intend to stick around this time instead of dropping off the map completely like I have been.
  11. I've looked at that before and it didn't seem to work right; I'll look into it more when I work on the test map for the new stuff.
  12. beautiful timing on my part. Either way I think I've figured some ideas out. I really can't seem to get the hang of effects even when reading tutorials and perusing Eschaton so we'll see. Some ideas of mine were having all-human weapons but make it more of a sci-fi deal with all energy-based rifles/pistols/etc. or trying my hand at the Borderlands-styled b30. Idk since I'm still leaning towards revamping the campaign, keeping the campaign intact, but not overdoing it. I lean towards campaign so heavily just because single player doesn't rely on client-side mods or anything like that. I may try to implement my own take on some ideas from Phoenix though since I really liked the carpet bomber.
  13. just explored a bit and Phoenix is my favorite of the three. Actually being able to play that online is another issue though so I can't really tell how much the gameplay is changed haha.
  14. Taking a look at some of them now. I hate Death Island in all honesty, but i'll check it out regardless
  15. Wellllllll..... I had been thinking of a Borderlands 2-style thing where the Assault Rifle shoots exploding rounds (gotta love Torgue). I wanna make something new without being too outlandish I guess. It's hard for me to really think of something that's not halo-y using Halo's assets. I'll have a look at some of the other mods around here like Parallax or that Danger Canyon one whose name escapes me (you made it though, Tucker). But if worse comes to worse and I can't think of anything, a cel-shaded Borderlands-style B30 or B40 that just goes all-out wouldn't be unwelcome. Cel-shading can be a real pain though with some of Halo's textures so I'll see what I can do. I could do that. Idk how the non-linear level thing would go down since Halo's campaign is based on being linear and I don't really have a knack (or the dev skills) for fully custom single-player maps. The old-school vibe I could definitely try to work into a project though by weakening shields and health, abusing the enemy count and making all of the weapons a bit more Quake II-y