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  1. you sir, have impressed me. havent seen that one in particular just yet!
  2. hallway carnage. that secret room with pacman. its all carnagery. And i was going to go in computer science and advanced bio chemisty, but i went to psych, because the teacher seemed to be the nicest, and best teacher.
  3. heh, verizon air card for those terrible train trips my major atm is psychology, loving it to. my train rides to and fro school are many hours inbetween. Although i guess books can be better than a 2v2 ! (or not). Glad you came to say hi like you said you would
  4. oh ho. I like to think of myself as an overacheiver. Since intro's are so special, first impressions are important ! I cant wait to have more games (:
  5. Helloooo. Im Ky, nice to meet yous all (: I like MMORPG's and FPS and small man matches and giant man matches. played with some people and was told to run here when i was told to !. Tuck's is mah bff and im sure i know some of you even if i dont know your forum name if i do come say hi ! so i knows who you is and all. My name is Kylie , but as seen above call me Ky (; .Im 19 and in college. I love everything about computers/laptops/netbooks and am a total hardware buff. Ill wreck you in xbox but i wont give you my gamertag. lol. Hai