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  1. Assume it isn't cracked for a second. How would we address this issue then?
  2. It won't let me install 1.0.9. It just says I don't have the game. I just installed my flash-drive Halo PC to a generic C:\Program Files\etc. directory thinking it was assuming this was Windows XP. I think the game's cracked to avoid patching completely.
  3. Will this conflict with the presumed crack? Or do you know?
  4. Well actually... most people I play with on HPC are using a cracked/pirated copy. More of an easy guess. My Halo's version... get ready for this shit... 1.0.fucking 4. Like, what, five patches behind the most recent? There's my problem... I have a feeling this is why it never finds anything when it 'searches for updates'. It doesn't actually search, like someone on another forum said. It's cracked not to. I suspect if I manually updated it, the crack might either inhibit it, fuck it up, or would be overridden and I'd suddenly need a CD key, or just wouldn't be able to play online. $10 is nothing to simply buy a working copy, but then I have to wonder if the CD key would even work with all the cracks and keygens others have probably used. I read a lengthy article two years ago about HaloBoom. And yes, that's why I say my server was 'boomed'.
  5. 2. I'm not sure how they crash the server. If it's by IP then you're right. 3. I run almost-daily scans from Malwarebytes, Avast and Superantispyware. I've also run scans from Comodo Internet Security, before I uninstalled it. Never had any indications of a virus, nor does the computer act in any way suggestive of having one. 4. I haven't updated W7 in a few months, mainly because their updates tend to fuck with my drivers. 5. I frequently hold LAN games with my alternate account to test mods. Never had a crash of any kind there, other than mod stuff of course, but even then those mods never caused these kinds of lock-ups, and worked perfectly fine with Internet servers ever since I corrected the last known problems they were producing - about six months ago. I'd been playing for three hours straight and this kid announces he's crashing the server; moments later, that lock-up happens. And ever since it's been happening over and over, only online - never LAN. 6. I'll get around to this at some point if it's necessary, but I must ask: if this is an IP issue like others have suggested, would that really work? I get everything up and 'running' with the prompt window and all commands executed per verbatim instruction, but nobody can join. In fact, I don't remember if the server even showed up on the list. I tried that from both my hosting laptop and an alternate computer. Helpful, helpful. Thanks, I'll give that a try once I find a gap in my work hours. I pirated it. Four years ago. Don't know anything about my copy; I couldn't tell you the version, nor do I know how to check it.
  6. Yes.
  7. It should be the latest version. It checks every time I go online with it. As for the crash, it just freezes completely. One CPU core then goes nuts over halo.exe even when minimized. I have to use the Task Manager to kill it whether the game was on-screen or minimized. I don't. It's not a dedicated server either.
  8. Some kid in the SX clan a few days ago came on my server and got mad because I beat his ass. Instead of just leaving and deciding never to return, he made it no secret he could nuke servers and threatened to do it to mine - which he did. And for the last few days, he - and maybe the rest of his clan - seems to've made it their life purpose to routinely comb the server list and 'purge' mine along with whatever other 'infidel' servers where they got their 'sacred' asses kicked. I guess I'm most disturbed by the fact they have the time and dedication to ruin others' gameplay when it doesn't even affect them personally. I'd vent more but nobody cares. My options are limited thus: 1. Change the server name I've been using for four years, by which all my friends on there know me by 2. Make the server dedicated, which I've never been able to do over the years on this computer - Windows 7, maybe What I'd prefer... is either some technical insight... or a program I can use to stop this bullshit. Google isn't turning much up, at least, not anything I'd try until I've asked here first. (*Morgan Freeman's God-pose*) Who can help?
  9. I did. I'll go back and have a look. Thanks. Edit: Fuck the edit, I'll keep working on it. Another Edit: Right on dude, that shit worked. Changed the fall/distance damage fields back to default, no more problems.
  10. I've tried variations of this and it either makes the vehicle immune to non-explosive damage, or outright doesn't work. I was never really able to make it work the way it seemed it should. Maybe I just didn't understand it well enough.
  11. It's the best solution I know of. : / Believe me, I've been trying to figure out how to manipulate damage values against particular vehicles for several months now, especially with certain weapons. I've never been able to do more than make a particular vehicle totally invincible. I'm not terribly experienced as a modder...
  12. I'm aware. That's why you tweak the gameplay around these EMP weapons.
  13. You could do it in reverse. The one weapon with EMP functionality's the only one that can hurt that vehicle. Or you could have a couple weapons like that. That's all I was ever able to do with it though.
  14. I just finished modding Infinity and I'm running into this issue with players joining, quitting at some point in the game, and then the game failing to register they actually quit. Their bipeds stay right where they were when they left, and only when you kill them does the feed finally register "_______ quit". These players have "QUIT" under their score on the scoreboard, and they can't be kicked/banned, which causes them to build up and occupy the spots the other players are trying to join. Eventually it's just a match full of empty bipeds and "QUIT" under all of their names on the scoreboard. I carefully modded this map in the same fashion I did with Death Island, except DI doesn't have this problem - Infinity does. Frankly, I don't see any reason right off for Infinity to have this issue to begin with, unless there's something I'm missing here - which is why I've brought it here: what did I fuck up? I should add, if I attempt to restart the match while these QUITs are around, Halo EEs, and it's GG and QQ from there.
  15. I realize this is late Tucker, but I learned how to do this a few months ago. I don't remember the exact steps, but I went into the coll tag and added Jackal Shields to the tank with a health value of 9999 and a regen value of 1 second. The only way anyone was able to damage anyone else in a tank was by a charged bolt to the hull quickly followed by relentless fire. Added an interesting little twist to the gameplay.