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  1. Anyone here have a decent understanding of circuitry and stuff of the sort? I'm working on a circuit to control a 4pin PWM fan, I've started off with a circuit from this page and messed with some stuff and now I'm at this: Circuit Simulator Link. Not sure its going to work though and there are some gaps in my knowledge with some of the circuit logic.
  2. So I've built myself a really over the top PC, Except I'm only running a 750Ti for graphics. Which is rather sad considering it only cost me ~$100 and my entire build is at ~$6000. I've bean waiting forever and no retailers have the GTX-1080 Strix i want in stock. So I thought what the heck I'll just get a Titan X Pascal... Nope none released in Australia. Not sure whether to wait, or buy from one of those shady "You buy it we'll ship it to you" places...
  3. Picked the new ride up today, It terrifies me and I love it all at the same time, It's pretty cool. I've just been cruising around my neighborhood all day trying to get a little more used to it.
  4. Just ordered this baby...
  5. I've had a H110i for like 3 months mounted in my case and I havent been able to use it.
  6. About to buy ASUS X99-DELUXE 2 and Corsair Dominator Platinum (4 x 4GB) DDR4 3200MHz from NewEgg as they are $500 cheaper than Australian retailers. Little bit weary to make the purchase though recently I bought a $170 graphics card from them they took the money and never had an order processed, Then I spent 18 days trying to get my money back and in the end Paypal refunded me. Not sure what to do, I'm going to buy this stuff either from them or locally and would be really great to save the $500.
  7. The other day i decuided to get android studio to mess around and see how it works, I made a test project and added a few buttons and hit the "play" to test it in an emulator, but i have no emulators? not quite sure whats going on there. Anyone else messed with it? Would be cool to know if anyone has even if you can't help with my emulator issue.
  8. Variables in python are gross!
  9. I've decided seeing as I will only be writing stuff from scratch, py3 seems to be the way to go for me (rather than use 2 which i may never use again). Its been going well I've been following that book and adapting the examples to py3, all seems to be going nicely so far. But I'm getting restless, and I wanted to throw myself into the shallows. Get my feet wet. So I went to install a module named "paramiko" so I can try send ssh commands to my linux server. But I've stumbled upon a snag... I keep getting errors like this while trying to use pip I'm not sure why its doing stuff in my temp directory, The environment variable is set correctly to my python folder, I'm not sure whats up...
  10. The book says Python 2, But Python.org says 2 is now legacy and that 3 is the way to go? Thanks to the python site I have 3 installed already, Should I be reverting back to 2, Or if the differences aren't too big do i just wing it and follow the book and if issues arise just figure it out.
  11. So I downloaded python the other day and im struggling a little... I've not really found anywhere with code i can learn from easily and I'm not sure on how extensions and stuff work. I'm using the default IDE (IDLE)(I've also got the patch for visual studio but haven't tried it) on my windows machine and once I've worked it out a little better I'd like to rewrite some BASH scripts on my centos machine. I'm really used to .net,php,bash and javascript and for some reason I'm just really struggling with python. I'm really keen to lean a new language that is cross platform (unlike .net) I just can't quite get a hold on it. If anyone has some helpful material, tips, that sort of thing I'd really appreciate it.
  12. That's the second thing i did after installing avast antivirus. Have they said why?
  13. I'm not a big fan of it, I mean my windows 7 start menu had no scroll bars and fit all my programs. And i thing the only reason 8 doesn't is the space wasted by the groups. It's a nice feature don't get me wrong, I'd just like to be able to turn it off, Freedom and customization is key to windows's success.
  14. Are there any mods you guys would recommend? Seeing as i have to start again (save lost) I wanted to add stuff that will supplement the experience either visually or adding to story/content. I've been looking around and Fallout mods seem scary, Compatibility issues and such.
  15. I'm able to check them now, But microsoft is being a dick and doesn't have a way for me to change the security settings without sending a code to the backup email which no longer exists. Also won't let me log into the store EDIT: Still having issues with my security settings but for some reason after logging in for the 10th time the store just completed the log in rather than saying i need a security code from the email that no longer exists. Hopefully theres some way i can change my backup email for my hotmails to my gmail account. Though knowing what microsoft is like i could be out of luck. (why couldn't the be smart like google, like its obviously not that hard to come up with a good security policy) Okie doke, Ive got to wait 30 days till i can change the security settings on my emails so i no longer have issues. But thats fine/ Any apps you guys would recommend? Also is there a way to stop the all apps menu being grouped by letter? i want it to be like the all programs in windows 7 and the groups waste a bunch of space.