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  1. You'd be surprised what kind of information can be gleaned from something as simple an a GPS tracker on a trash can.
  2. The eventually here is that society will become complacent with this, then I don't want to imagine the direction this kind of mission creep could take form into.
  3. It was an Israeli MIM-104D GEM+/PAC-2 PATRIOT and this isn't the first take down of a drone via a Patriot. The systems initial role was anti-aircraft, with the Patriot Advanced Capability improvement program in the 80's it was given the ability to track and engage ballistic missiles. The AN/MPQ-53 PESA radar gives the system serious flexibility in tracking and engaging targets from smaller ballistic missiles to large aircraft...and of course smaller slow-moving aircraft. The quoted price by Gen. Perkins price is a bit exaggerative, $2M is the FY15 price of a PAC-3 missile, which is what the US pays Raytheon...Israel produces their own domestic missiles for their GEM+/PAC-2. The IDF has been engaging UAVs deployed from Syria into Israeli airspace since the start of the Syrian Civil War. As far as the drone type, it seems Gen. Perkins may be being a bit factitious in the claim of a simple $200 drone from Amazon, most drones downed by the IDF coming out of Syria are Russian military in origin, most likely capture from SAA depots and units by FSA/ISIS forces, then pressed into use. As far as engaging drones with a system like a Patriot, I can't speak as to how the IDF deploys it's systems, but the Patriot is capable of remote and autonomous operation. The next step down on the arms food-chain would be MANPADS like the FIM-92 or SA-18, but they can unreliable and require IRH lock-on or are SACLOS or SALH, so there is little in the way of immediate, direct engagement capabilities. However, the Japanese have taken to trying to use their own drones deploying a catch net and the French are training eagles, but both programs are still experimental. At any rate, even small hobby drones, like a $200 model off Amazon have been used with wild success by both FSA/ISIS forces in Syria and by NAF forces in Ukraine. For ISR and to drop modified munitions like 40mm grenades, 25mm or 30mm shells with impact fuses, ect... stabilizing fins are produced via 3-D printing or by rigging the feather matrix from shuttlecocks. The threat is a bit unprecedented and sudden, of course purpose-designed defenses as always are slow to develop. All armored vehicles have thinner roof armor, some thin enough to be susceptible to munitions that small when dropped from a 90 degree angle. The Soviets developed an effective little bugger in the 50's that provided similar effect, the RKG-3 AT grenade, it's thrown over the target vehicle and a drogue chute deploys to ensure the grenade maintains a 90 degree angle with the vehicle, then pop goes the weasel. Some footage of ISIS/FSA drone bombing;
  4. Mate this with Boston Dynamics "Handle" and we're on our way to Skynet!
  5. Fajitas.
  6. http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/29/gulf-leaders-agree-to-trumps-request-to-set-up-safe-zones/
  7. Well, I'm glad my commentary has given the impression that I'm so well versed in the subject matter that you consider me an expert. However, "expert" would be a miscategorization, I'm more of a well read individual with a firm grasp in understanding geopolitics. Who knows, maybe my contributions to the discussion will plant to seed of desire for you to learn and offer the community something beyond inflammatory comments and ad-hominem attacks. Trump's suspension of immigration only applies to refugees and visa holders who are outside of the US. Green card holders are being admitted on a case-by-case basis. The suspension is 90 days, not the end of time. FDR halted immigration from multiple countries and ethnic groups during the war, Chester A. Arthur halted immigrants from China for a period of 10 years, Teddy Roosevelt halted immigration from certain countries during the Depression, and Carter revoked Iranian visas during the Hostage Crisis. As far as America being a refuge, that is exactly what it means to be an American, except refugees and immigrants entering the US in the past, were subject to the laws and provisions set-forth by the President. Ellis Island, was one of the largest entry points into the US, it was also one of the largest immigrant inspection and deportation stations in the country. As a nation, we have the right to determine who we let onto our shores and past or borders. Yes, these are people, but there are also threats that lurk among them. Threats that will get people killed. The world hasn't seen immigration on such a scale since the Second World War.
  8. I confronted your remarks with pertinent facts, you just don't like the facts. I'm not going argue over this any further, I made my point. The US is not alone in those aspects. Which is where the hysteria and hyperbole are coming into play. The 90 day suspension is in place as a stop gap to establish a more detailed method of vetting for individuals coming from those countries can be established. Everyone here is coming from different perspectives on this, which is a good thing, but also a negative due to a lack in common core experiences. I've read and researched on terrorism in-depth, from the forming of the IRA to the birth of ISIS. Terrorism is a multi-faceted threat, from the moderate refugee who's on the verge of radicalizing, to the immigrating IT Specialist who's deep cover cell. We can't simply open these peoples minds up and peer inside. Even with vetting, we can't see ideology. Documents can be forged, lives can be feigned, and ideology hidden. Terrorism and the clandestine/covert world overlap. An excellent example is the Soviet/Russian SVR "Illegals Program", where highly trained Russian sleeper agents who'd lived in Canada as illegal immigrants to create a "legend" of being a Western citizen, before assuming a cover as a US or UK citizen. Once deployed here, agents would become US or UK citizens via legal migration, assuming normal jobs, marrying, and have a family, all the while preforming clandestine and covert operations against US or UK assets, including assassinations. The same happens with terror groups. Young men are lured into the ideology of jihad, they're taught how to conceal their ideology, how to use their hatred of the West as a motivator. These young men attended Western educational institutions or migrate here via parents, thus becoming Westernized. Eventually becoming permanent citizens, marrying, and raising a family, all the while acting covertly to support their cause. One the other side of the terror spectrum, you have moderate refugees/migrants who may become radicalized before embarking on his migration, during his migration, or once he's found asylum. Something as simple as seeing or living within Western culture can turn a moderate into a fanatic, many are taught Western culture is decadent and that is a sin. Often times, there radicalization is urged on via Imams at local mosques or through online video propaganda. In the middle you have the Active Service Unit, a type of "Special Forces" if you will. Men trained how to infiltrate and blend in, using something like refugee migration as cover. A good example of this is the Charlie Hebdo Attack, which was the work of supporting deep cover cell and and ASU that traveled via refugee migration. Some may not like how Trump is dealing with stemming the tide of possible terror threats, but it's by far the least infringing in terms of immediate response in a movement towards developing a more detailed vetting process regarding migrants from nations that are plagued by terrorism. Trump could very well address the American people, telling them all Arab migrants will be round up "The Siege" style, until they can be vetted to within a shadow of a doubt. There are few other options for this issue. Surveillance is one, but that would require an unfathomable amount of manpower and the granting of carte blanche to intelligence agencies. We all know it wouldn't just stop at monitoring the movement of migrants or refugees, mission creep would be rationalized by including associates of migrants/refugee including natural citizens, their places of work, and other very private aspects of their lives and the lives of their associates. That is something I don't even want to consider. Another option would be to place refugees into camps where their movements can be controlled, thus preventing terror factions from slipping out of the temporary asylum program and hiding in plain sight among the US populace. This option in and of itself is depressing and borderline imprisonment. Repatriation is an option, but still venerable to subversion by deep cover cells, nor do all refugees want to become US citizens. Which leaves a contingent to be temporarily housed and protected that a cell could hide among until their mission was carried out. This is an ugly reality we have to face. Trump is stuck in a hard place and a rock, without an option to not step on someones toes and he's not going to step on the toes of American citizens.
  9. Well, it wasn't relevant until you decidedly made it relevant. You flatter yourself too much, it has nothing to do with you. All nations deal with their own social and geopolitical issues, I posted the headlines to counter your seemingly inflammatory remarks about the US needing to 'fix" itself. Glass houses and all that. Well, I'd imagine the headlines are as valid as your comments concerning the US. I don't ever remember posting anywhere in this thread I supported what Trump was doing...thank you for making assumptions. What Trump is doing is perfectly legal and has been exercised before by previous administrations. His "ban", which isn't a ban, but a suspension of immigration over a 90 day period from seven nations ( Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen), out of the forty-nine Muslim majority nations in the world. This isn't a ban on Muslims, NO ONE from the listed countries can travel to the US, including Christians, Buddhists, Atheists or any other religions, because the suspension isn't on religious grounds, but geopolitical. This hyperbole about Trump enacting a "Muslim ban" is patently false and is being aggregated in an attempt to cause hysteria and division. The problem isn't Trump, it's people who don't remember anything outside of a 72-hour news cycle. These seven nations have one thing in common, they're in states of conflict involving rival factions, jihadist insurgencies and terror group safe havens, who've made open threats against the United States and it's citizens. We are in the age of global terrorism, a threat that is new and constantly changes. Other than mass hysteria and hyperbole, does anyone opposing Trump's suspension have any "smarter solutions that haven't been pursued by this country" yet? Maybe they should contact the White House, State Department, or Attorney General with their solution, instead of posting on Twitter or posting diatribes about hate, or posting anti-Trump memes?
  10. Oh no, just sharing how Germany's got it shit together.
  11. New financial MELTDOWN set to sink EU as German banks lose £14,292,610,000.00 in 90 DAYS We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness Germany ‘turned away 307 national security THREATS in 2016’, shocking new figures reveal Teenage girl jailed for stabbing police officer in Germany's first Isis-commissioned attack What it's like to be homeless during Germany's winter Second collective deportation of rejected asylum seekers from Germany arrives in Afghanistan Volkswagen plant in Germany extends production stop Shipping crisis puts German banks under pressure German police head calls for deportations without papers Namibian tribes sue Germany alleging colonial genocide German schools seeing more drug offenses
  12. 04' Santa Fe 2.6L
  13. Fair enough.
  14. Well I can't say I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment, but tis' not my ship to captain. If it helps, here's the press release from Congressman Lieu's office; https://lieu.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/congressman-lieu-senator-markey-introduce-restricting-first-use-0