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  1. Ok, so I moved over to Wordpress, MUCH better. I've also started my compiled list of resources one can use in their OSINT research. Commodore-Euphrates OSINT
  2. Thanks, It's something I've considered writing on for a while. Unfortunately it was a bit quick and dirty due to time restraints, I had wanted to go into more detail on the varying sects a bit more and have the overall piece more grammatically refined, hopefully I'll have time to clean it up and add more detail in the future. One of my many complaints with Blogger, they do have a section to adjust the column's width, but it just shows a message stating it's not applicable. I've been thinking about moving to a more updated site that has better support, most likely WordPress.
  3. If anyone is interested, I'm curating a open source intelligence blog centered around defense and civil emergencies/global weather impacts. Commodore-Euphrates OSINT Blog
  4. Hope you and the girlfriend had a good time, we missed the state fair here, too busy to go.
  5. Thought I'd provide some updated photos;
  6. Fuck. Puddin was awesome, why do good people have to be taken? I wish and pray the best for his family.
  7. Awesome! I'd love to hear more on his service history once you get his DD214, if you don't mind sharing.
  8. I'm a few months late in replying, but if you haven't already you might find some information with the Naval History and Heritage Command, they maintain quite the historical archives. I also recommend contacting the National Archives for access to ship deck logs, duty rosters, ect... https://www.history.navy.mil/ If you haven't already you can obtain a copy of his DD214, as well as his other service records from the National Archives WWII Records collection. https://www.archives.gov/research/military/ww2 https://www.archives.gov/personnel-records-center/military-personnel Once you have his records, if it's something you's like to do you could order any ribbons, insignia, and uniform fixtures he was awarded and earned to place in a nice shadow box for display. Be sure to inquiry about photos during his time in service, there may be crew photos, candids, or other photos within the archives that aren't apart of the written records that he may be in. Also, don't feel awkward making inquiries or requests, that's why the archives exist.
  9. Speaking of active development; http://www.dreamcastlive.net/blogs/
  10. The Senior's Discount at Luby's.
  11. I think this runs deeper than just North Korea. The Norks rhetoric suddenly increased to eleven when late last month the border dust-up in the Sikkim/Bhutan region between China and India kicked-off. Both India and China have been slinging more heated rhetoric and increasing threats back and forth more than normal in these last few days, with lots of hardware and mechanized units being deploy to the region by both countries; with the Nork threat against Guam coming just within hours of the Chinese implying they would initiate some "kinetic movement" in response to the whole Dokhlam situation (A Nork strike on Guam would be very beneficial to Chinese interests in the region as well). I think Trump's threats are aimed at the Kim Regime, but also as a veiled threat towards China. Mostly because China wouldn't allow a US lead NATO campaign against North Korea, solely because the Chinese can not allow the US/NATO to establish a base beyond the DMZ in a defeated Best Korea, within visual range of the Chinese Mainland. In effect North Korea has served as a buffer zone for them, which explains their continued acceptance of the Kim Dynasties flagrant and psychotic actions over the past 50 years. There is a growing consensus among defense pundits that we've been courting India rather heavily in recent months, to influence favor in hopes of an alliance or pact with them, formal or otherwise. The idea being, India has the numbers to soak up massive causalities in a ground war with China, while the US has the air and naval power covered. The only wildcard in the deck is Russia, due to the BRICS alliance and their very large border demarcation with China, but feelings are that due to the recently development of rather frosty attitudes among Russia and China, Russia may ver well be indifferent about any movement against China, military or otherwise (especially if India sides with the US). Personally, I partially agree with the assessment that Russia would be indifferent. Russia has been vying to gain access to US markets, to help modernize and integrate their own. They have a rapidly growing middle-class, who're eager to work and with their new lease on capitalism and their rising industrial capabilities could become quite the economic powerhouse in the next two decades or so. China is direct competition for them in that regard, but with the Chinese out of the picture in a major way, it would pave a path for them to establish that economic and trade relationship with the US. With the "collusion" rhetoric aside, a working relationship with the Russians would be very beneficial in terms of US foreign policy and as their military an diplomatic weight would aid drastically in combating terrorism on a global scale and to help stabilize conflicted regions, like Africa (which the Chinese are quickly moving in on). Trump has one of the best military minds of our lifetime as SecDef. I don't think Mattis would let Trump do anything drastic, unless it was warranted.
  12. Not that I buy the Nork hyperbole, but a strike on Guam could serious hamper both PACOM and global US response capabilities.
  13. Nearly all states have adopted Common Core, with the exception of Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska, Indiana, and South Carolina. All Common Core has done is provide a "standardization" of educational requirements, it hasn't actually addressed any of the issues faced by education over the past 30+ years. It is literally a "one size fits all" standards approach designed to prepare children for college testing.
  14. The five red are Federal #4 Magnum and green one is Remington Magnum Express #4. The other two bandoleers are both 00Buck, one batch is Winchester Super-X and the other is Estate.
  15. If it wasn't obvious, I have a penchant for weapons, particularly firearms. So this is a thread for members to share their "arsenals", be it a sole home-defense/self-defense firearm to a Class 3 NFA collection that could support an invasion into Panama or a collection of rare Nippon blades to an air rifle have for target shooting or hunting. Wishlist and pending items are welcome, too. my meager "arsenal";