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  1. Tempest in a teapot. Unless direct evidence of legal violations can be clearly displayed, it's nothing more than political backscatter. News media and political pundits can imply laws have been broken, but without evidence it's nothing more than false accusations to direct public influence in a particular direction. This is PSYOP and IW at it's finest.
  2. I find the act to be distasteful, but her point is well taken. Education across most of the world has fallen to such low standards.
  3. It is truly a shame that European nations that don't have the means or monies of the US have been tricked into investing into this boondoggle. Lured in with promises of cutting edge capabilities, only to be saddled with this...bloated turkey. What's more concerning is that while the US can simply just bolster it's existing wings of F-15s and F-16s, nations like Britain who have finite means and have pinned their future air supremacy on this POS and will be severely gimped in a fight against a future aggressor.
  4. You're not wrong, the issue boils (as Solaris has pointed out) down to expenditure. After major flops like the F-35, LCS, and Zumwalt people are extremely upset. The US has always spent high in military development and manufacturing. The issue has become the more we spend, the less of a return we see. An example is the Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer and the Zumwalt Class Destroyer; The Arleighs were designed in the 80's and fielded in 91', one of the most technologically advanced destroyers ever field, with extremely low cross-section, a mind bogging arsenal to draw from (also capable of ASW operations), and a radar suite that to this day is still unparalleled. At a cost of $.18B each, we planned to build 76, but only built 66, with 63 active and 3 still being built. The Zumwalt was promised to outclass the Arleigh in every right. Thus far, the only really advancement would be the inclusion of SPY-3 radar, which isn't an essential system and still outmatched by SPY-1. The Zumwalts have 16 less VLS cells (lacks the ability to preform ASW operations), an advanced 155mm naval gun that has base-bleed ammunition that is so costly the program was cancelled ($800,000 per shell), and lacks a Phalanx CIWS. It's only real advantage over the Arleigh class is a further reduced cross-section. The Zumwalts have been plagued with a series of mechanical issues since their commissioning. Due to cost overruns ($4.4B per ship), the Nunn-McCurdy Amendment was triggered and all further production was halted.
  5. Unless Ms. Damond was physically and brutally attacking the officer occupying the drivers seat through the window, I could not imagine any other possible scenario that would justify the passenger officer; 1.) shooting Ms.Damond to begin with and 2.) discharging his duty pistol in the vicinity of the face of his fellow officer, within the confines of a police cruiser.
  6. This may be the beginning of something that gives Ivan and Xi a little pause, while also being able to blow their fish right out of the water.
  7. Normally a Congressional inquiry and FBI investigation, however with the recent political white-noise coming out of Congress and political quarterbacking by the FBI... the appointment of a Special Prosecutor by the AG, with an investigation by the Marshals Service would be advisable.
  8. It is highly unlikely that Trump will be impeached. There have only ever been two Presidents successfully impeached, both of whom were acquitted and served out their terms. Even if the Articles of Impeachment are recognized, it's a Republican House and Senate. If Trump was impeached and not acquitted, that would also mean VP Pence would assume Executive Control for the remainder of Trump's term. We're either going to see evidence of the largest subversion of a Presidential Election in US history or we're going to see a large group of people with a LOT of egg on their face and no curtail to hide behind.
  9. Nearly all states have adopted Common Core, with the exception of Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska, Indiana, and South Carolina. All Common Core has done is provide a "standardization" of educational requirements, it hasn't actually addressed any of the issues faced by education over the past 30+ years. It is literally a "one size fits all" standards approach designed to prepare children for college testing.
  10. Seems like everyone involved is being more than ridiculous.
  11. I did a double-take on that headline.
  12. The five red are Federal #4 Magnum and green one is Remington Magnum Express #4. The other two bandoleers are both 00Buck, one batch is Winchester Super-X and the other is Estate.
  13. If it wasn't obvious, I have a penchant for weapons, particularly firearms. So this is a thread for members to share their "arsenals", be it a sole home-defense/self-defense firearm to a Class 3 NFA collection that could support an invasion into Panama or a collection of rare Nippon blades to an air rifle have for target shooting or hunting. Wishlist and pending items are welcome, too. my meager "arsenal";
  14. Feel sorry for that firm in Hong Kong that dropped $1M.