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  1. 27" is pretty big and if you sit as close to the screen as I do, you wouldn't need great vision to read the text.
  2. It's not an issue with 27".
  3. Halo Asset(s)

    I wanted to add date checks so it could automatically recalculate. I'll bump it up the list if it's a desired feature.
  4. Halo Asset(s)

    Seemingly it doesn't even attempt to do anything - the function is commented out. I was going to implement a better solution at some point but didn't get around to it. You'll have to use the flush command.
  5. http://hce.halomaps.org/?fid=6952
  6. Did somebody just say "wouldn't be hard" in the context of warp travel?
  7. "I'll buy it from the States", he said. "It'll be here faster", he said. "It's less likely to go wrong", he said. Three months and a huge mishap later... It usually takes just over a week for them to arrive from South Korea.
  8. The only thing that you all have in common is that you're OpenCarnage users. Therefore, any sleeping disorders are quite likely to be Tucker's fault. Something something causation ≠ correlation.
  9. Radar spoils the competitive aspect of the game.
  10. Let's all take a moment to pray that TCK never falls on hard times. Some variation of hard times only happen to other people, wouldn't spend it on that stuff anyway, etc.
  11. For about five minutes. It was a very spooky five minutes.
  12. In part thanks to Intel playing incredibly dirty. They didn't just take money away from AMD, they took time.
  13. You, apparently.