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  1. $2860 laptop for $474???

    infinite money confirmed?


    What do you think guys? Decimal point error or an extreme bargain? $2000 off sounds dodgy but amazon fas customer protection.

    #illuminati confirmed #trump #got to be a joke

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ShikuTeshi


      Uhh... those guys are known scamemrs on the Amazon site. How they keep coming back is a mystery.

    3. WaeV


      Worst case Amazon makes them refund you, right? What's the scam?

    4. ShikuTeshi


      Yeah, but I can't see them keeping this up if everyone successfully got a refund.

  2. Good question, haven't played co-op yet, as none of my xbl friends seem to have this title yet, but for the sake of curiosity I'll try to play a match with some random person and I will let you know. Though I tend to believe that horrible lag which was present in original remake will not be seen here as I must say the connection over all 4 games is very good given no exception. Yes I know the matchmaking problems.. But given you managed to find a match it's brilliant ever after. Had about 20 games I believe and haven't noticed a hint of lag yet. And yes, I understand that even if it doesn't lag in multiplayer it not necessarily will be fine while in co-op, but i have a good feeling about it. All will be clear soon enough.
  3. Halo 1 (mcc) campaign as there's no chance for MP.. Kidding, there is it's just frustrating but works.. I guess I'll go through all campaigns till It will be fixed. Btw Halo 2 MP (classic) is amazing. But I'd like to play halo 3 and halo 1 tho no one would vote for that..
  4. Announcer is weird, ADS just doesn't fit with Halo, all that dogging and slamming reminds me of destiny, I'd like halo to stay halo..
  5. This must be a joke guys.
  6. They better apply this to condoms.. I'm tired of them breaking constantly.
  7. Hey, i like music, so i started playing guitar just recently, (i did in the distant past for a year or so, but it was all gone by now..), anyways, i wonder if it's any good? I mean i know that there's a lot to learn but would be to hear some honest opinions. *lets play a game* Can anyone possibly recognise the song i was trying to play? Waiting for criticism!
  8. Watching it now! That hook.. Damn.. Edit: After almost half an hour i must say it's still intense.
  9. Yeah of course, but i'd need some tools i don't have atm Tho that wouldn't be perfect in any way, as it's better if it's solid piece. How much better? Would need to do some research..
  10. Who would do that with a person behind best game music ever created.. Erm.. Bumgie?
  11. That is right but for a big sub i'd rather have a driver with less excursion cos i believe i'd get shitloads of distortion if i had heavy cone with great surface area, therefore air pressure will affect it greatly. Another aproach is actually incorporating an aluminium heatsink in between two stacked magnets. Which means high excursion is not required for sufficient cooling, that means stiffer suspension, which leads to clear bass and deep tones. Edit: Obviously you aren't likelly to find such design of heatsink online and available to buy.. Therefore some advanced tools would be required to build it.
  12. True indeed, dvc just provides more wiring options Therefore making most subs more "flexible" for most users. Plus the frequency response was between ~5Hz and 20+ kHz, but note i did not posses sufficient enough tools to measure close-to-reality figures.. Well power handling is being calculated using some physics formulas, alternatively you can use calculators online, I'll post the links below the post. As well power handling is not only measured by how much the coil itself can handle, but is also usually greatly reduced by surrounding materials used to build a sub woofer, say you have heat sensitive neodymium magnet.. It's known to loose it's magnetic properties if exposed to heat, and it's normal for some sub voice coils to reach temperatures greater than enough to cook chicken. So it all comes to materials used, how much stress coil can take without deforming, how stiff the suspension is, how precisely the coil is installed within the magnetic gap, as well as how fine the distances are between coil and rod in between the driver. Should go for anything less than a millimetre. (obviously will work with higher figures) but at greater power outputs difference is significant. As well it's important to figure out the best materials to use, having in mind that distortion might greatly increase if say shit cone material is used and/or coil is misplaced within the magnetic gap. Now to the promised link: Boobs Edit: To save time and money for all of you who will attempt to make something like this.. I do not want to discourage any of you guys but please note: It's not a rocket science, but some know how is required before any attempt of making sub, if anyone wants i can include a link to some good info, i'll just have to look it up somewhere in my favorites.. It takes some time, don't expect to finish in 2-3 days even if had all materials straight away. Those materials do cost, but i believe say a good sub could be done in under 60 dollers or maybe even less. And making and completing the voice coil and instaling it properly within driver is a pain in the ass, i've been literally setting it up for few days untill i have placed it perfectly. Other than that it's just too much fun not to try, i'd gratelly advise to start with a small speaker so that you could learn from your own mistakes and would get some required experians and knowledge before starting a big project.
  13. Yeah it's quite awesome to listen to some good beats from a sub you made from scratch, i still enjoy this even if i'm not little any more haha, just of course i'm tempted with higher scale or more complex projects now Joy of creation.
  14. Yo whats up guys, not sure if you know me here haha, i've been out and about for a long time lol Anyways it's just some random sh** i've done a year ago, thought i'd post it Quite a shame i havent ever finnished it, but tbh i'm planing to soon Okay enough with the blam. So there it is, i like music, music is part of my life, halo was my first game i have ever played, the whole idea of cyborgs, space and technology is something i felt comfortable with, that probably explains need of creating something within that category. So i used to mod halo, was fun and all, and i would still do that now if there would be more people into it, but meanwhile i also thought of making something real, so as mentioned before i made some stuff. It's complete ghetto stuff but it works lol That's how it started: Shot with a potatoe Later: 10" Sub Shortly after: 18" Sub Other Another picture of sub above: These thing did work fine, and i believe they still do, one of them is no longer mine, i gave it to a guy who was very interested into it (the first one) And the other one is in my old flat, i am actually going to finnish it and then i'll update the topic. More info on it: All of speakers/subs here were made from scratch, i have ordered magnets and other materials online and done everything myself. The last sub is actually 1.6kW (obviuosly due materials used it could probably only handle around 800W to my calculations at best) It is also a DVC (dual voice coil) each coil is 2 ohm independance so depending on your wireing you can have a good kickerd with deeb bass in your car if you own a 2 ohm stable 800W+ per channel amp haha. The coil obviously was also winded by me, i have used some special adhesive to cure it in my oven, theres how the coil and bigass 5kg magnet looks like: It's quite massive hah, so yeah i'm very interested in this stuff, but my goal is to make a robot, for which i need money haha, but one day.. haha Anyways i'll keep this updated with stuff i create if people will be interested into it
  15. No matter what, in terms of rigidity wins this -->