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  1. $2860 laptop for $474???

    infinite money confirmed?


    What do you think guys? Decimal point error or an extreme bargain? $2000 off sounds dodgy but amazon fas customer protection.

    #illuminati confirmed #trump #got to be a joke

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ShikuTeshi


      Uhh... those guys are known scamemrs on the Amazon site. How they keep coming back is a mystery.

    3. WaeV


      Worst case Amazon makes them refund you, right? What's the scam?

    4. ShikuTeshi


      Yeah, but I can't see them keeping this up if everyone successfully got a refund.

  2. Cutting the gas for Europe would indeed hurt it, but as few years would pass Russians would realize that Europe can find other alternatives, and they would push themselves further into the crisis as they would loose loads of profit from gas distribution. That is unless they actually sell it to China. Even if that happens it's just better for us in Europe as we will no longer depend on Russia's. Influence. chain the Russian bear at once!
  3. Good question, haven't played co-op yet, as none of my xbl friends seem to have this title yet, but for the sake of curiosity I'll try to play a match with some random person and I will let you know. Though I tend to believe that horrible lag which was present in original remake will not be seen here as I must say the connection over all 4 games is very good given no exception. Yes I know the matchmaking problems.. But given you managed to find a match it's brilliant ever after. Had about 20 games I believe and haven't noticed a hint of lag yet. And yes, I understand that even if it doesn't lag in multiplayer it not necessarily will be fine while in co-op, but i have a good feeling about it. All will be clear soon enough.
  4. Halo 1 (mcc) campaign as there's no chance for MP.. Kidding, there is it's just frustrating but works.. I guess I'll go through all campaigns till It will be fixed. Btw Halo 2 MP (classic) is amazing. But I'd like to play halo 3 and halo 1 tho no one would vote for that..
  5. Announcer is weird, ADS just doesn't fit with Halo, all that dogging and slamming reminds me of destiny, I'd like halo to stay halo..
  6. This must be a joke guys.
  7. Well, from the looks of it I wouldn't bet it can fly well. Can't they test these things without having a pilot onboard, given the fact we send unmanned rockets to space it shouldn't be that hard.
  8. Hey I think I was understood wrong, I'm not against US intervention within other countries, neither I'm blaming someone. Well apart, people who couse trouble, you've stated a lot of facts and I can only agree. As I mentioned "animals" I had organisations like ISIS and so in my mind. Honestly people like Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, they were all a cancer on the face of this world, funny, but they are all from Europe.. Talking of which we are to see another major conflict I believe, all thanks to another of a kind. Putin. I don't have any idea what is media in US talking about him and his actions considering Ukraine. But it's dead serious, not sure if some of you'll be aware of what happened in Georgia in 2004 I believe (sorry if wrong, typing this on a phone and am just to lazy to check) anyways, Russian government is simply provoking a conflict on different country, that involves Russian people living in there and later they just say it's their duty to protect their people meaning it, according to them, gives them a full right to invade and "protect". It happened once before, it just happened again with Ukraine and it will happen again, who's next? That's the question. At this point, Ukraine needs help, but direct help cannot be given, Ukraine is not in NATO block, therefore if West. Would take military action of any kind we would be on brink of WW3. Which just proves the point, sometimes it is better not to do. Of course only for the time being, if we let them take Ukraine, which I believe they will do, then they'll take something else, and then there will be no easy way out.
  9. My bad, forgot to mention UN, and NATO, that is right, but nothing just works for either of us, I know there are few reasons of the army presence on foreign soil, even if good was intended.. Look what's happening, people die every day due to some conflict. Sometimes I think that it would be the best to leave them alone to solve their own problems.. May sound a little harsh, but I think that would be for the best of majority. That way at least people who don't have anything to do with military are not going to get their heads cut off.. Doesn't apply to all of the people in there, but human is in no place to understand thinking of an animal. Can't really call them anything else, to be human one has to have consciousness.
  10. People in US wants their forces to leave them alone, but government doesn't, then government has to think of something that would provoke people, so that they would change their mind, they organise this to happen.. then people stop complaining about armed forces being located on foreign soil for at least few more months. Everyone's happy. I really hope not, that's the Russian way after all...
  11. They better apply this to condoms.. I'm tired of them breaking constantly.
  12. Hey, i like music, so i started playing guitar just recently, (i did in the distant past for a year or so, but it was all gone by now..), anyways, i wonder if it's any good? I mean i know that there's a lot to learn but would be to hear some honest opinions. *lets play a game* Can anyone possibly recognise the song i was trying to play? Waiting for criticism!
  13. Watching it now! That hook.. Damn.. Edit: After almost half an hour i must say it's still intense.
  14. Yeah of course, but i'd need some tools i don't have atm Tho that wouldn't be perfect in any way, as it's better if it's solid piece. How much better? Would need to do some research..
  15. Who would do that with a person behind best game music ever created.. Erm.. Bumgie?