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  1. Today i realized exactly how little i interact with any forum i've been a part of over the years. also the sheer irony of this being my 1000th post...
  2. yeah, i cant meet all those requirements, but this is what i'm using. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M0LG5GC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 i've been using it since august and the padding hasnt worn down yet. no wear and tear that i've noticed either.
  3. So i've been taking walks lately in an effort to not be horribly unhealthy, and figured i'd share some of the scenery. This is in NW Pennsylvania. Feel free to share your own if you've got any.
  4. personally i prefer the second track "intentional neglect" at 2:19-12:05
  5. so music in games is a big thing for me, it can make or break the game. It also heavily depends on wither we're talking something that's composed for the game (EG Halo's soundtrack) or something like an in game radio (EG Forza games/GTA games). A good soundtrack needs every track to go very well with the momment/situation it plays in, if your hearing some high tempo beat while exploring say, a building by a river in the middle of nowhere, that doesn't work. In game radios dont have that specific problem, because of their nature as radios. BUT they do have a separate problem. They have to be able to hit as broad a taste spectrum as possible, while still being good, and fitting the world they're being played in. There's also an issue of diversity, nobody wants to hear the same set of 5 songs play again and again. Ideally a game should have about 30 good tracks per radio station, but that's difficult to do because music licensing is expensive, and in a lot of cases, hard to get for certain types of games. In my opinion they have to be memorable, fit the game they're in, and not repetitive. A big chunk of my taste in music actually comes from the games i play, because i don't really listen to the radio a lot, almost ever. I got a taste of older music playing fallout games and mafia 2, i got into orchestral music because of the halo series, and i listen to punk because of the old tony hawk games. Good soundtracks should leave a mark on the person playing the game.
  6. this in 2XL to replace my old worn out black mesa hoodie https://store.ubi.com/us/ezio-mentor-hoodie/5bfc251988a7e3a3aaacb2c9.html?lang=en_US i also bought my friend a copy of red dead 2
  7. no one is ready for her vocal swich, holy fuck...
  8. these guys kind of remind me of the pillows but they're new and only seem to have one song so far. EDIT: correction, i found more.