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  1. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/06/lawsuit-comcast-sabotaged-small-isps-network-then-took-its-customers/ also: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/06/single-player-modding-returns-to-gta-v-after-publisher-takedown/
  2. So, i've been avoiding talking about this to for a while. Around May 15th/16th my step dad left for what was supposed to be a business trip to mexico (he worked for a company called Leech Carbide, and went down every two years for sales work) after two days of not returning/answering phone calls or texts we find out from his sister (his entire family lives in mexico) that he's not coming back. two days after that his sister finally convinced him to call my mother, as it turns out he had been cheating on her with someone in mexico and had even had kids with the woman. He basically told us all he hated us and to fuck off, he didnt even want any of his stuff. I immediately started running numbers and things through my head and figured out we wouldnt be keeping the house (it's not worth keeping, constantly flooded basement, plumbing issues, collapsing chimney, broken deck, the list of maintenance hell goes on and on like this). Two weeks after i figured it out, and of my mother constantly saying she wanted to keep the place, she finally figured out we cant afford it. With Me being unemployed and having trouble finding work, the situation was already bad. Around may 6th or so i woke up to my mother screaming, the toilet overflowed and flooded a significant portion of the downstairs of our house with shit/piss water. my brother and I had been telling her for a week it was backed up because the septic tank needed drained, she kept yelling at us saying it was just clogged. That, as it turns out, was her last straw with the house. So now she's "moved" us all into our grandmothers house (literally the moment that happened). Skip forward to now: All of our furniture (save my computer one monitor, and my xbox) is still at the house, along with most of our stuff. I'm currently and have been, for the last several weeks, living out of a storage room in my grandparents house.
  3. I don't know why, but an old mod project i use to watch closely popped into my head a few minutes ago, SimMars. this was from it's soundtrack. I forgot about the project years ago, yet somehow i still remember how all the music goes.
  4. well done and lean. I get a lot of shit because i like steak and burgers well done as well.
  5. Hopefully I won't be living with this for much longer.
  6. my submission for june, since i just walked into a whole lot of NOPE.
  7. my opinion on skype: stop adding features no one wants and fix your shitty mobile UI.
  8. must be left over from your fight.
  9. This, and the major issue is that not everyone can find a working society that they agree with, and in this world, it isnt really possible to just go out and form a new one anymore... (not without some massive increases in space travel/space colonization anyway)
  10. So, every time our basement floods my step dad borrows my good screwdriver to fix it. I get really annoyed and try to give him others that would work perfectly fine for what he's trying to do (i've fixed the same problem multiple times). But no, he insists and argues untill I hand him the good one. well about 4 days ago he once again used it in the basement. the ONLY thing i ask of him is to bring it back to me the second he's done. He doesn't. I walked into the basement today and found this sitting inside the leaky sink, now covered in rust. My stepdad's a fucking asshole...
  11. So for the last two weeks, it's been sunny. When it's sunny the temp in my room shoots up to 102F. Today I finally managed to get some tape to put my AC back in the window.