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  1. Why is it Bethesda cant get a game engine to work properly, but if they hand it to another company it's suddenly 200% more stable?
  2. my copy of fallout 4 is weird.
  3. honestly they need to fix their co-op networking, multiplayer works fine but if you try to do a co op game? good fucking luck mate. For whatever reason Co-op on the MCC doesn't work, you will lose connection constantly, lag constantly/ect. It's been several years and it never got fixed.
  4. so last night around 8 or so, i asked my little brother for help getting the airconditioner out of the window (it's in a really shitty spot with a heavy dresser in front of it). As soon as i opened the fucking window about 14 stink bugs crawl into the room, no big deal sweep them up. A few wasps also came in, he delt with those as i'm alergic. at this point i want to move the AC out to the garage, he refuses and puts it on the dresser "it will be fine". as soon as he leaves the room wasps started crawling out of it, so delt with those. then more came out and at this point i said fuck it and slept downstairs. killed more this morning and moved the AC out of the room, opened the window to find 20 more wasps on the windowsil and immediately slammed the window shut, locked it, and left the room again. Seems to be fine now but i'm not opening that window...
  5. bought these https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1JX48A0060 I need them to replace my busted ATH-AD700X's temporarily. I cant fix them at the moment, and i need a pair of headphones, so yeah.
  6. as someone who's currently doing the ATM and Age of Engineering packs, and has ONLY played modded for at least 4 years, i agree.
  7. sorry for the off topic post, but what modpack is that?
  8. the answer to that question is of course, no. The only way that will happen is if we lose a significant portion of our current infrastructure to an event like this and have to replace it, the replacements would be protected, but only because it would be easier to build it that way than to upgrade what already exists.
  9. snippets of a conversation in a discord channel today. (the good parts)
  10. yeah i know, but from where it was set, and the fact that it had been sitting there for a week, there was no reason it should have fallen. that's more what i'm mad at.