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  1. Who are they trying to target with the ads anyways? The people who consciously avoid IE are people who are tech-savvy and know that IE sucks no matter what. They should just stick to their market of old people and lazy people who just use the default Windows Browser.
  2. Using the Family Advocacy Program, I have actually started several small families that live on tissue paper in my garbage can.
  3. They already have tons of DLC planned beyond this.Day one DLC and paid DLC in general are just getting ridiculous. So what if they had a separate team develop it after the final game was done? It's still not out yet, so why not throw it in with the rest of the game for free? Oh, but collector's edition buyers get it for free. And it seems publishers and developers will defend it with any argument except for "We just want more money, and you fuckers keep paying for it". Games themselves are expensive enough at $60. Here's an idea, if they absolutely HAVE to do DLC. Instead of pissing everyone off by releasing a small DLC mission at launch for like $10, keep developing missions until you have many more hours of playtime, and then release all of that 6 months after release for $20 or so. Bethesda does this, and usually has great expansions that are actually worth it and actually add a good amount of gameplay. The Shivering Isles for Oblivion is how you do DLC, or doing what Valve does and just releasing DLC for free. Good DLC is not selling a season pass so you can buy all the bullshit extra weapons and character skins that YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. I get a little worked up about this subject, because I think companies like EA that whore out for money represent everything that is wrong with the modern gaming industry.
  4. She isn't hurting anyone! Let the girl screw in peace I say!
  5. You cad! You swine! I spit at thee good sir.
  6. Good day everyone. I am Koopaking. I am an internet traveler, going here, there, and everywhere. I have worked with Mr. Pong in the past, and he invited me to come over to Open Carnage and visit, and possibly even help out with writing and things. A little about myself: I enjoy video gaming, the internet, movies, anime, music, and long walks on the beach. I can tie my shoes all by myself. My favorite food is probably a very well cooked steak. Pleasure to be here.