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  1. So I think I'm gonna build a PC for myself finally. Been on this used Alienware for a while now (I would never pay full price for AW but got a pretty good secondhand deal on it 3 years ago). Anyway my friend has a spare Ryzen 2600 CPU that he got sent a duplicate of by mistake, he's selling it at half price; it's enough to tempt me into going AMD for a mobo but I wanted to ask around about opinions first on that. My first PC was AMD and I never had a lot of trouble with it, that said I did have a few compatibility issues with Halo modding from time to time and I remember people saying the biggest advantage of Intel over AMD CPU-wise is compatibility. Is that still true? Also is Intel just generally higher quality? I've heard that as well, that they don't slow down over their life much at all. My experience was always positive with both my Intel PC's but I didn't have a lot of experience with the AMD one when it was new (it was a hand-me-down from my dad) so I have no perspective. I already have my GPU picked, getting one for free from my brother, it's pretty decent (Nvidia 1070). Figure I can always upgrade later if I need to but I don't play any brand new games so it'll be a few years.
  2. Hm I guess it's possible it was placebo. I could have sworn the original description I read of it specifically said, "checks <short> times per second if specified," but the Halo Scripting Bible doesn't say that so maybe I imagined it.
  3. Definitely interesting. I have always understood the "period" to be how many times per second it checks, rather than an interval of ticks, if I am remembering correctly from the documentation; and that it defaults to once per second if no argument is given. In my experience putting "30" as the period gives much faster results (from stimulus to advancement, theoretically checking every tick) than leaving it default.
  4. I can walk on my hands almost indefinitely. I can even climb one single stair on my hands, or at least I did one time on drugs.
  5. Definitely gonna read all the way through in the next few days, just able to skim at the moment. Somebody did release a small utility on Halomaps a few years back to make your own recordings in-game and save them as separate files which would be accessible through Opensauce I believe. Would be cool to have a tool compatible with stock CE, if that's what you're talking about doing.
  6. Damn, Infinity takes me back to my good ol' days of just fucking around with AI and cinematics for hours. This looks really nice man.
  7. Looks cool. Maybe Spartans have better evade/sprint uses or recovery? Human stamina and all that.
  8. Played a bit today and was super disappointed in the ranked playlist options. Team hardcore and invasion? The fuck, are you kidding me? Where's doubles? Where's standard slayer ranked? That said, does run smooth as hell and is more fun than on console, even if I'm still screaming at the screen. Join hands with me in seance as we summon it. The time is now.
  9. I honestly didn't know it was already on PC, installing now. More psyched for H3 tbh. Gonna get ranked, gonna do some stuff in H1, gonna bring it all back baby.
  10. I would flat-out fall over dead if we had an H3 modding kit for H3PC.
  11. Is this As7?

    1. Pfhunkie


      Yes, sorry for taking so long to get back lol

    2. TCK


      No prob and likewise haha.

  12. What IS on my mind? Is it consequential?

    1. WaeV


      It might not be consequential, but thinking about recursion too hard certainly feels weird.

  13. Congrats bruh. On this same note, I keep hearing from the GM of our store how he plans to make me GM after he leaves. Just a plan as long as it isn't happening but we expect it to happen.
  14. Bruh I'd play with you but we work opposite shifts usually. I'm off at like 11 most nights, 1 AM on Friday nights (Saturday mornings, whatever). What do you work Wednesdays?
  15. Devil's advocate: don't install either app on your phone because they both want all your info; but that's just me being an old stick in the mud.