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  1. Idk how this is news after federal agencies already PUBLICLY tapped the full databases of social media. If you have the FB app installed on your phone, you are voluntarily being spied on already. If you leave FB signed in on your PC, your browsing history is being monitored because FB already tracks browsing history through signed-in status pinging off of those "like buttons" you see on every site.
  2. Sup
  3. Half Deaf Clatch: Big Plans in a Small Town There ain't no hellhounds here Just a few hounds Nothin ever happens, everyone's sleepy This part'a town Come along and feel yourself stagnate In so many ways Sittin on a corner, sippin on a cider Waitin on Judgment Day Half Deaf Clatch: Hard Times Make Me Harder You know it's not the end, woman Hear what I say Trouble comin down again, lower At the end of the day Hard times make me harder
  4. I presume there was at least a recognizable chunk intact due to the fact that it said the pilot was still in the cockpit. Regardless of that, pieces are collectors' items.
  5. I think it's an excellent idea for us to waste our time arguing over stupid bullshit like stick figure gender; let's ignore privacy concerns and government overreach worldwide. Who even said that the standard stick figure was supposed to be male? It just represents a person. When they can't find bullshit that already exists to distract us from real issues, they invent it on their own.
  6. You found a WW2 plane on your farm and fuckin TOLD people you found it? Damn I'd keep that shit, especially if I had a whole farm to store it on.
  7. A resort city in a third-world shithole is still a city in a third-world shithole lol. Jesus himself advocated for separation of church and state.
  8. Well I was making a joke about my shitty avatar. If you made me one I'd use it here. I like Rocket League a lot so that's a theme. Could be an avatar or a sig, up to you.
  9. Make one that says TCK.
  10. Yeah I'm obsessed with efficiency etc. so I agree with always closing tabs you aren't using. I have 2 open right now on my PC, just bullshitting at the moment. If I were working, it'd be maybe 3-7.
  11. Genuinely fuck the retarded cunts who passed the ACA. "We have to pass it so we can know what's in it." Fuck them.
  12. Pretty sure I mentioned that I was worried about secondhand weed smoke becoming the same thing tobacco smoke was and got made fun of for saying it. Not to shit on you while you're down but I gotta brag.
  13. Have a fuckin good one yeah bro
  14. Oh cool now I can picture the size of it off the top of my head. Owait. I mean... I can assume that a dried fruit is gonna be about palm-sized but... why apricot?