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  1. Is this As7?

  2. What IS on my mind? Is it consequential?

    1. WaeV


      It might not be consequential, but thinking about recursion too hard certainly feels weird.

  3. Congrats bruh. On this same note, I keep hearing from the GM of our store how he plans to make me GM after he leaves. Just a plan as long as it isn't happening but we expect it to happen.
  4. Bruh I'd play with you but we work opposite shifts usually. I'm off at like 11 most nights, 1 AM on Friday nights (Saturday mornings, whatever). What do you work Wednesdays?
  5. Devil's advocate: don't install either app on your phone because they both want all your info; but that's just me being an old stick in the mud.
  6. I mean, true, I guess I didn't take that as applying to the whole video. If that's all they meant then they definitely made a smooth and entertaining video to explain it.
  7. Very interesting vid and fun to watch; but "we will never be able to leave our local group."? ...until we discover something we didn't even know existed until the second its existence became apparent, right? I love science but you have to admit at some level it's a never-ending Oxyclean commercial. "But wait, there's more!" "We have a few billion years to explore our local group." And at the rate technology has progressed over only the last hundred years, there's no chance AT ALL that we could uncover something profound about physics we didn't know before? I mean, shit, billions of years in humanity's future? We can't even comprehend that, let alone imagine what our technology or science will be like at that point. That's enough time for humans to evolve to see in radar waves, then evolve to "hear" in infrared, then evolve to breathe in both gaseous and liquid environments, then... you get my point. This is like if the Romans made a video debunking tanks, imo. Just my drunk opinion. Yeah, I know, "but TCK you only post when you're drunk." Well, it's either that or I never post, which is it? Actually don't answer that...
  8. I feel that. Fucking Rocket League.
  9. A bittersweet moment - promoted from Shift Manager to Assistant Manager and told by the GM that I'm taking the store from him in about a year. The promotion gets announced in about 3 weeks at the next staff meeting. The downside is that one of my best friends has worked here for about 8 months longer than I have, and was an SM about 6 months sooner than I was (he was promoted mid-December, I was promoted at the end of May). As good as that makes me feel about the quality of my management, he was expecting the AM promotion and he's quitting now that I'm getting it (not that he's upset with me, he's upset with the GM for giving him false hope).
  10. I spent $500 on this one... in January 2010. Upgraded the GPU twice since then for $160 a pop, and I may have put in another 2 G of RAM but I don't remember. Swapped the HDD out but that was a lateral move, only because the original failed. All I play now is Rocket League and it runs that at a comfy 75 FPS (though I cap it at 60 because this room gets hot) so it does what I need but I'll end up getting a new one soon since it could be smoother. 144 Hz is almost an unfair advantage in RL, I'm springing to make sure I can reach it. Like Solaris said, I buy processors to last. This Intel Q8200 quad is still kicking so why worry yet?
  11. That makes sense. I guess I do shut my empathy off when it becomes overwhelming. I was raised to feel way too much of it.
  12. Guess I probably should have thought to take that one but I didn't. Here's the one I took from the front: I don't like it as much though.
  13. Lighting was head-on so it really takes out a lot of the creases, kinda disappointed in the way the front pic turned out. Back one looks decent though, so here it is, two years of progress:
  14. I guess while we're sharing... this is what I worry about when I think about having kids. I feel like what I consider "affection" or "connection" is so shallow sometimes that it actually means nothing to anyone else. Out of the six girlfriends I've had, I never kissed any of them. Yes they were all in-person relationships. We talked, we laughed, we had sex; but I couldn't bring myself to kiss them. And cuddling feels... foreign. I don't want to be cold but I don't know how not to be. Does this sound like something caused by a bad relationship with one or both parents? They have been married my whole life and still are, and neither abandoned me. I just don't understand.