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  1. Pretty sure I mentioned that I was worried about secondhand weed smoke becoming the same thing tobacco smoke was and got made fun of for saying it. Not to shit on you while you're down but I gotta brag.
  2. Have a fuckin good one yeah bro
  3. Oh cool now I can picture the size of it off the top of my head. Owait. I mean... I can assume that a dried fruit is gonna be about palm-sized but... why apricot?
  4. Tbh Trump's opposition to the ACA is probably enough justification for his election. That is one scary as fuck law.
  5. Ye. I was saying it's intentional.
  6. I was jk based solely on the title.
  7. At age 98? So you're telling me that the inventor of the Big Mac didn't even eat the fuckers?
  8. "If time passes in a vacuum, but no one is alive to experience it relatively, is it still a dimension?"
  9. Thanks guys. I didn't drink but I sure did treat myself.
  10. It was the most fun I've ever had. Even the COMEDOWN was better than sex. And it's legal.
  11. SSSSSHHHHIIIIIt bruh. I mean. Fuck. Who else? I felt like this deserves its own topic. That's partially due to the fact that I'm tripping but also due to the fact that this trip is so crazy though. You know when people say, "yo quit trippin," if you say something that doesn't make sense? This would be what they're referring to. And every once in a while it just kind of hits you that that's what this is. And then everything seems like a sitcom; like I'm so far above and beyond the interactions that people are having around me that I could just operate on top of them instead of within them. Does that make sense? I realized I'm cool tonight. And hot. What have I been doing. Sheeiit.