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  1. I spent $500 on this one... in January 2010. Upgraded the GPU twice since then for $160 a pop, and I may have put in another 2 G of RAM but I don't remember. Swapped the HDD out but that was a lateral move, only because the original failed. All I play now is Rocket League and it runs that at a comfy 75 FPS (though I cap it at 60 because this room gets hot) so it does what I need but I'll end up getting a new one soon since it could be smoother. 144 Hz is almost an unfair advantage in RL, I'm springing to make sure I can reach it. Like Solaris said, I buy processors to last. This Intel Q8200 quad is still kicking so why worry yet?
  2. "Hey this isn't the best idea to do... LET'S MAKE IT ILLEGAL!" It never fucking ends. It's like South Park is hardly a satire anymore. How about you parent your kids the right way and leave everyone else to do what they do? If their kids turn out shitty, guess who's to blame? Not you. All his observations are correct, and in recent years I've had to self-discipline from becoming overstimulated so I can function at work and in public. Doesn't mean you get to tell everyone else that your healthy life choices are mandatory. Like the article says, it's not smartphones specifically, it's the internet; kids shouldn't be publicly expressing themselves on their own until a certain age, nor left to wander through literally almost all known information unsupervised.
  3. It's time. Napalm. Send it all.
  4. That makes sense. I guess I do shut my empathy off when it becomes overwhelming. I was raised to feel way too much of it.
  5. Guess I probably should have thought to take that one but I didn't. Here's the one I took from the front: I don't like it as much though.
  6. Lighting was head-on so it really takes out a lot of the creases, kinda disappointed in the way the front pic turned out. Back one looks decent though, so here it is, two years of progress:
  7. I guess while we're sharing... this is what I worry about when I think about having kids. I feel like what I consider "affection" or "connection" is so shallow sometimes that it actually means nothing to anyone else. Out of the six girlfriends I've had, I never kissed any of them. Yes they were all in-person relationships. We talked, we laughed, we had sex; but I couldn't bring myself to kiss them. And cuddling feels... foreign. I don't want to be cold but I don't know how not to be. Does this sound like something caused by a bad relationship with one or both parents? They have been married my whole life and still are, and neither abandoned me. I just don't understand.
  8. If you're asking how they disregarded it, it was by immigrating in such high numbers. You're asking me to cite sources that radical Islam exists and is the largest current source of motivation for terror attacks? And that it originates from certain areas in the Middle East? And that geographic location makes people more likely to absorb/reciprocate cultures which are present in that location or nearby? I'm not switching topics, it is all a logical chain of thought and you don't seem to be recognizing it. Feel free to debate what I have already presented but don't keep insisting that I have not presented any points. Look, I genuinely am not trying to be aggressive here; but there is a reason Weps stopped debating with you (maybe he started again, I haven't been here in a while) and I'm starting to reach the point he did. You refuse to connect dots in others' arguments and act as though those people are randomly dropping unrelated information so as to discredit them. You constantly demand proof that the Earth is round. We both know that this is going to turn into another thread where the debate goes deeper and deeper into bushbeating until one of two things happens - I grind through the semantics until you decide to stop replying, at which point nothing is accomplished; or I decide that I'm tired of the monotony and stop replying, at which point nothing is accomplished. I am honestly not sure where your enjoyment comes from in debating this way. I appreciate all forms of discussion so long as they are both civil and engaging. You often insist on rehashing, which no one that I know enjoys, and if I remember correctly you have also made unprovoked personal attacks in the past (though I'm not saying you have here). I like you as a member. I like your jokes. I just don't like your politics. I obviously have no problem with dissent, but I feel like you could approach it much better.
  9. You're missing my point; take it back to its roots. What was the origin of the ideas which radicalized these individuals, and what allowed them to come into closer proximity with the existing British (and more broadly, European) population? I don't understand. Are you asking me to prove to you that most organized modern terrorism is the result of a culture originating in the Middle East? Knowing that that is the case, is statistical analysis. The keyword is most, because in order to know when something is most or least, you must weigh numbers. I'm not sure why wordplay always becomes a part of these debates. Second point was obvious speculation; but not baseless. If I were in a position of governmental power and my goal were to further governmental power, then one route I could see myself taking is to intentionally allow an element of danger to arise while still limiting it from disrupting society altogether. This would then allow me to preach to the people, "this is our common enemy, let us band together against it." When the government is painted as an ally, authoritarian measures are seen as protective rather than invasive. If I have these thoughts, why would anyone in power be above having them? Conspiracy != implausibility. For some reason the two have become linked. We all conspire on a daily basis; for example, we quite often conspire to gain leverage over others then feign ignorance when accused. "No I wasn't hanging out with her to upset you, how could you accuse me of that?" These are the same emotions and intentions (subconscious as they may be in many people) that our leaders have because they are humans just as we. The difference is that they have been given some degree of influence larger than our small interpersonal spheres which we all try to control. Is it implausible to relax borders intentionally? It's not something I'm scared of or even certain of; but in discussing any dire subject, the notion of conspiracy must at least be proposed.
  10. Faster, faster; the dragon breathing fire Breaking all limits; revving my desire Never been a bad one, never been a saint Try to be a nice guy; don't blame me if I ain't, motherfucker
  11. Sittin on a corner, sippin on a cider, waitin on Judgment Day

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      Turn around and bend over, I'll give you your "Judgement Day".

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      Do it

  12. >2017 >using the internet more than once a week lol get tracked