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  1. Not my newest since I'm on 10.10 Yosemite now
  2. Install Gentoo. Nah, Skype is ok, but it may be because I don't really use it that often. If fucks up sometimes, and it's some of the clunkiest software that I've ever used, but it does what I need it to.
  3. That's true, but you have to be flexible. For example, front end web devs have to understand UX/UI to an extant as well as HTML/CSS and a mastery of Javascript. Then there's the monsters... full stack developers.
  4. I'm a Ukrainian, and it's common knowledge that it's Russia who is to blame. Nobody is really arguing this anymore.
  5. Eh, I'm wary of people that say HTML/CSS 100%. I'm sure you've learned enough to make a site with pretty basic layout/etc. I've been doing CSS/HTML for at least 4 years now, and I'm learning shit every day. Honestly CSS is getting really really powerful. Animations, transforms, media queries, typography, etc. It's VAST. You only need to know maybe 25% of CSS to make an OK layout, but that's just the beginning. HTML is hardly a mark up language these days. Web component support, canvas, etc. It's getting incredibly complicated. I'll argue with anyone that says web languages are for amateurs. They really aren't, and I'm of the belief that many employers want more than just a "language" out of you. They want a designer, someone that knows a bit of server side, front end developer, etc.
  6. I meant that as a joke from here:
  7. Eh, I think it's pretty awesome and flexible. I never really minded it. Javascript is so hot right now
  8. Honestly Javascript is the way to go to get anything truly amazing done on the web. Sorrynotsorry. It really is pretty dope ass shit.
  9. Everyone under the Pretty Lights label is free to downloal: http://prettylightsmusic.com/plm/ Gramatik The Age of Reason is FTD http://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/297ce78805c7a159790c1561db5e1c86f4a4bf9b7428210c862f8e1461f24ad3/ Big Gigantic's Albums are FTD http://biggigantic.net/music1/ I have a lot more if ya kids want
  10. I'm trying to add the django framework to my list, but it's actually not proving to be that fun, more boring than anything else.
  11. I think it should be paid. Sweden has done this for decades now, other countries are quickly catching on. Then again, this is the USA, and although we call ourselves a developed country, we are behind in everything.
  12. Why the fuck are you guys defending a country that shouldn't even fucking be there? Holy shit! Seriously? Generally when countries take over other countries or dissolve them, that's that, but in Israel's case we try to reform it THOUSANDS of years after someone else dissolved it. WTF
  13. John Butler usually sings sad shit, that was nice. He needs to cut his smelly dreads and beard. Fuckin' hippy
  14. Since when were you into electronica? We can bond on this @v3nture