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  1. So theres this game and, you know, its called carnage.... Its on steam check it out http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=93107541&searchtext=carnage
  2. I will give you a free slut.... if you... never speak of this..... and vote me as sheriff BISH
  3. Apple is right, I think thats what he should add LOL jk. Politics would be a good section to add to the forums, because we always talk about it in the chat.
  4. Just, there needs to be more category's for people to pick out to post something.
  5. There needs to be more topic to post it.
  6. I would problaby be CEO of A business
  7. You sound familiar...
  8. Well thanks to being nice to the new guy (Myself)... well... for now....
  9. Wew happy FapDay
  10. Hello everyone! I'm just new to the forum and I would just like to introduce myself with a short sentence or two. My name is Caleb, everyone just calls me Drucrazy and I like to play PS3, Xbox360, and on the computer