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  1. hey pd just stopping in to wish you a happy birthday - have a good one
  2. ian hislop in this pretty much sums up my position on this:
  3. my last post got deleted because apparently it was all insulting. how about this?: i havent seen someone so misinformed about computers in a long time. i do hope your friend is just an acquaintance, because you're going to be wasting his 2k
  4. it is in the queen's land
  5. honestly i havent had a problem with 8.1. but i never really used to use the start menu anyway. plus it has out of the box multi monitor support. sort of. though lets be honest im only using 8.1 because my 7 home premium couldnt address my 36gb of ram. and hyper-v
  6. yeah what the shit is that i moved to 4-5 different places in that and it was the same old shit
  7. i agree its a retarded decision, but 'moral right' is irrelevant when they agreed to the terms lol what
  8. go to malta instead edit: and cyprus.
  9. speaking of his posterior didnt linus get all butthurt over github?
  10. rap hop hip rnb etc
  11. only assumption made sure looks like it
  12. if that took you over 20 minutes you have problems far and beyond being unable to install drivers
  13. i said nothing about whether its right to discriminate. that said, its a private institution and they're able to ask her to leave. they can ask anyone to leave. whether or not its because shes a tomboy is irrelevant.
  14. Drüben hinterm Dorfe Steht ein Leiermann, Und mit starren Fingern Dreht er, was er kann. Barfuß auf dem Eise Schwankt er hin und her; Und sein kleiner Teller Bleibt ihm immer leer. Keiner mag ihn hören, Keiner sieht ihn an; Und die Hunde brummen Um den alten Mann. Und er läßt es gehen Alles, wie es will, Dreht, und seine Leier Steht ihm nimmer still. Wunderlicher Alter, Soll ich mit dir gehn? Willst zu meinen Liedern Deine Leier drehn?
  15. its a private institution. so theyre well within their rights to ask her to leave