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  1. 4k nnnnnggg
  2. Praise Lord Donut
  3. Im 99% this is related to PSU caps as above. PSU-Specific behavior probably.
  4. That means that your board either has multiple revisions or multiple chipsets for USB 3. I'd like to think that Windows would install the Intel one automagically, so try the first one. If it doesn't work grab the second one. Actually multiple chipsets is EXACTLY what the specs list under "USB 3.0".
  5. You may have to manually find the Windows 7 drivers for your board's USB 3 chipset.
  6. Holy shit I know this isnt exactly a single picture or a video but _THIS WHOLE FUCKING TWITTER THREAD DUDE_ https://twitter.com/boredzo/status/762700233851535360 read it from the top
  7. My last mouse was something in the Corsair M series, very comfy also but the software was useless and I broke it during a drunk civ match.
  8. If you dont really care about DPI above 2500, check out the G602. Very ergonomic, 6 side buttons, 250 hours of usage on two standard AA's in the low polling "endurance" mode
  9. Okay so my stance is that if you are drinking any sort of drink with lemon or lime, be it a Sprite or a Coke Lime, you need ice. It's mandatory. Any mixed drink with alcohol (not that a fountain would produce such a scenario) also needs ice. Other than that I just don't drink soda cause it makes me feel like Hot Garbage
  10. http://qz.com/768676 Sorry Rio, the communist party has you beat. lol @ 6.
  11. Fun fact if you go to mcdonalds drive thru and ask for light ice in a fountain drink absolutely nothing will happen nine times out of ten because the automatic beverage machines have no such function. Making "light ice" in your drink requires human intervention and if there are more than like two people in line the chance of anyone doing shit is zero. Like you can ask and it will even be entered on the register but there is no corresponding function on the machine.
  12. can confirm the lycosa was a fucking atrocious piece of shit that would bluescreen computers