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  1. Wow. Can't believe it actually happened. Havent gamed in a looooooong time but there are a few people rolling in their graves right now. This makes me nostalgic.
  2. noticed the dig @ dennis on not serving ads and shed a tear for modhalo :'(

    1. Ryx


      also anyone else have big modding plans for the new Halo PC? I've gained a bit of debugging experience so if anyone is interested in tinkering...

  3. Can we talk about how horrible of a design that was? Yeah, let's put the flamethrower on ThE LARGEST MAP in the game but give the person on a balcony overlooking the entire map a OHKO area effect. this is tongue-in-cheek, I realize that it is useful for controlling the caves. but still, wtf
  4. I'm a little late to the funeral, but I'm slowly waving my cell phone back and forth to Fireflies
  5. I'm super down to do this at a later date
  6. Why not use an abstract representation in memory? Then you can implement mapping to file and to memory much easier?
  7. Tbh this has been a thing for a while, aluigi even published a poc on Halo's fake player exploit to DoS servers. Doing it server sided is even easier, don't know why cloud had to pay someone. I thought he was competent
  8. I like how that thread ended.
  9. Hey ScenYYYyyyy I feel that, I generally don't lend money because I hang out with a bunch of similarly broke-ass kids.
  10. Yeah I have icons on my desktop /hipster
  11. I'm too young for back pain
  12. Unreal Warfare 2k15 for president Also I hope that map is just a demo cuz that level design suck ass. Wall grabbing, hello.