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  1. 1.16 I think, and that texture pack is mentioned, its Soartex Fanver
  2. Our little Tucker is all grown up! Congrats haha. You know, it's stupid easy to start a Registry on Amazon and have people buy you shit....errr, help you celebrate! When I got married we got literally got no less than 20 things, quality-of-life stuff like a new Blender, Microwave, 4-slot toaster, and other little stuff like a 20-slot spice rack filled with spices already, condiment containers, mortar and pestle, etc. Honestly, before we got married I had no idea what a registry even was.....I thought people were asking where we were getting married, I was like....uhhh, Multnomah County Courthouse?
  3. I like both, but I work 40 hours (or more) and so does my wife, so we couldn't possibly take care of a dog responsibly. We do have one sassy Mister though.
  4. Played with my Hot Wheels collection, this is about 1/3rd of the whole thing Also am planning on buying a new bike. I have a 2012 Karak Oram GT MTB and I've deferred maintenance on it for several years now, so instead of repairing the frame and replacing the entire brake system because of a few fraying lines, it's time to buy new....nothing'll ever replace that GT though Tinkered with my Minecraft Mansion too, totally fun.
  5. What I do for work
  6. Can I do two?
  7. holy balls this is a good lookin map
  8. I eat pizza, go places with my girlfriend, work, and game all day
  9. coke and hookers
  10. I make my own rules
  11. I'll post pics if you're truly interested in them Portland is a seductress you'll like it...for a while. It has it's ups and downs. Overall, I like living here....
  12. Headed to the Oregon State Fair tomorrow, wish me luck. Not a fan of rides, but I'll definitely play some games to impress teh girlfriend
  13. She might be crazy or she might be magic, there's no lie in her fire
  14. I'm just not doing the foruming thing like I did back when some of us were at Halo-mods. Far Cry 5, work, girlfriend and adventures on days off, diablo 3 now recently too, also moving her in along with my sister into our 2 bed 1 bath apartment, lots of things going on hows teh Sunstriker?