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  1. Apprentice practicing necromancy/daedra summons
  2. Yeah it's gotten that way for me too, but 70 hours in though and I just have this insatiable urge to finish the game at least
  3. http://imgur.com/a/LCE3G Put together an imgur album of a few screenshots that I've taken, enjoy. I'll add more later or answer any questions.
  4. I don't talk much with my mom (only parent). I just game on my own, and do what I want when I want I have seen an influx of middle aged people who don't know even what a computer is or how to use one much less start up a game and do well at it......
  5. Evening Practice -- old game but still a treasure trove of screenshots
  6. FUUUUU Y U PLAN THESE TAKKA ON WERKNITE?! But seriously, lol. I'll try and join in some time when it falls on a Wed Thurs.
  7. must've been, photobucket strangely doesn't show me my own upload date/times
  8. Back when Xfire was still a thing
  9. Seems to be a lot of stupid shit going on these days that mirrors this crossing signal. Not the women vs. men issue, but as a larger picture. Who gives a shit what gender the stick figure is? I remember a teacher at my community college changing his desk phone to pink and when shit hit the fan, even the parents started raising unnecessary concern. Moreover, it's like people will talk just to talk, I don't get it. There's a certain threshold of words that need to be said in any given situation.... I'm visualizing one of my youth center leaders I had as a kid, he'd talk and tell people more information than was needed. It always baffled me. This whole PC culture also...lol the more I think about it the more irritated I get. If there's anything that makes me squirt liquid hate out of every bodily orifice it's stuff like that.
  10. May be getting a gtx 1080 with taxes soon.....
  11. Just bought a CoolerMaster HAF 932 full tower case from newegg, and a CPU fan thats also from CM lol. I think my build is complete....only thing thats not changing is the harddrives and video card.....so far oh, also some thermal paste, and an IDE to SATA converter as I don't have a blu ray player yet
  12. Wait you mean the rapey van? lol
  13. Definitely Though I will warn everyone, I don't usually ever go for cable management because I am a hermit and just work and game, lol but I'll try. Last build I did in 2013 I put everything together on the kitchen floor because its wood and I dont have to get a grounding bracelet, and I brought it into the bedroom and it started up perfectly first press of the power button and it didn't whine and it didn't complain, and thats what I'm hoping for this next build come Tuesday