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  1. coke and hookers
  2. I make my own rules
  3. I'll post pics if you're truly interested in them Portland is a seductress you'll like it...for a while. It has it's ups and downs. Overall, I like living here....
  4. Headed to the Oregon State Fair tomorrow, wish me luck. Not a fan of rides, but I'll definitely play some games to impress teh girlfriend
  5. She might be crazy or she might be magic, there's no lie in her fire
  6. I'm just not doing the foruming thing like I did back when some of us were at Halo-mods. Far Cry 5, work, girlfriend and adventures on days off, diablo 3 now recently too, also moving her in along with my sister into our 2 bed 1 bath apartment, lots of things going on hows teh Sunstriker?
  7. Just bought far cry 5, or as I like to call it, ghost recon wildlands 2
  8. Dont let anybody know that dude. If they wanna ruin their day that's on them, let em find out. Thats why girls have small hands, to make em look bigger
  9. you glorious bastard, lol last summer, i never age anyway
  10. wait skeez got mega fast?? WHEN wtf
  11. Oh goodness, I like it lol. I just re-read that and yeah, big difference!
  12. I hated 3's control scheme, much prefer Reach where reload is X and not something that doesn't make a bit of sense.
  13. Honestly I spent nearly the entire span of Halo 3 trying to remember that RB and LB were reload, not Y. Messed me up hard when trying to pick up weapons off the ground too........
  14. Finished 3, incredibly frustrating but somehow satisfying. give it a mediocre 5/10. Played Reach for a few hours this morning and already love the controller scheme and the overall feeling of ease, even though I'm playing on the same difficulty as 3. Will update with my impressions of 4 and ultimately 5 when I get around to it
  15. SUNSTRIKER YAY! Ahem. Sorry. Yeah I never owned a console save for the original Xbox.