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  1. I hated 3's control scheme, much prefer Reach where reload is X and not something that doesn't make a bit of sense.
  2. Honestly I spent nearly the entire span of Halo 3 trying to remember that RB and LB were reload, not Y. Messed me up hard when trying to pick up weapons off the ground too........
  3. Finished 3, incredibly frustrating but somehow satisfying. give it a mediocre 5/10. Played Reach for a few hours this morning and already love the controller scheme and the overall feeling of ease, even though I'm playing on the same difficulty as 3. Will update with my impressions of 4 and ultimately 5 when I get around to it
  4. SUNSTRIKER YAY! Ahem. Sorry. Yeah I never owned a console save for the original Xbox.
  5. Just switched to the dark side and bought the Xbox one S, Halo 3, Reach, ODST, Halo 4, Halo 5 Guardians, and a 3DS to play....someversionofpokemon *cough Edit: never played anything past h2
  6. Apprentice practicing necromancy/daedra summons
  7. Yeah it's gotten that way for me too, but 70 hours in though and I just have this insatiable urge to finish the game at least
  8. http://imgur.com/a/LCE3G Put together an imgur album of a few screenshots that I've taken, enjoy. I'll add more later or answer any questions.
  9. I don't talk much with my mom (only parent). I just game on my own, and do what I want when I want I have seen an influx of middle aged people who don't know even what a computer is or how to use one much less start up a game and do well at it......
  10. Evening Practice -- old game but still a treasure trove of screenshots
  11. FUUUUU Y U PLAN THESE TAKKA ON WERKNITE?! But seriously, lol. I'll try and join in some time when it falls on a Wed Thurs.
  12. must've been, photobucket strangely doesn't show me my own upload date/times
  13. Back when Xfire was still a thing