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  1. Happy Late Birthday, Open Carnage. It's hard to believe it's still here.
  2. Remember when we all had more time to do this kind of thing?

    1. Sunstriker7


      Life, uh, finds a way.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! Sorry I didn't get around here before my birthday ended. I really do need to visit more.
  4. Tonight I'll be streaming an old favorite of mine, Antichamber. It's a lesser known indie puzzle game. The art style is very minimalistic and the puzzles are intuitive. You might even learn some life lessons.
  5. Hey guys, I'll be streaming for OC on Sunday and Monday nights. If you have any recommendations for games to stream or would like to join in just drop a post here. I'm pretty new to streaming but hopefully we can have some fun playing weird/interesting games along with the more competitive stuff like Overwatch. On Steam I currently have installed: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Fallout: NV Killing Floor 1 and 2 Planetside 2 Rocksmith 2014 (probably can't easily stream this because of the way it uses the soundcard) Team Fortress 2 (an old favorite of mine) ARK: Survival Evolved Codename CURE (no clue what this even is) Dirty Bomb Skyrim Hotline Miami 2 Starbound Undertale Watch_Dogs (never touched it) Z (no idea what this is) The Stanley Parable Sleeping Dogs Both STALKER games PAYDAY 1/2 Mirror's Edge Metro 2033 HAWKEN The Darkness II Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Antichamber (really cool atmospheric puzzle game)
  6. Hey guys, I want to start streaming more and doing facecam and stuff here soon but for now I'm just playing some Overwatch. Come check it out and chat if you want. https://www.twitch.tv/kvasir
  7. I have been for a little bit now but I haven't been around OC enough to bitch, lol.
  8. Started taking Zoloft and Adderall a few weeks ago, it's working out pretty decently so far. Edit: All hail our glorious overlord Tucker for his everlasting graciousness, amen
  9. Can't stop listening to freestyling and Kristoff Krane lately. And since I already posted some No Bird Sing:
  10. There is a huge delay in control response time for sure. I'm all about that in every game I play and its the main thing that makes consoles feel so unplayable to me. Going from Overwatch to Halo 5: Forge felt so gross.
  11. Some people have emotions they don't want fucked up or they're not the type to get easy sex just because it's easy. It's not worth the time or emotional strain just to get a piece of easy ass (that's also crazy apparently)
  12. ahah. Fuck, I already work as a pizza delivery driver.
  13. Feeling directionless
  14. The title of this thread is a summary of the story. They stole locations, some dialog and the idea for a quest from a mod made for New Vegas.
  15. Been super into it. Learn to dodge to fight gyms and use pokemon 300-500 cp lower than the gym average to beat them to get far more prestige. Dodge right after the edges of the screen flash. All pokemon will attack faster than ordinary twice at the start of a round, dodge both (always dodge first!) and then attack once or twice depending on your pokemon's attack speed (super important to not be attacking when you need to dodge). After the initial "intro" hits to a battle the defending Pokemon always has a rhythm to their attacks. There will be a longer delay added before and after a special allowing you to attack usually 1 or 2 extra times. I would always save your special until after the enemy uses their special, creating the biggest delay before you have to dodge again. At most, you get hit by 1 primary attack as your special winds down. Just test the water and learn how many attacks you can safely get in between dodges, usually you can get 2 - 3 with faster pokemon and never even take a hit. My other advice is forget powering up any pokemon unless you're level 15+ because its a waste, you'll just find a higher base level later. Find a good starting point, catch it and evolve it before you advance too far in level otherwise you'll pass it up. Pop lucky eggs and evolve all your shitty pokemon that only cost 12 candy then recycle the terrible results, it will give you more XP than anything else pretty much. Personally, I curve almost every normal pokeball if the pokemon is harder than green circle to catch and is 200 - 300+ CP. By spinning the ball until it glows yellow, it'll curve and have a higher catch rate. It also gives like 10xp.
  16. All my nostalgia. I just use Spotify mainly. Google Play on my phone.
  17. Are you sure it has multiple performance levels that would register in that tool? That is to say, maybe it's just not a great card?
  18. This. Do people somehow think the world is becoming LESS interconnected and technologically dependent? It's totally way more worth it to compromise our future freedom in the tech domain (which is only expanding) to keep those damn sand people from doing bad things. I'm thinking "Do you really want some Ghost In The Shell level shit going down in the future?" because I guarantee we will only have more of our selves/info/infrastructure at stake as time goes on
  19. Hit ding is totally an advantage in competitive games and I completely understand wanting to remove it. Grenades and the like shouldn't be for finding players, they're for flushing out people you already know are there. Same for spamming rockets into bases and stuff.
  20. 860 dollars of marked up, wasted paper that probably has less up to date info than the internet anyways. Totally cool.
  21. You probably should stop calling people "kid" considering it's the most played out internet bro insult ever. I was never trying to say you personally believe Christians are being persecuted, I was trying to point out that this kind of thing seems to happen often, where a less powerful group of people tries to point out inequality or unfairness and suddenly the more powerful group claims they're being infringed upon. Waev nailed it. Gonna let him talk from now on, he's better at it.
  22. Went ahead and highlighted your opinion for you (which has also become a cultural meme in itself too, perpetuated often by, shocker, people who are white and American) Kind of like how Christians are often now the persecuted ones, right? Have anything to back any of that up? What does "practical application" even mean to you?