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  1. My friend got her nose pierced, she said it just pinched and that was it.. I've had my eyebrow, industrial, and belly button pierced.. Piercings don't hurt that bad.. As long as you take care of them you're good to go =)
  2. Today I woke up, went for a babysitting interview (got the job! Woot! XD) Hung out with my friend Mike, we went to a restaurant then we went back to my place where we watched 3 movies =). Now I'm at my friend Isaac's house and I'm also on video chat with an amazing guy! =)
  3. Hmm they both look very delicious! Great job on the cooking and thank you for posting this thread and the picture.
  4. Well when I get my gimp back I can definitely make some emotes for the forum =)
  5. I vote for Jesus933
  6. http://www.theyfailed.com/girlfriend-gets-tattoo-of-her-boyfriend-after-one-week-and-then-epic-fail-public-break-up/
  7. yes
  8. I'm really trying to figure out what song that is.. I think I've heard it before but I can't put my finger on the song :/
  9. After about 2-3 months without a laptop I decided to buy myself a brand new laptop so I don't have to keep using my boyfriends laptop and we can both be on our laptops at the same time. Anyways I bought a new laptop and it has Windows 8. To be honest I really don't like Windows 8, it's more confusing for nothing in my opinion. I thought Windows 7 was great I don't know why they went and changed it. So I'm curious, what is your opinion on Windows 8?
  10. Hmm well since my old laptop died and I couldn't play minecraft for a while the game I've been playing the most will have to be SIMS. I love building new houses and decorating the houses. I also love just playing the sims in the game and beating their life goal. It's really good to pass the time and it's pretty addictive.
  11. I just made my boyfriend and I some scrambled eggs. Yumm! Plus I've been eating a lot of chocolate because well chocolate is amazing! I'm thinking that maybe tomorrow on my day off I might make some cupcakes or even a cake to bring to work for Wednesday. Not too sure though :/ Either way great idea on starting this thread
  12. I really enjoy the band Bad Religion as well. I really enjoy their lyrics and music. My favourite song by them has to be Punk Rock Song. Even after all these years I stil really enjoy that song
  13. I thought that was pretty dumb as well, I mean really just take 2 seconds and look at the tape. If I had kids and my husband had told me that he thinks something could possibly be harming my children I would listen to him. I would trust his judgement and I would watch the tapes. I thought that was pretty dumb as well. I still haven't seen the 4th one but I want to even if it's horrible, I've watched all the other ones why not watch this one.
  14. So far I've woken up, taken a shower and now I'm online posting. My boss is on his way over for supper and a movie =) I'm pretty excited, he's a really nice guy and he's fun to hang out with. Anyways that's about all I'm doing today, unless I decide to go do my laundry and put it away then I guess I'll be doing that