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  1. I love your mod! and it made me do it an account here haha, please dont be mad, let me suggest: -Changing the UNSC sniper rifle bullet decal to plasma damage. -Sgt. Johnson model and UNSC Marines models shown in ¨Arriving on Halo¨ to those of Halo 3. Also changing the Marines who uses sniper rifle in ¨Arriving on Halo¨ to ODST model. -Make both Rhino tank and the modified warthog have matching camo and to all the UNSC vehicles to more immersion. Warthog to have some sort of antena simulating radio. -Warthog turret: more damage, less fire rating and meanner fire sound. And I think that's all, If I can help you on something I know how to use hahaha, idk how you did this mod but if you tech me I can help you with these. Thank you in advance, brother! My favourite mod for Halo CE!