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  1. Downloads: Steam Workshop: Mega: Nexus: Resuscitation is a recreation of Coagulation from Halo 2, brought into Halo 3. It is meant to be as faithful as possible to the original, while updating the visuals, and incorporating Halo 3 sandbox elements. This is the first test release, so please report any bugs that you may encounter. Changelog: Resuscitation Beta Release 1 -Initial public release Resuscitation Beta Release 2 -Altered spawn times and maximum quantities of all weapons, equipment, and vehicles -Replaced Rocket Launcher with Spartan Laser -Altered Power Drain spawns -Removed duplicate spawn points -Modified radii of KOTH and Territories objectives -Fixed bad UV -Modified exposure settings Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.0 -Initial Steam Workshop Release Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.1 -Changed list order of custom forge objects Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.2 -Recompiled to support latest version of MCC -Fixed floating decorators -Updated shader for cliffs -Decreased tessellation subdivision of water in cave -Corrected all respawn points team setting to Neutral instead of Defender -Changed location of Power Drain spawn -Replaced Spartan Laser with Rocket Launcher -Replaced Scorpion Tank with Wraith -Replaced Magnums with Maulers -Added Carbines to top of bases -Other miscellaneous changes to weapon/equipment placement Resuscitation Beta Release 0.9.2b -Adjusted auto-exposure parameters -Other minor miscellaneous changes Credits: Map Creator: Aerial Dave (Discord: Aerial Dave#2236) Vehicles: Vuthakral - Spectre Playtesters: SCRAPY (@Halo2Guy) TheGhostOfFive (Discord: TheGhostOfFive#6969) fable law 458 (Discord: fable law 458#5648) defaunation (Discord: defaunation#4027) Markel (Discord: Markel#5480) WyvernZu (Discord: Alexis | WyvernZu#0001) Priception Xcaterworn2X arcdluna snapchipper (Discord: chipsnapper#7409) Fat Stink Ape Meowcat284 Mynameislol recon4322 JB Neckzilla STRYKNG NOBLE979 xGriffinx3 R93 Sniper oom9196 Heronimon wwm0nkey (Discord: wwm0nkey#8275) abyssquick (Discord: abyssquick#1971) Special Thanks: General-101 (Discord: General_101#9814) num0005 (Discord: num0005#8646) zekilk (cyboryxmen on forums) Bungie 343 Industries For feedback, contact: [email protected] Downloads: Steam Workshop: Mega: Nexus: