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  1. I didn't really read that post because I've been forbidden from criticizing your standpoint here, though I would like to apologize if I've been overly harsh in my posts up to this point. I don't hold anything against you personally and I hope you don't think any less of me for defending my own thoughts on the matter as religiously as I did. I wish you the best of luck in this venture, and I hope you will continue to subscribe to the service to see how it evolves to challenge the expansive (and I still think superior) competitors in the area.
  2. I am really starting to get sick of this forum's holy war against embedded quotes. So I'll address what you're saying in order: 1. He said it'd be cheaper to host it yourself. That doesn't necessarily mean he's saying you need to buy a desktop and host it right off the connection. 2. And no, it doesn't. A 2 gigabyte server runs about 10$ at cheapest. The cost of hosting servers on a gigabit line is subsidized by the sheer amount of clients. Essentially how penny stores operate. As far as operating a server for 7 people, you'd be surprised, I think. You certainly could, but not smoothly or consistently. The best route is to rent a server. All I'm saying is that Realms has a horrendous pricepoint for what it is and the only people who are going to spring for it from existing providers are tools who just want something *official* (even though nothing official has even compared to third party contributions as of late). 3. Bukkit by itself adds nothing but numerous compatibility & security fixes as well as support for plugins later down the line should one be so inclined. Even if you were still to refuse it in that knowledge out of obstinacy, pretty much every host I can think of allows you to choose a strictly vanilla server installation from whatever cp is available. Of course it's your money and you're free to do what you want, and I am grateful you're providing this service to the community here at OC, but I remain unconvinced that your rationale for considering and choosing Realms is founded in misconceptions about how it stacks up to the existing market, or even how the server software itself works given your confusion over what Bukkit is.
  3. ...what? Who's telling you to buy a new computer? And why, more to the point? Even if you grabbed one there's no way in hell a residential network connection could handle the stress effectively. My stance on this is that for 13$ you could rent a more powerful bukkit server with the same capabilities you cite as your rationale for preferring Realms and host a lot more players besides. So the only real reason is convenience, which I feel is pretty much the crowning jewel of the Apple user stereotype. After all, what's 20 or 30% more dough for the same thing when it's more accessible?
  4. 002, I have to say I find it kinda funny how soundly you seem to be falling into the Mac user archetype on this one xD
  5. They can go screw themselves. Tossing out EU is what finally killed my faith in this franchise, no moneyz for j00 disney D: >pre-orders tickets
  6. I don't think that was ever contested.
  7. Yeah, pretty dumb imo. Though I guess I just did accidentally delete everything on the drive, so maybe not in a position to judge
  8. Not really a 'fuck this shit' event as much as an exercise in my own stupidity and frustration. So I got home from work and went to install my shiney new 1TB lappie hard drive. Simple, right? I mean, Windows has all that stuff there for you. All you need to do is back up a system image then restore from a repai...oh. I don't have a repair disc. No biggie, I'll just run over to the store real quick and grab a cd because Windows 7 cannot into USB. Sit around for two hours waiting for the system image to be finished, cuz I've got tons of crap on there. Alright, remove old drive & reboot... The fuck do you mean you can't find a disk to recreate a volume? I mess around in BIOS, changing the controller to IDE from AHCI, to no avail. I slowly realize that Windows has decided that since the new hdd is formatted it is sacred and cannot be touched in any way. Great. Hey, let's go into Windows Install and then just make a new partition big enough for the restore, that'll work! Let's just press this little Format button...oh, it might destroy all the things? That's okay, I don't want to delete everything, just the - wait, why is it reading 934/934 gigs now? Oh SHIT. Alright, alright, no worries, we can just make another one and unformat the drive in the process. Patience is a virtue. So I pop my old drive in again and gesswat? WINDOWS HAS FAILED TO START. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ATTEMPT STARTUP REPAIR? Fuck me. Fuck me so hard. So I start it, and sit around twiddling my thumbs for about 80 goddamn minutes. I kid you not, it 'attempts repairs' the whole way through until I realize something. What if it's because of the hard drive slot? Maybe it's all confused, I know the setup was. So I restart, and wait two hours this time around. Staring at that goddamn progress bar go through the motions was fun. But then it dawns on me. MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE MY DUMBASS SELF CHANGED THE CONTROLLER SETTINGS!? Walla. Here we are, four hours later, back at square one. ...I am so glad Sunday is a dick-around day. God bless weekends.
  9. Got the new hard drives in a mail...so much space What to do with a couple TBs? Maybe I'll download my entire Steam library, that'd be fun. So many games I haven't actually played on there xD
  10. Sounds like gut plan! Though I'll probably have to get around to playing the first one beforehand.
  11. Is that on low? I don't mean to be rude but those screenies look kinda meh.
  12. Mojang's half-assed attempt to cash in on the server market.
  13. System reqs are ridiculously high. When you get it, please take like five minutes to grab some screenies. I know this might be a really hard request, but I kinda wanna see just what this game looks like to mandate a 5870 at low settings.
  14. I'd be lying if I said I shared your optimism as to that feature's feasibility, though I wish you the best of luck. It'd expedite map making a ton, fo sho.
  15. I feel like I can't comment on the above post without coming off as an ass, so I won't. But speaking of asses, mine hurts like hell right now from morning's workout. And only the right side, strangely enough. Have you ever tried to massage your butt in public?