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  1. I just stick with either forums or Facebook when I want to talk to my friends. I do have a MSN and AIM account, and I have added a few of my internet friends on them but I never really sign on anymore. :\ I used to sign onto AIM and talk to my friends but now I just use Facebook for that one, if I feel like talking that is. I also have a Twitter account but I just signed up for a contest so I definitely never really used that. :V Of course i just talk to my IRL friends via text or Facebook but that's it. :V
  2. If I had the choice to live in a video game, it would definitely be the Teen Titans console game. That way I could stay with the titans, and get to know Raven much better. It would be cool to be a super hero and to fight along side the team, helping them out with anything. Plus it would be cool to explore the Tower as well, and maybe even sneak into Raven's room at some point as well. :V But if I had to pick a game that's part of a gaming franchise and not based off a show then it would have to be Final Fantasy 6 seeing how it's my favorite game in the franchise. I would probably be like Locke just because i'm young and I can't really relate to any other character in the game. :\ Plus it would be cool to summon Espers, and even learn new magic spells by equipping them.
  3. I didn't really do anything fun all day, but that's what happens when you work all day. :\ At least it wasn't too bad, but it was a boring day at work since I got my stuff done really early, and still had 15 minutes to spare towards the end of my shift. :V After work I ate dinner with my girl, watched a bit of Big daddy on FX, and finally here I am on the internet. I'm going to bed after i'm done checking everything out, seeing how i'm working all day again tomorrow.
  4. I've been playing through Digimon World 3 for the PS1 lately. I haven't played through the entire game in many many years, so I've decided to buckle down and start playing it again. I let a friend borrow my original copy and never got it back, so I got another copy last May and I haven't played through it since i've got it back. :V I'm almost at the end of the game, but i'm taking the time to actually train my Digimon so I don't lose against Galacticmon.
  5. I'm currently listening to Gygas' Intro theme from Earthbound in SPC format. It's definitely one of the most disturbing songs i've heard, but with all of Gygas' themes pasted together it's even more disturbing. It scares me a tad bit, but then again it's a masterpiece when it comes to video game music, just to hear different things going on at once with different instruments makes it sound amazing, especially on a 16-bit console. Here's the full version if you've never heard it before and want to.
  6. There are a few games that I can finish, even in a day! I can finish any of the classic Sonic games for the Sega Genesis in a day, I usually think games that are that easy are boring but I really love the Sonic games. Another game I can complete within a day is The Emperor's New Grove for the PS1, but it still brings back great memories. I honestly think some of them are cool, others not so much because if I can complete it just like that then where's the replay factor? :\
  7. Hello everyone good morning/night i'm Raven. I'm currently 22 years old and an avid gamer as well as programmer. I mainly like classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog more than the modern games, so therefore I play my Genesis (Mega Drive) the most out of all my consoles. As well as playing the classic Sonic games, i also like to modify them to my liking. I currently know some programming languages, but I know 68k assembler and z80 assembler the most. I also know C++, C#, HTML, and CSS but not that well. I have written a simple calculator in C++ though but that's about it. If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, just ask!