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  1. "The Corps issued him a rifle..." MEGA link: Nexus link: Hanger is a custom made multiplayer map for Halo: Combat Evolved! A big team battle map, Hanger makes use of narrow corridors and open hanger bays to create a blend of close-quarters and mid-range combat. Verticality plays an important role in this map; do you dart across the short but dangerous hanger bay to grab the flag, or take the long and winding corridors to gain the higher ground? The map is recommended for 10-16 players.
  2. Do you know if this can be tweaked to work in the reverse, MCC to Custom Edition?
  3. So I'm trying to port over the map to CE, but whenever I try to do so Invader says that it can't find .model tags for the scenery. When I check the folders the scenery tags are in, I can only see .gbxmodel tags. Does CE use different file types to MCC? EDIT: Nevermind, bludgeoned 'em. EDIT EDIT: Ok, so I got the map to compile, but it turns out MCC uses a great deal of transparent_shader_generic, so when I launch the map in Custom Edition hardly anything renders in. Guessing I'll just have to remake the map in the old HEK?
  4. Hmm, I'll download Custom Edition and have a looksy then. Ta.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys! I'll have to come back and finish off the map soon. I don't have a Custom Edition build of the map at the moment, but if it's easy enough to port over I'd be happy to do so.
  6. I've had a look through every map, so I thought I would write a few quick notes about each of them. Verdeel I would have more in depth notes of this map, but unfortunately I seemed to be glued to walls and floors half of the time. The design also felt rather jarring with the Forerunner and human infrastructure clashing about the place. I feel I can't really comment much more on this entry until the glue issue is fixed. Cliffhanger (TBC) Yeah, it's alright. Gorge I had some fun storming Covenant bunkers, and the map does fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of Halo CE. If we had a means to choose more than one submission like in the Eurovision, this would have definitely been my third pick. My only faults with the map are the lack of health packs, as running around for an hour with a single health bar can be a bit tedious. As well as this, a clear objective and a means to end the mission would be grand. Aside from this, very good in terms of level design and appearance. Homefront A beautiful map that is great to play on and explore. Being a fan of ODST, this map perfectly fits the feel of New Mombasa, from the dark stormy weather to the environment of the burning city. I love the phantom that occasionally flies through the map. I was torn between this and Dynamis to be my pick, but my bias for ODST kicked in and Homefront got my vote. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out ShmeeGrim turned out to be a Bungie dev posing as a fan. Dynamis I loved both playing on and exploring this map. The design and layout is amazing for competitive game modes, and from a visual point of view. I was fascinated by the skybox with the carrier hanging in the sky with the shining moon, and I'm fairly sure I noticed the Damnation remake sat deep in an icy crevice somewhere. Again, I wouldn't be surprised if killzone64 is another Bungie dev. Inferno I noticed a slight change in Brute behaviour, they seemed to be more aggressive than I remember. I didn't like Jackals using snipers, they were deadly enough with the beam rifles dammit! I liked the additional allies provided in the Firefight maps as it helped to make it seem like an actual human force was fighting back an invasion, instead of just a lone or small group of ODSTs. A few of the weapon tweaks, as far as I noticed, only really changed the ammo counts.
  7. Glad to hear it! I'll let you know when I'm next available for a Sunday session.
  8. "This ancient Forerunner structure acts as a hydroelectric facility of some sort. Though the science team is very interested in its power generation capabilities, the Corps is more interested in using it as Spartan training grounds." MEGA link: Nexus link: (I have other maps too, feel free to have a look) Cliffhanger is a custom made multiplayer map for Halo: Combat Evolved! A big team battle map, Cliffhanger makes use of Warthogs, Ghosts and Banshees to control a circuit around the map, while players can fight on foot in interior structures away from the vehicular carnage. The map is still in the process of being finished, as I have yet to fully texture portions of the map. However, the map works and is available to play right now, so let me know what you think and I shall make changes where possible. The finished product shall be here at some point, as I'm a little distracted with other projects at the moment. This is my second custom made Halo CE map, and I am still learning the ropes, so if you have any Halo modding knowledge feel free to give me some advice! Some YT footage from months ago: PS I know that there is already a map called Cliffhanger, so if I or anyone else can think of a clever name for this one I'll rename it. Ta.