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  1. I can't remember where exactly I found corsic, but it was this album, let alone this one track that made me feel different from most instrumental beats in general. And 7 years later I'm still listening to this one album. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great turntablism and hip-hop beats out there. But every once in a while, you found in the internet a random song in some obscure blog or playlist that so touches you like a painting or cinematic scene from a Michael Mann film, that you can't help but be captive to it's rhythm and various intricacies.
  3. I think a dedicated thread to this little image generator is something worth posting. What is DALL-E mini? DALL-E mini is an AI image generator which uses captions to create custom images. Examples: Orange hosting TedX: Or Poodles in ancient Rome Link to the DALL-E mini
  4. Got the new Vipera and Aced the tank after like my 3rd match.
  5. Finally cracked 3k damage on my Skorpion G.
  6. Crisis in the Kremlin. A USSR simulator. This was a pretty hardcore Stalinist run until I made myself the Generalissimo and folded entire countries into a unitary state with subsidized immigration and Khruschev style hostility with the West. I also set up OGAS, a cybernetic information network system for the USSR where every need and desire is taken into account in accordance with Soviet central planning, comrade! My earnings and taxation setup: My influence on the world so as to convert it into my dictatorship. I will rule forever comrade! My little desk with my red phone! Capitalism stops here! Err.. well some Capitalism!
  7. COVID, Russian-Ukraine War, the trucker strike, nobody wanting to work anymore (even the KFC asking), etc, etc. Shit was getting real tight in Cali. ~$7 in LA a month ago and prices are around 5.5 around my general area. You should see Oakland my dudes. Shits ferocious over there with the homeless.
  8. China: Mao's Legacy I'm starting to love these little nation simulators. EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm doing a series run on Deus Ex again. DX1 and DX:IW are done, DX:HR-DC is what I'm on RN.
  9. Bought some Ubara Rice and made some pork chops and had a decent meal.
  10. Recently played some DEFCON and Hearts of Iron 3.
  11. Been trying to learn some Koine Greek and it's not too hard IMHO. Able to read some basic sentences and even spot a word or two in modern Greek.
  12. Okay. Been awhile since this has been truly updated but I hope Weps doesn't mind. So a quick, maybe terrible, recap and summary: Anyone with a little common sense will remember the 2014 Ukraine War and Russia's deception pre-2014 War. Russia's buildup near Ukraine may reach 40,000 troops: U.S. sources That was then, and 'little green men' roamed the countryside helping the Separatists carve their little state. Confirmed by Putin: Putin admits Russian forces were deployed to Crimea The Russians then got Crimea, and the 2 republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. And the rest is history as they say. 2022 Ukraine War Quick Facts about RF military: BATTALIONS: 40 ~200,000 Soldiers Tanks: 1,200 Artillery: 1,600 Aircraft: 330 Helicoptors: 240 Submarines: 6 And UKR: Had just received 80,000 kilos of ammo 3 sets of 12 Javelins 180 Javelin Rockets $300 Million dollar aid 150 Florida Nat. Guard Trainers (53rd Inf. Brigade Team) 280,000 UKR Troops at the ready 290,000 Reserve 50,000 Militia 17,000 Georgian Foreign Legion Feb. 9, 2022: Belarus military drills to begin as Russia ratchets up Ukraine tensions Opinion: Russians and Belarussians began a training exercise that saw the Russians amass 30,000+ soldiers and more as we came to know around other fronts near Ukraine. Feb. 18, 2022: And: Plus an OSCE Report Summary for Feb. 18, 2022: Feb. 19, 2022: UKR. Interior Minister and Journalists Come Under Fire Feb 20, 2022: TRT World witnesses escalation of shelling, gunfire on front line. (Shelling before the official "Special Military Operations") Feb. 21, 2022 U.S. claims Russia has list of Ukrainians ‘to be killed or sent to camps’ following a military occupation Past Opinion: There is a "Kill List". Always has been. Always will be. Bathsheba Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, says the following are planned to be killed if Ukraine is occupied: Russian and Belarusian dissidents in exile in Ukraine Journalists and anti-corruption activists “vulnerable populations such as religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ persons.” Dissidents? Possibly. They got Skripal and Litvinenko. Journos and activists? Sure, gotta make sure those leaks are plugged and dead. But LGBTQI+ and ethnic minorities? I find that hard to believe since Putin hasn't even murdered Pussy Riot or Navalny or committed genocide against the Chechens back in their 2 wars. Feb. 22, 2022 Putin and SVR Spy Chief Sergei Naryshkin Feb. 22, 2022 Putin orders Russian forces to "perform peacekeeping functions" in eastern Ukraine's breakaway regions Feb. 23, 2022 Russia's Putin authorises 'special military operation' against Ukraine Opinion: Putin avoids terms of war and invasion by instead labeling it as "peacekeeping" (like NATO operations) and "special military operation" (No war!). Another Russian trick to avoid as much political and international fallout as possible at home and abroad. As was pointed out prior, the focus is supposedly keeping the Donbass Republics safe and sound because of constant Ukrainian shelling (years in-between) and limited engagements by effectively disabling the Ukrainian military from ever doing so. At this time I thought Putin was going all out for a capture of all of the Ukraine east of the river Dnieper.