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  1. Did some final upgrades for my MOTILE-M142 laptop: Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB 2400MHz HP EX900 M.2 1TB PCIe 3.1 X4 Nvme 3D TLC NAND
  2. I just fasted and made shakes when I gained some strength after a day of sleeping. Shake: - Spirulina - Moringa - Wheatgrass - Kale - Aloe Vera bits - Chia seed - Mixed fruits - Oatmeal - Some Keto meal powder I was good after 2 days of these shakes and about 4 days of fasting. Had only sniffles at the end. As for work? Gotta make ends meet...
  3. I can't remember where exactly I found corsic, but it was this album, let alone this one track that made me feel different from most instrumental beats in general. And 7 years later I'm still listening to this one album. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great turntablism and hip-hop beats out there. But every once in a while, you found in the internet a random song in some obscure blog or playlist that so touches you like a painting or cinematic scene from a Michael Mann film, that you can't help but be captive to it's rhythm and various intricacies.
  5. I think a dedicated thread to this little image generator is something worth posting. What is DALL-E mini? DALL-E mini is an AI image generator which uses captions to create custom images. Examples: Orange hosting TedX: Or Poodles in ancient Rome Link to the DALL-E mini
  6. Got the new Vipera and Aced the tank after like my 3rd match.
  7. Finally cracked 3k damage on my Skorpion G.
  8. Crisis in the Kremlin. A USSR simulator. This was a pretty hardcore Stalinist run until I made myself the Generalissimo and folded entire countries into a unitary state with subsidized immigration and Khruschev style hostility with the West. I also set up OGAS, a cybernetic information network system for the USSR where every need and desire is taken into account in accordance with Soviet central planning, comrade! My earnings and taxation setup: My influence on the world so as to convert it into my dictatorship. I will rule forever comrade! My little desk with my red phone! Capitalism stops here! Err.. well some Capitalism!
  9. COVID, Russian-Ukraine War, the trucker strike, nobody wanting to work anymore (even the KFC asking), etc, etc. Shit was getting real tight in Cali. ~$7 in LA a month ago and prices are around 5.5 around my general area. You should see Oakland my dudes. Shits ferocious over there with the homeless.
  10. China: Mao's Legacy I'm starting to love these little nation simulators. EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm doing a series run on Deus Ex again. DX1 and DX:IW are done, DX:HR-DC is what I'm on RN.
  11. Bought some Ubara Rice and made some pork chops and had a decent meal.