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  1. Halo Waypoint News Blog for MCC April 2022 TL;DR Halo 3: ODST - Floodfight UI Improvements CGB Full Title Support and Quickmatch Flow Forge updates across Reach, 4 and 2A. New/Updated Mod Tools; CE/2/3 Updated, Halo 3: ODST Mod Tools released - still refusing to comment or document on the tools, leaving it entirely to the modding community to work out. Unlisted: Users discover Halo 3 Mod Tools now supports audio. Campaign Crossplay for Halo 3 and ODST Campaign Customization for Halo 4 Halo 3 Medal Update Adjustments to Monthly Challenges and Exchange Rotations Skulltacular! - Skulls from CEA, 2A and additions from the seasonal updates being spread across multiple titles Check the blog for additional details including where they plan to go afterwards.
  2. happy birthday
  3. If anyone is looking to make a map and is willing to take on a team member, please get in contact with me if/when you have the time. I'm fresh to this and want to take the opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience alongside others working on a map.
  4. Hi. I go by the online handle of Little Helper. What brings me here? I discovered this website in passing, browsing through map links that directed here. The homepage left an impression by being relatively more active than I expected an online Halo community to be in this day and age. With the majority of online communities having migrated to Discord servers, I was surprised to see a traditional forum. Perhaps I've just been living under a rock. The internet just felt like it got smaller and smaller to the point I'd stopped considering these sorts of places still existing. What's my history with Halo? Played as a kid back in 2001, didn't really get too into it until I got my hands on Halo 3 in early 2008. Since Reach, I've felt that the series had really fallen off and is currently in it's darkest hours - despite appearances. What do I want to do here as a part of this community? I want to participate in a Map Jam for a Community-Made Map Pack. Spent February proving to myself I could make something and now I want to develop on the little amount I know so far and push myself further. Ideally, I'd like to be able to help produce a unified documentation package that can offer a wide array of support to new users looking to create new content. What barriers are preventing me from making progress? Documentation of developing for Halo is sporadic and complicated - lacking unification. As a hands-on learner, I struggle to pick up on things that are documented in long-winded fashion or presented in a way as to assume the reader/viewer has a vast amount of experience in the field already and is transitioning from one game engine to another. I greatly prefer to have someone there to work with, helping to guide me in real-time and bounce off of to work through the faults; see what can be improved. There are streams that can go upwards of twelve hours of this process that are filled with long bouts of silence, a lack of on-screen input displays for people following along and occassionally jumping ahead. There are tutorial video series that start with some relatively good direction only for the channel to give up after the first, second or third video - some cases shifting to the afforementioned stream format where there's no effort breaking them down into coherent chapters and really only covering what the content creator wants to make which doesn't really target someone like me who just wants to figure out how to make maps from scratch - instead, mostly being about modifying existing content. How can I overcome this? Whilst it would be ideal to be self-reliant, I understand that it's just not the right approach for me and that I require the help of others who are equally or even more passionate than myself - otherwise I'll continue to risk fatigue and burnout from the lack of progress and direction that comes as a result of me working alone I'll need to work on myself, to better plan and address my thoughts and ideas in an approachable manner. If you wish to get in contact with me I'm most readily-available on the OpenCarnage Discord.