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  1. Tumulus is a mid-sized multiplayer map designed for Big Team CTF and King of the Hill. The map supports all gametypes and is intended for 8v8, but it's fun to play with even only 5-6 players. The map is compatible with both MCC and Custom Edition, and I have a public CE server running CTF/Crazy King/Team Slayer. The server name is "TUMULUS 24/7 OFFICIAL SERVER." Come play! Features: All-new sound design. Destructible vehicles! New gunplay, character and vehicle stats. Playable on all gametypes. I recommend CTF, Crazy King or Team Slayer. Tips: Ammo spawns in small clusters all around the map. Plasma weapons stun enemy movement and have no recoil. Recommended for new players. Vehicles are resistant to small-arms fire. Use plasma weapons or explosives against them if you can. The Scorpion Tank has 3 fire modes. Press your primary trigger to fire a tank shell, grenade button to launch a tracking missile volley, or crouch button to shoot the machine gun. The Warthog's minigun barrels must be spinning at full speed before the gun will fire. The Plasma Pistol's overcharged bolt stuns players and vehicles for several seconds after it detonates. All projectile weapons have recoil and deal slightly less damage over distance. Tap the trigger and pace your shots to maintain tight bullet spread. Special Thanks: Altautas Petronis (altis94) for destructible vehicle scripts, Ted Stabile (wertnerve) for Spartan voice acting, and VKMT for beta testing the map. DOWNLOAD HERE