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  1. This script should grant all players the ability to mark a location and teleport to it by pressing the flashlight button in any gamemode -- Configurations -- Warn players about the teleport feature: local warnpl = true -- Keyword for saving location local keyword = "mark" -- Message to use local mssg = "'Type " .. keyword .. " to save location and press flashlight to teleport to it!'" -- Message for location successfully saved local ssl = "'Place marked.'" -- Disable teleport after entering vehicle? local distp = true -- Message to use after successful teleport local sctpmsg = "'Teleported.'" -- Message to use upon trying to teleport without saving a location local nosvlc = "'You did not mark a place!'" -- Message to warn player that teleport is no longer available local tpnla = "'You used a vehicle, teleporting is no longer available.'" -- PS: Never use ' (single quote) in any of those configuration messages -- If you have to say something like "didn't", "won't", say "did not" or "will not" instead. teleflashlight.lua