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  1. I know this discussion has been untouched for a little while, but I thought I would drop by to share something. While this doesn't necessarily directly relate to GMOs themselves being harmful it does speak about them. Mainly about how the claims that these companies give that it is no different from plant hybridization is erroneous. I think it is some what relevant information that if you haven't seen already I think you'll find interesting regarding glyphosate: http://www.organic-systems.org/journal/92/JOS_Volume-9_Number-2_Nov_2014-Swanson-et-al.pdf and http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0300483X14000493
  2. SlowAnimation is now Offline. SlowAnimation is now Online. SlowAnimation is now Away. SlowAnimation is now Online. VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: Says you're offline on skype SlowAnimation: getting on now VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: ah VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: thought it was bugging out VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: how it does at times SlowAnimation: i had to partial purge what hell flames satan put in my asshole SlowAnimation: they are not fully extinguised VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: They must be extinguished VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: This is a conflict of kings, and champions....however the weight is on your hands SlowAnimation: or in my ass VicBlntz | DeeblowAce: Indeed SlowAnimation: just have to wait for said flames to rise so i can strike them down
  3. imded. How could this happen?
  4. Anyone wanna do 2 vs 5? Me and Kvasir versus 5 other people?
  5. The maps chosen is going to be largely dependent on the number of players chosen, and if it falls to 4v4 or even 5v5 I would recommend nearly if not all koth maps. If that's too repetitive the only deviation should be for 5 CP maps such as granary, well, etc.
  6. Immersion is of key importance to horror, and of course with writing you must develop an empathy between the reader and the character in order to create this. What is particularly disturbing is a mercurial world that begins to dissolve certainty while still maintaining an illusion of a reprieve after the more horrific incidents begin to occur during the course of the story. I've also always been a fan of stories that enforce an ambiguity of whatever is plaguing the characters whether it be an assailant or a phenomenon, because as mentioned above allowing the reader to use their imagination is how the horror begins to personally manifest.
  7. In my opinion the reason why this is excellent is, because if you take a DNA sample you are given a hefty amount of information about the person. And I'm no expert by any means, but couldn't having the DNA of offenders allow you to identify genetic risk factors for committing those crimes? Just speculating here.
  8. Me and my friends decided to go on a trip to this cabin in the woods. Now all of my friends are dead, and I'm an amputee, but then again having a chainsaw for a hand isn't so bad.
  9. Blowin' like a sucka almost every day. In the back of your mind you prolly thinkin' I was gay, but nah I'm just a bitch ass nigga the type that get jacked above the ribs ass nigga
  10. Next
  11. Ye dats cool I was gettin' on that next level
  13. :wub: 'Bout to get on that next level. :wub:
  14. Yeah quit that or something. BUT ANYWAY onto more important things. Me and my boy myself got on that next level. It was sensual.