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  1. Hi Guys, at the moment my son and I are having loads of fun on my halo server with LAN parties and I'm glad the guys love it too. Everyone loves this very nostalgic game. I introduced them to a lot of stuff they or even I for that matter didn't have back in the day while playing halo and a good example of this is the emoji chat and chimera as well for the interpolation feature which is great especially on our beastly PCs. The question I have is how can I get chimera to work with hac2, which is need to make emoji chat work, because I already have chimera build -581 but I don't know how to install this one and if this version supports interpolation as well as its custom chat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I already tried with version -572 but to no avail, unless im placing the dll in the wrong place which is in the controls folder. EDIT: I have it in controls folder but its still not loading my setting, like the new font or interpolation feature.
  3. sorry for bumping an old thread but how do I get chimera and hac2 to work to be able to use custom chat emoji.
  4. i realized that after I was done lmao. I have "DARK READER" extension on my chrome and it makes it so the line dividing your signature and comment hard to see.
  5. hey thanks for the updates and Im late, had to deal with IRL stuff. I swore I thought I already joined your discord. But just did. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! I value your response, your dedication and hard work. I appreciate the reply.
  7. Hi guys. I use to have to halo servers 16yrs ago and It was all I ever played no matter what new titles came out. With my server I had made rewards through just commands and events and could've swore I was able to create a command/event that when someone score they get 10secs camo(which I still know how to do) and also 5secs speed boosts. But not only that, they had the ability to crouch and whilst crouching, move at speed 2 and activate camo. I know how to make all execute except on crouch. I dont see any commands for crouch. I want these commands to execute on crouch. Any help would be appreciated. OFF TOPIC: Also can anybody tell me if "Killer Reward.lua" by Chawlk is working? For some reason I have it activated, it doesnt give error but it doesn't spawn the random item on victims death at all. Thanks.
  8. Ok thank you, will wait on your release/reply.
  9. Sorry to bump this thread but is it possible to have it converted to use regex detection solution. Because people can still join using part of the word, or uppercase(if i have it listed in lowercase) and vice versa.
  10. love you thanks a bunch. Appreciate it.
  11. Hi guys/gals how can I get this to work if it is even still working. it outright says its failed to load. Custom Logo (FIG).lua
  12. oh man thank you very much. Appreciate this.
  13. thank you I already have it installed but my chat doesn't look like that when he gets kills. looks plane old. but still plane white texts
  14. how do I get that custom chat?
  15. I was just searching the web for "sapp by sehe" came across multiple but they only had the sapp server tool and example server. But this one actually had a forum which I delightfully clicked on and Im glad I did. Thanks for keeping halo alive!